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What was that station I heard at 1300 AM this evening here in North Tacoma? It wasn’t KKOL-Seattle. It was classic country music from Carson City, NV.

KCMY 1300, which simulcasts on 102.5 FM, plays Waylon & Willie, Johnny Cash, the wonderful Miss Reba McEntire, Dolly, and all those artists that the station calls the “legends of country music.” I could not find a website, but the station has a Facebook page. The Facebook page has not been updated since 2015.

The station, KCMY, is locally-owned by Evans Broadcast Company. Evans operates four stations in Northern Nevada, serving Reno and Carson City. KCMY operates at 5 kilowatts day and 120 watts nighttime power.

News/Talk 99.1 KKFT and Cowboy Country KCMY broadcast from Carson City, also serving Reno, while The Wolf (Country) KWFP 92.1 and Adult Contemporary FUN 101/KRFN broadcast from their studios in Reno and cover Carson City as well.

KCMY and KWFP compete for the Country listeners with TEN Country (ten in a row, all day, modern country) 97.3 KOLC, Carson City, which is owned by Reno Media Group. Reno Media Group is Northern Nevada’s largest media company with eight radio stations. The Ten Country morning show is Big D & Bubba, the music artists include current artists such as Blake Shelton, Kenny Chesney, and Miranda Lambert.

Also in that group of eight stations is 96.9 The Rodeo, KLCA, Reno. This is the HD3 channel of KLCA 96.5, their Alternative station licensed to Tahoe City. The Rodeo plays Great Country from the 80’s and 90’s. Classic Country fans may debate that claim.

K-Bull, 98.1 KBUL FM is owned by Cumulus and has studios and offices in South Reno, serving the Reno-Sparks communities. Their website was uncooperative when I attempted to find information about the station.

If five country music stations are not enough for the area, there is also The Voice of the Lahontan Valley, KVLV 980 AM in Fallon, NV. KVLV at 5 kW just reaches the eastern portions of both Reno and Carson City.

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Casia Nordlund

Author: Casia Nordlund

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9 thoughts on “Reno Country Radio Roundup

  1. Welcome, Casia. One would have to think you caught KCMY 1300 while they were still at 5kw daytime power, either just before Reno sunset, or if they “forgot” to drop to 120 watts at sunset.

  2. Welcome, Casia!

    Did you hear it more than once? Was KKOL in the background? Is Tacoma a dead spot for KKOL? I’d assume that KCMY’s nighttime signal would be aimed away from the northwest because of two Oregon stations and KKOL.

    I’m no antenna expert (Mike Cherry, where are you?). When I worked at five-tower tightly directional KCWW Tempe/Phoenix, the power was 50000 w days and 128 w nights. After sunset I heard it like a local in El Paso, but I couldn’t hear it at home in west Phoenix twenty miles away.

    1. Isnt there a market for 60s and 70s country on radio anymore? Even Sirius/xm lacks a channel devoted to that music! Yet Reno can support contemporary country on 5 or 6 stations.

    2. I only listened for about one half hour. There was no interference by any station for that entire period. They were likely at 5 kW. It was well past Reno sunset.

    3. Dick & Casia – 1300 KCMY “Cowboy Country” currently seems to be running it’s 5 kW day power level although it’s also receivable at it’s 120 watt night level for folks like me with several high gain wire antennas & communications receivers to work with. KCMY uses just a single tower for it’s day & night omni-directional radiation pattern. KKOL’s night signal gets easily ‘stomped on’ by KCMY & other occupants of 1300. Also on that frequency is KAPL Phoenix OR destroyed in recent wildfires. Other signals regularly receivable here in the Pacific Northwest on 1300 include XEP Ciudad Juarez & on very rare occasions XEXW Nogales, Sonora. “Cowboy Country” is a great station & for a classic country outlet has a fairly large library of oldies to work from.

      1. Hey Mike,

        Good to hear from you! Is KOL/KMPS/KKOL’s tower still on Harbor Island, 1100 S. W. Florida St.?

        Any classic country station worth the mud on its boots (Oh, that’s not mud?) should have at least 250,000 songs in the old corral, just in case.

        1. Dick – KKOL is combined onto the antenna with 1590 KLFE & 1680 KNTS on Bainbridge Island. There had been some land zoning delay implementing the change – installation of new towers? However, that ‘s the site they currently plan to operate from with 50kW days, 3.2 Kw nights. They currently have been on/off air testing & to maintain their licence during the silent STA period of the last few years. They also have a temp. STA application iwth the FCC to use their night-time 3.2 kW power level round the clock. Whether KKOL remains on air on a permanent basis seems to be in question – new owner is supposed to be implementing Vietnamese language programming

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