There Is Something Wrong With The Black Man’s Mind


Television continues to promote the ‘victim mentality”, with (KING 5) Joyce Taylor’s recent race-baiting segment called “Facing Race”.

“‘Facing Race,’ to me, is an opportunity for our community to have some really challenging, difficult, honest, candid conversations about what it means to be black, Hispanic, Asian, white, privileged in this country and in the Northwest. What that actually means,” Taylor said.

What they won’t show on these segments is— some basic truth. This is explained, without mincing words, in this short sermon from Pastor David Manning.

“There’s something wrong with the black man’s mind!” –Pastor David Manning

Growing up in ‘the hood’–Tacoma’s Hilltop, in the 1960s, I saw that the black kids had equal opportunity at the same education I was getting in public schools. They even had advantages in special projects that I was excluded from because there were quotas in place, they needed black kids in those positions to continue getting funding. — The issue is that blacks, being 13 percent of our population, suffer from the deep-seated victim mentality, which manifests itself in a lifestyle that destroys their community. That community is siphoning off of government programs rather than working, kicking the father out of the household so the mother can continue getting her welfare, and suffers from rampant crime, looting, stealing, robbery, black-on-black crime and killing. Rather than look for a meaningful career, residents of black neighborhoods depend on government programs or turn to crime. They had/have the same opportunity that we had in the neighborhood–in the city of Tacoma–but are not taking advantage of the opportunity to LEARN, STUDY, WORK and grow up to pay bills, and provide for the family.

“White people build; Black people destroy” –Jesse Lee Peterson

“It should be clear that none of this is to minimize the predicament of truly disadvantaged individuals and communities. This is solely an indictment of a corrupt ideology and its practitioners and victims. The tragedy of the dominant politically-correct culture is that none of its work actually reaches the disadvantaged. Instead, it prevents actual, effective remediation of oppressive conditions and failed situations, because it papers over actionable root causes and substitutes gossamer fictions. It forbids even the mention of valid alternatives.
It may serve the purpose of increasing white guilt, but it does nothing to improve the lot of the disadvantaged.”
–Dave Rybarczyk (American Thinker)

The majority of the problem is inside the home of the black family. That is where systemic victim mentality is manifested. It is not the actions of the white, Asian or Hispanic community. Those who suffer from White Guilt SHOULD be ashamed of themselves, for buying into THE LIE.

Save your ‘white guilt’ for someone that buys into that shuckin’ and jivin’.”

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Jason Remington

Author: Jason Remington

Creator, Admin, & Editor of PugetSound.Media, former broadcaster at KAMT/Tacoma, KRPM FM/Tacoma, KJUN/Puyallup, KASY/Auburn, KTAC AM/Tacoma, KBRD FM/Tacoma, KMTT FM/Tacoma, and KOOL FM/Phoenix.

20 thoughts on “There Is Something Wrong With The Black Man’s Mind

  1. I joined Facebook when it first came out after my wife did. She said we could keep track of our relatives. About 2-3 months later my brothers grandkid’s in their late teens started living their lovelives on the site. That was it. I quit it and I am glad after I hear some of the crap my relatives are doing.

  2. From some people that I know, there is something wrong with some white man’s minds. Sure, low hung pants are deplorable, and show disrespect, but so do the white guys and their ‘rolling coal’ pickup trucks, modified so a full throttle spews out a ton of black diesel smoke on drivers around him. Just one example of stupidity. Like the pickups 2 feet high?
    Is the word “racism” banished from this forum?

    1. Remember when (1960s) we could go for days without touching the telephone? Phone calls were rarely needed, except in case of an emergency or to alert someone of a meeting or appointment. Your neighbors were within walking distance, all you needed to do was knock on their door. Nothing was so important that it couldn’t wait until evening.

    1. Judgmental much? Jesse has been speaking publicly, on his own tv show in Los Angeles and his radio show for over 30 years. I don’t think a speech impediment blocks the truth. Jesse doesn’t hold back, never has, nor does Dr. David Manning. Those that don’t listen will remain ignorant and buy into the LIE.

  3. I like the King5 dialog the best. I really do not see what is wrong with Joyce Taylor? She was a lot more calm then the other two videos. She seems like a very sensible person and she is right. I have seen racial profiling in Normandy Park where I was walking to the store one night and I saw a black person get off a bus. He walked a couple of blocks when stopped by two police cars. He was probably just a hard working stiff like me. Another time I saw a female Des Moines police officer poke a young man in the stomach who turned out to be the wrong man. There are extremist on both sides.

    1. That’s fine.
      I stand with the two older, black men, who have more life experience “in the hood”. During the 1950s under Jim Crow laws, Jesse Lee Peterson grew up on an Alabama plantation where his great-grandparents worked as slaves.
      Joyce Taylor, of mixed race, looks nice in a pretty red dress, but has no life experience from which to compete in the same arena as Jesse or David Manning.
      I don’t have their same life experiences, but we all three, share the exact same views.

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