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***This info is what I could salvage from an old hard-drive. I will place this here for the historical data it contains, which may be of interest to some who worked in Arizona radio or remembers listening to some of these folks. Someone will end up here after Googling some of the names listed here.

While the radio blog was in the development stage, November 2001, a lot of our website’s content was just trivia. This was before Facebook! And we weren’t even tracking our users.


1. “Kookie; Kookie. Lend me your ________________.”

2. The “battle cry” of the hippies in the sixties was “Turn on; tune in;________________.”

3. After the Lone Ranger saved the day and rode off into the sunset, the grateful citizens would ask, “Who was that masked man?” Invariably, someone would answer, “I don’t know, but he left this behind.” What did he leave behind?__________________

4. Folk songs were played side by side with rock and roll. One of the most memorable folk songs included these lyrics: “When the rooster crows at the break of dawn, look out your window and I’ll be gone. You’re the reason I’m traveling on, _______________________.”

5. A group of protesters arrested at the Democratic convention in Chicago in 1968 achieved cult status and were known as the ________________.

6. When the Beatles first came to the U.S. in early 1964, we all watched them on the ________________show.

7. Some of us who protested the Vietnam war did so by burning our ________________.

8. We all learned to read using the same books. We read about the thrilling lives and adventures of Dick and Jane. What was the name of Dick and Jane’s dog?______

9. The cute, little car with the engine in the back and the trunk (what there was of it) in the front, was called the VW. What other name(s) did it go by? ___________ & ________________

10. A Broadway musical and movie gave us the gang names the ________________and the ________________.

11. In the seventies, we called the drop-out nonconformists “hippies.” But in the early sixties, they were known as ________________.

12. William Bendix played Chester A. Riley, who always seemed to get the short end of the stick in the television program, “The Life of Riley.” At the end of each show, poor Chester would turn to the camera and exclaim,”What a ________________.”

13. “Get your kicks, ________________.”

14. “The story you are about to see is true. The names have been changed ________________.”

15. The real James Bond, Sean Connery, mixed his martinis a special way: ________________.

16. “In the jungle, the mighty jungle, ________________.”

17. That “adult” book by Henry Miller – the one that contained all the “dirty” dialogue — was called _________.

18. Today, the math geniuses in school might walk around with a calculator strapped to their belt. But back in the sixties, members of the math club used a______________.

19. In 1971, singer Don Maclean sang a song about “the day the music died.” This was a reference and tribute to ________________.

20. A well-known television commercial featured a driver who was miraculously lifted through thin air and into the front seat of a convertible. The matching slogan was “Let Hertz ________________________.”

21. After the twist, the mashed potatoes, and the watusi, we “danced” under a stick that was lowered as low as we could go in a dance called the ________________.

22. “N-E-S-T-L-E-S; Nestles makes the very best ________.”

23. In the late sixties, the “full figure” style of Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe gave way to the “trim” look, as first exemplified by British model ________________.

24. Sachmo was America’s “ambassador of goodwill.” Our parents shared this great jazz trumpet player with us. His name was ________________________.

25. On Jackie Gleason’s variety show in the sixties, one of the most popular segments was “Joe, the Bartender.” Joe’s regular visitor at the bar was that slightly off-center, but lovable character, ________________. (The character’s name, not the actor’s.)

26. We can remember the first satellite placed into orbit. The Russians did it; it was called_________.

27. What takes a licking and keeps on ticking?__________.

28. One of the big fads of the late fifties and sixties was a large plastic ring that we twirled around our waist; it was called the _______________.

29. The “Age of Aquarius” was brought into the mainstream in the Broadway musical ________________.

30. This is a two-parter: Red Skelton’s hobo character (not the hayseed; the hobo) was ________________. Red ended his television show by saying, “Good night, and ________________.”


1. “Kookie; Kookie; lend me your comb.” If you said “ears,” you’re in the wrong millennium, pal; you’ve spent way too much time in Latin class.

2. The “battle cry” of the hippies in the sixties was “Turn on; tune in; drop out.” Many people who proclaimed that 30 years ago today are Wall Street bond traders and corporate lawyers.

3. The Lone Ranger left behind a silver bullet. Several of you said he left behind his mask. Oh, no; even off the screen, Clayton Moore would not be seen as the Lone Ranger without his mask!

4. “When the rooster crows at the break of dawn, look out your window and I’ll be gone. You’re the reason I’m traveling on; Don’t think twice, it’s all right.”

5. The group of protesters arrested at the Democratic convention in Chicago in 1968 were known as the Chicago seven. As Paul Harvey says, “They would like me to mention their names.”

6. When the Beatles first came to the U.S. in early 1964, we all watched them on the Ed Sullivan Show.

7. Some of us who protested the Vietnam war did so by burning our draft cards. If you said “bras,” you’ve got the right spirit, but nobody ever burned a bra while I was watching. The “bra burning” days came as a byproduct of women’s liberation movement which had nothing directly to do with the Viet Nam war.

8. Dick and Jane’s dog was Spot. “See Spot run.” Whatever happened to them? Rumor has it they have been replaced in some school systems by “Heather Has Two Mommies.”

9. It was the VW Beetle, or more affectionately, the Bug.

10. A Broadway musical and movie gave us the gang names the Sharks and the Jets. West Side Story.

11. In the early sixties, the drop-out, nonconformists were known as beatniks. Maynard G. Krebs was the classic beatnik, except that he had no rhythm, man; a beard, but no beat.

12. At the end of “The Life of Riley,” Chester would turn to the camera and exclaim, “What a revolting development this is.”

13. “Get your kicks, on Route 66.”

14. “The story you are about to see is true. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.”

15. The real James Bond, Sean Connery, mixed his martinis a special way: shaken, not stirred.

16. “In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight.”

17. That “adult” book by Henry Miller was called Tropic of Cancer. Today, it would hardly rate a PG-13 rating.

18. Back in the sixties, members of the math club used a slide rule.

19. “The day the music died” was a reference and tribute to Buddy Holly.

20. The matching slogan was “Let Hertz put you in the driver’s seat.”

21. After the twist, the mashed potatoes, and the watusi, we “danced” under a stick in a dance called the Limbo.

22. “N-E-S-T-L-E-S; Nestles makes the very best….chooo-c’late.” In the television commercial, “chocolate” was sung by a puppet — a dog. (Remember his mouth flopping open and shut?)

23. In the late sixties, the “full figure” style gave way to the “trim” look, as first exemplified by British model Twiggy.

24. Our parents shared this great jazz trumpet player with us. His name was Louis Armstrong.

25. Joe’s regular visitor at the bar was Crazy Googenhiem.

26. The Russians put the first satellite into orbit; it was called Sputnik.

27. What takes a licking and keeps on ticking? A Timex watch.

28. The large plastic ring that we twirled around our waist was called the hula-hoop.

29. The “Age of Aquarius” was brought into the mainstream in the Broadway musical “Hair.”

30. Red Skelton’s hobo character was Freddie the Free-loader. (Clem Kaddiddlehopper was the “hay seed.”) Red ended his television show by saying, “Good night, and may God bless.”


“Baseball is 90 percent mental. The other half is physical.”
“You can observe a lot by watching.”
“A nickel ain’t worth a dime anymore.”
“It’s deja vu all over again.”
“If you come to a fork in the road, take it.”
“I usually take a two-hour nap, from
one o’clock to four.”
“If the people don’t want to come out to
the park, nobody’s going to stop them.”
“Why buy good luggage? You only use
it when you travel.”
“I didn’t really say everything I said.”
Hey Yogi, what time is it? “You mean now?”

On why the Yankees lost the 1960 series to Pittsburgh: “We made too many wrong mistakes.”

On the tight 1973 National League pennant race: “It ain’t over ’til it’s over.”

On being told by the wife of New York Mayor John V. Lindsay that he looked cool despite the heat: “You don’t look so hot, either.”

On Yogi Berra Appreciation Day in St. Louis in 1947: “I want to thank you for making this day necessary.”

On the American League situation: “The other teams could make trouble for us if they win.”

After receiving a check made out to “Bearer” for his appearance on Jack Buck’s pregame show in St. Louis: “How long have you known me, Jack? And you still don’t know how to spell my name.”

Dale Berra, Pittsburgh Pirate shortstop and son of noted linguist Yogi Berra, on the comparisons being made between him and his father: “Our similarities are different.”

Asked if first baseman Don Mattingly had exceeded his expectations this season: “I’d say he’s done more than that.”

On the acquisition of fleet Ricky Henderson: “He can run anytime he wants. I’m giving him the red light.”

The Wisdom of Casey Stengel

“I broke in with four hits and the writers promptly
declared they had seen the new Ty Cobb. It took me only a
few days to correct that impression.”

“All right, everybody line up alphabetically according to your height.”

“I made up my mind, but I made it up both ways.”

“Being with a woman never hurt no professional baseball player. It’s staying up all night looking for a woman that does him in.”

“Good pitching will always stop good hitting, and vice versa.”

“The secret of managing is to keep the guys who hate you away from the guys who are undecided.”

On hearing that a rival manager was trying to win the pennant with just three pitchers: “Well, well, well, I heard it couldn’t be done, but it don’t always work.”

On players who did not drink: “It only helps them if they can play.”

On winning the 1958 World Series: “I couldna done it without my players.”

On being asked how the Mets were doing: “Well, we’ve got this Johnny Lewis in the outfield. They hit a ball to him yesterday, and he turned left, then he turned right, then he went straight back and caught the ball. He made three good plays in one. And Greg Goossen, he’s only twenty and with a good chance in ten years of being thirty.”

On being asked about his future in the spring of 1965: “How the hell should I know? Most of the people my age are dead. You could look it up.”

To his excuse-prone Mets: “You make your own luck. Some people have bad luck all their lives.”

After some research, the radio blog was ready for primetime…

“The radio business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs.” -Hunter S. Thompson (This quote has been adapted for radio)


Oh, Did we mention: Bobby Christian/ Morton ‘Doc’ Downey Jr./Carol Field/Jack Frost/Barnie Groven/Shotgun Tom Kelly/Joe Light/Pat McMahon/Bumper Morgan/Don Pietro – The Purple Pizza Eater/John Sebastian/Bob Shannon/Lee Smith/Gary Stevens/Jonny Wallace/Guy Williams/Long John Ball/Tony Evans/Captain Curt Powers/Jack Elliot/Chuck Dean/Dave Trout/Dave Anthony/Shotgun Tom Kelly/Charlie Fox/Bruce Miles/Dennis King/Rick Diamond/Steve Casey/Dave Willmont/Jeff Young/Mighty Ed Mitchell/B. Mason Dean/Chuck Browning/Sonny Knight/Jack Dillon/Christopher Haze/Rich ‘Mother’ Robbin/Harry Scarborough/Jim Spero and Frank Pollack?

KRUX Al McCoy 1965

KTKT Tucson – Ray Lindstrom

KRUX Phoenix Norm Seeley

KRUX Phoenix Kit Carson




Great job with your run down of the Phoenix Radio Dial. I’m sure this site took a few hours to compile. It’s cool to check out some of the history. My first Phoenix radio job (after doing middays at KEOS 690 AM) was at KJJJ am fill and nights, then KC-92 part time. I eventually made it to 6p-12m under Eric Foxx. I remember being in the studio (upstairs NW corner of the building) in the control room, when Martinez was on air, during the FIRST simulcast at 12 Midnight of the new KC-92! Within the first couple of live breaks, we heard “gunfire” outside in the neighborhood, right after Martinez opened the Mic! It actually went over the air! Anyway, your site had me flipping through the old index “card file” system to find the next Ronnie Milsap song to pull up and put on the air. Those were the days.
Carey Edwards
VP Programming
P.S. I think KRQQ is now Clear Channel….isn’t everything.


KRUX DJ Lucky Lawrence [Larry Wright] died Oct. 7, 2001. Wright worked at KRUX from 1956 to 1968. Wright has conducted Sunday morning Bible study at Abundant Life Church in Phoenix for many years. This message was posted at the church website: On Sunday, October 7, 2001, Larry Wright died of a heart attack as he prepared to do what God had gifted him to do so many times before – “Preach the Word”…. after calling 911, they had to restrain him from heading to the pulpit – sounds just like Larry! He always said he wouldn’t stop talking about Jesus Christ until he was physically and verbally unable.

Philippians 1:21 says: “For to me, to live is Christ, and to die is gain”. Larry is enjoying the grand prize; pain free and with a new body. As much as we will miss him, praise God for the many brothers and sisters in Christ who are going to experience eternal life with our Lord and Savior because of his faithful and bold witness. Now absent, Larry wants to “know of us standing firm in one spirit, with one mind striving together for the faith of the gospel”.

“Kosmic” KUPD Phoenix 4/14/72 Airstaff:
6-9 a.m. Lew Jones
9-noon Art Webb
noon-3 Doc Holiday
3-6 p.m. Joe Bailey
6-9 p.m. Ric Diamond
9-1 a.m. Phil Flowers
1-6 a.m. Roach Rogers
weekends Bruce Miles

KUPD airstaff March 1972:
Mike Mitchell 6am – 9am
Doc Holiday 9am – 1pm
Chuck Browning 1pm – 4pm
Joe Bailey 4pm – 8pm
Bobby Otis 8pm – 12mid
Ric Diamond 12mid – 6am
(note changes in April 1972 KUPD list below)

KRIZ Phoenix – February 1971 airstaff:
Steve Martin
Phil Motta
Art Webb
Don Elliot
Mark James
Bruce Turner
Jim Nelson

I worked with Jay when he was Production Director at KLFF/KMZK/KONC 1985-1986. Being new in the radio sales business, he always went out of his way to help me and our clients! 15 years later, I still remember his kindness. He’s one person I’ll always remember in this business
.- Richard W. Korzuch/Tucson, Arizona

I have been checking your website for nearly a year now and it has proved to be beneficial to me as an owner/producer of an independent motorsports show here in the Valley. Four years ago, I started “Racing Roundup-Arizona,” a one hour broadcast dedicated to racing, on SportsRadio 1360 KGME. As a result of the mergers and buyouts regarding this station, communications broke down. However, through your site, I was able to figure out what was happening in the “radio” world. Since January of 2001, Racing Roundup-Arizona has moved to Independent 1310 KXAM with an expanded two hour format. It was also through your site that I discovered a list of radio stations to contact which in turn led me to KXAM.
In November of this year, the crew of Racing Roundup-Arizona will begin its fifth year of broadcasting on Monday evenings. Patterned after our “sister” show in Wisconsin (Racing Roundup now in their 17th year on air), we have interviewed such notables in the racing world such as A.J. Foyt, Billy Boat, Arie Luyendyk, Rusty Wallace, Mark Martin, Kenny Schrader. Joe Amato, Kenny Bernstein, Larry Dixon and Alex Zanardi. And not only do we cover national events, we also cover the local tracks here in town.
You can catch all the racing action every Monday evening from 7 to 9 PM broadcasting live from the Arizona Center Hooters on Independent 1310 KXAM. Everyweek a live guests are on hand to sign autographs and cars are on display. It’s also a gathering place for all racers.
Thanks for your coverage on the radio world to keep me and my business on its toes and if you are interested in what’s happening in the racing world, I would be happy to send you any information you need.
Thanks again,
Betsy Reynolds
Racing Roundup-Arizona

***Mike Del Rosso has his own consultant agency in Chicago. I believe he was a victim of the Clear Channel consolidation. Del rosso posted the information on a few weeks ago.

When I saw my name in the column of “do you remembers” I was astounded. I was at the giant of Tucson, KTKT, until 1965, when I was brought to Phoenix in radio sales at KRUX. They had an opening on Sunday morning 6am to 12 noon. I was Ray Lindstrom (my real name) in Tucson. PD Al McCoy said the name wasn’t good for radio, thus he dubbed me “Ray Lindy.” The Sunday gig allowed me to pick up, yes, choke, an extra, wow, $20 a week. A little over $3 an hour. Of course, the minimum wage then was $1 an hour. And, I replaced God in that time slot.
What, God? Yes. The jock who had that time period before me was a guy named Alan Jeffory. He had been in big market radio; great voice. So great in fact they used his voice as (no lie) God in the movie Ten Commandments. So, the question was, why would they want to replace a guy with the voice of God for an unknown part-timer from Tucson. Unfortunately (or fortunately for me), Mr. Jeffory liked to break format by playing the spoons. Management just didn’t go wild over a clicking spoon rendition of “Lady of Spain” between The Beatles and Rolling Stones. Apparently they couldn’t break him of the spoon playing urge, thus the introduction of Ray Lindy. Of course, I always enjoy telling the story of the time I replaced God on the radio because he liked to play the spoons. I still keep in touch with some of my old friends from those days, like Al McCoy, Mike Mitchell (owner of KSWG in Wickenburg), and Bob Shannon (now calling himself R. W. Adams, owner of an acting school in Hollywood…he has appeared in TV shows including Law and Order).
I owned an advertising agency and infomercial company in Phoenix. Now I am in Laughlin, NV selling watches . Forbes Magazine has dubbed me The Sultan of Shlock. And, it all started when I replaced…..never mind.
Keep up the good work with the site.
Ray Lindstrom aka Ray Lindy

Hi Jason,
I read the message on your website from Mike Lee about KSUN 1400 AM. If I can remember correctly, KSUN was ahead of its time programming a LOCAL Children’s Music (Sesame Street songs, etc.) format in 1985, five years before Radio AAHS debuted in Minneapolis. At night, after the kids went to bed, they changed their playlist to an R&B; mix competing with 1060 KUKQ. The children’s format lasted just about a year.

Hi Jason,
I was at KRIZ near the end of their run as a Top 40 station in 1978. I did afternoons under PD Gary Firth and then Chuck Dean, with fellow staffers Bumper Morgan, Bruce Miles, Chris Edwards, and Jack Elliott
Jeff Young –

How about the old nemesis to KNIX that never could beat them… 91 Country KJ…KJJJ Phoenix, with great jocks like Bobby Butler, Gary Bender, Terry Black, Cec White, etc.
Or KRIZ jocks like Jay Stone…Mitch Heller…Dennis King…Art Webb…Mark James…Todd Wallace…Bob Shannon…Ron James…John Sebastian…Rick Diamond…Steve Casey
KRUX jocks like Dave Leigh…Richard Ruiz…Scotty Brink…Dave Trout…Johnny Toot.
KBBC in the early 70’s had W.Steven Martin on nights who defected to join KTUF/KNIX in mornings. Speaking of KNIX, remember afternooner “Layback” Lenny Roberts? Talk about Mr. Smooth on the air.
KOY was filled with talent…Bill Heywood, Nat Stevens, Dan Armstrong, Alan Chilcoat, Steve West, etc.
KMZK was once a pretty rowdy country FM before “Young Country” was a format in the mid 80s. Bobby Butler, Jon Town, Jim O’Neill, Tim Higgins (and myself)! In the AM studio on the other side of the building was K-Life with market vets Jim Spero and Jack Dey.
KQXE 1310 had an A/C format with Crazy Dave Otto, Phil Baykion, Mark James, Phil Gardner (one of the funniest personality jocks ever!) John McRae and Bob Bailey. Their signal kept them from beating KOY but that was a wonderful radio station complete with reverb on the mics.
I’m done rambling now!
Mike Lee
AM Show/Imaging
Brewer Broadcasting

You do good work, my friend.
Charlie Van Dyke lives out there in your neck of the woods. Does voiceovers as you probably know. I’ve a mention of him in my KLIF The Mighty 1190 essay under “Shannon’s Corner” of the site.
I was thru Phoenix in February. I and a friend, Brad Wilson (another radio ex who went from radio to become the actor, Robert Duvall’s assistant and co- producer from 1985-1995) have a small partnership, The Wilson Shannon Company ( … I had never driven to LA from Fort Worth before – always flew — so it was nice to cruise close to the cactus. I remember the long underpass north of downtown and the mountain on the left side of the Interstate as I was leaving Phoenix. Hadn’t been to Phoenix since 1980 — it sure has grown. I remember best the green picante sauce! Hey! It ain’t Texas picante sauce if it ain’t red ‘n hot!
Keep in touch … Keep me posted!
L. Shannon

OCTOBER 1967–. Al McCoy is the new PD at KOOL in Phoenix; he’d been PD of KRUX. (Billboard Magazine)

FEBRUARY 1967–The new lineup at KRIZ Phoenix, includes Doug Cornet from KCPX, Salt Lake City, Phil Motta from KRUX Phoenix, and Joe Light from KISN, Portland.

JULY 1965–KRDS, a Phoenix country station, did a promotion featuring remote broadcasts from the poolside of a local motel with local teens dancing, that grew so big that the “Country King Jamboree” eventually moved into the Phoenix Sportatorium.

KTKT AM 990 Tucson May 1965

12-6 AM Dick Clark
6 – 9 Jerry Stowe
9 – Noon Dan Gates
Noon-3 Tom Madison
3 – 6 PM Frank Kalil
6 – 9 PM Joe Bailey
9 – MID Colin Gramasky

Jason, KNIX was owned by Dick Gilbert (rumored to be broadcasting from his front porch via tracked lp’s and reel-to-reel tape) until he finally moved the operation to the top floor of Camelback Towers, in the room next to the laundry room).
Gilbert would track showtune and original cast recordings. THE studio was spartan at best, two Altec mono pa mixers side by side (one for left, the other for right channel) ancient Sparta cart deck and a beat to hell reel to reel. The old ribbon mic was pretty shot too. “Warm” did not adequately describe it.
The transmitter was less than 5 ft from the back of the board, and the room was rife with RF and various clicks, pops and hums.
Once Buck Owens bought the operation about ’68 or so (if you remember the ’60’s, you didn’t live it…), the decision was to try “Freeform Rock”.
So at midnight one Sunday night, KNIX signed off with showtunes. 6am Monday, it was Zappa, Traffic, Iron Butterfly, et. al., driving the doctor and dentist offices who had the ‘old’ KNIX on crazy. The phones lit up for literally days, people screaming. But the kinds loved it!
Andy Moore was the PD of the ‘new’ KNIX, I remember. I had the pleasure of midnight-6a, my first full-time on-air gig.
Dusty Baker (PS Cool site! )

Keep up the great work! Glad to have you as my Arizona Connection.
– Bobby Ocean

Your site is not only informative, but pretty damn entertaining!
– Bill Straus

November 13, 2003 — Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department raids on houses of prostitution nets — a KTAR Director of Sales? The station doesn’t reveal his name. In a newscast, reporter Pamela Hughes said: “The sting targeted men they say hired hookers and arrested some high profile people including the brother of Maricopa County Supervisor Don Stapely, a sales executive here at the radio station and former Miss Canada, 1977.”

November 10, 2003 — KZZP SLOW JAMS dedication show hosted by sister station KOHT [Tucson] talent R DUB. The show is syndicated in 16 markets,

KOOL FM Promotions Director/KZON parttimer DENA YASNER named fulltime Programming Assistant for KOOL PD JOHN CLAY/KZON PD KEVIN MANNION, and KMLE PD JAY McCARTHY. Busy little bee, she be.

Pushing the envelope — 99.9 KEZ is already starting the Christmas music. Sure it’s a cold 72 most days now. Yes, we are dragging out the sweaters. But, I yust go nuts at this time of year with this temporary format change. It’s a ratings boon to KEZ. They always clean up with the Winter book and Christmas music is the reason. I guess I should look at the positive side of this. A few weeks without DELILAH in the evening. HO-HO-HO!

November 1, 2003 John Gibson joins the talk-fest with a two-hour news show in the morning at THE PATRIOT 960 KKNT/Phoenix.

—–Some items touched on happenings in the Pacific Northwest…

******October 24, 2003 — Robert O. Smith writes that Lan Roberts is out of the hospital as of this afternoon and recuperating at a family member’s home in Texas. Lan is in a lot of pain. *********

October 2003 – Almost a month since LIZ HABIB left KTVK TV 3/Phoenix for Pittsburgh and we are still feeling the separation anxiety, the longing to see her – just once more on the evening news. *sniff*

PHOENIX is #5 nationwide, of cities having the worst traffic problems. I know, I sit in that traffic every afternoon. [See: “Falling Down” with MICHAEL DOUGLAS]

October 2003 — With the death of “the big guy”, MR. CARLSON, last month, we move into October a bit saddened. We will never forget the exciting promotions at WKRP like the TURKEY DROP.

[PHOENIX] January 2004 — KEEPING SCORE — KFYI talk show host CHARLES GOYETTE writes scathing article against CLEAR CHANNEL, KFYI PHOENIX, KFYI hosts LIDDY & HILL, for an on-line political website. KFYI Program Director LAURIE CANTILLO defends GOYETTE’S right to his opinion and says his status at the station is unchanged. LIDDY & HILL call GOYETTE’S statements about them trash and lies. Is there no end to the in-fighting at KFYI? BARRY YOUNG bad-mouthing BRUCE JACOBS, JACOBS firing back. Sounds to me like a staged publicity campaign to generate interest.

Phoenix AM Channels

Compiled by JASON REMINGTON [Sources listed below] 550 KFYI
Clear Channel
CBS & Fox News; Bruce Jacobs; Barry Young; Rush Limbaugh; Sean Hannity; Tom Liddy & Austin Hill; Charles Goyette; Heidi Fogelsong; Kim Komando Komputer Klinic –Sunday
On the air as 550 KOY March 13, 1940 to April 23, 1999 when KOY flipped to 1230 AM and 1360 KGME moved to 550 AM. AMFM Inc. [formerly Chancellor] merged with Clear Channel in 2000. Another frequency swap on September 25, 2000 moved KGME to 910 AM and KFYI moved to 550 AM.

580 KSAZ
Owl Broadcasting
580 in Tucson was KIKX “kicks” pop rock & roll -they were a good competitor for KTKT 990 which was a Leland Bisbee sister station to KRUX 1360 –There is a story about KIKX losing their FCC license because of a “news parody” — they were off the air for a long long time…{The tale of the news parody is true. Arthur Gopen aka Gary “Crazy Man” Craig staged his own kidnapping. Ironicially, the station owned by Walton Broadcasting lost its license but Gary kept his. He went on to work at WTIC-FM in Hartford, CT and is still in that market. Very creative guy….story from Burt Schneider who worked with Gary at KAIR in Tucson in the late 1970’s following the incident.

620 KTAR
ABC News; Paul Harvey; David Liebowitz; Preston Westmorland; Tony Femino; Brad Cesmat Sportsline; SUNS Basketball; Diamondbacks Baseball; Editorial Commentary from Pat McMahon.
First station licensed in Arizona 6/21/22 [KFAD 833kc.] owned by McArthur Brothers Merchantile Co.; 1924 [AM 1100]; 1925 purchased by Electrical Equipment Co.; 1927 [AM 830]; October 25, 1928 [AM 620]; November 14, 1929 purchased by Arizona Publishing Company, call letters changed to KREP [Republic]; January 30, 1930 [KTAR – Keep Taking Arizona Republic]; ABC affiliate since mid-40s; July 18, 1944 purchased by John J. Lewis; October 16, 1968 purchased by Combined Communications Corp. [Gannett); April 1, 1979 Purchased by KSD/KSD-TV, Inc Later: Phoenix Broadcasting (Pulitzer); March 1999 Hearst-Argyle took ownership; Emmis 2002

710 KMIA
Old call letters: KMEO

740 KIDR
Radio Unica
Old call letters: KMEO [Beautiful Music] and later KIDR Children’s Radio

860 KMVP
Old call letters KIFN; February 1997 switched from Spanish [since 1948] KVVA to Sports under Pulitzer [KTAR] ownership. March 1999 Hearst-Argyle took ownership; Emmis 2002; Dropped all local sportstalk in February 2001 in favor of more network shows from ESPN.

910 KGME
Clear Channel
XTRA Sports
Old call letters: KPHO [on AM 1230 from 1940-1949]; KPHO 1949 to 1971; KJJJ “Big Coutry KJ” (1971-1986 Country) 910 KFYI sold by Broadcast Group (Fred Weber) to AMFM Inc. [formerly Chancellor]in 1999; AMFM Inc. merged with Clear Channel in 2000 KFYI (910) moved to 550 AM September 25, 2000 swapping frequencies with KGME.

960 KKNT
“The Patriot”/Talk –Salem [Common Ground Broadcasting] Laura Ingrahm; Dennis Prager; Michael Medved;
Old call letters: KOOL; KARZ late ’70s; KOOL Oldies; KPXQ; KPXQ began simulcasting on 1360 July 23, 1999, pending move to 1360. KCTK 1360 would move to 960 effective September 7, 1999. Became KKNT 2002

1010 KXEM
Radio Property Venture
Old call letters: KCAC [the Valley’s original Progressive Rock station in the late ’60s] KXEG became KXEM in 2001

1060 KDUS
Old call letters: KUPD “Cupid” in the ’60s with Bill Heywood in the morning and a full-service MOR format. They competed with KOY basically. It went to a mainstream Top 40 in the late 60’s or early 70’s. Around 1971 or 72, they added KUPD FM which remained Top 40 until about 1978 when they went rock. 1060 later went through formats such as: Alternative; KKKQ [R&B;]; KUKQ [Country for a few months and then Alternative] and Sportstalk in 1995.

1100 KFNX
North American Broadcasting
June 1997 KCCF MOR format with Bill Heywood and many of the old KLFF DJs. Sold to North American 9 months later.
Cave Creek/Carefree

1150 KCKY
NicaMex Inc
1150 KCKY was country for years with a neat directional pattern @ night that reached up to the Globe area, etc. They carried U of Nebraska Football for years on Saturdays. The station was All-Sports in fact for a period in the late ’80s.,switched to Spanish late 1994.

1190 KMYL
Interstate Broadcasting of AZ
“NBC 1190/Talk”
Old call letters: 1190 in Tolleson originally signed on by E.O.Smith as KZON, before trying a Spanish format and later becoming KRDS. KRDS [“CARDS COUNTRY” in the ’60s] and Christian programs starting in the mid ’70s. KMYL added 50s, 60s and 70s Oldies to it’s prgramming – as well as the “Music of Your Life” programs, comedy hour and bartered infomercial programs in January 2001.

1230 KOY
Clear Channel
Danny Davis in the morning, otherwise satellite fed
KOY, the oldest call letters in Arizona. [6BBH October 1921] licensed for broadcast as KFCB AM 1260 September 1922 owned by Nielson Radio Supply Co.; June 1, 1927 [AM 1230]; November 11, 1928 [AM 1310]; February 8, 1929 [KOY]; February 18, 1929 [AM 1390]; November 10, 1936 purchased by Salt River Broadcasting Co. (affiliated with the Prairie Farmer, owner of WLS, Chicago.); March 13, 1940 dial position changed to 550; December 8, 1948 Purchased by KOY Broadcasting (Glen Snyder, George Cook, Albert Johnson, John Hogg, John Williams [former gov. of AZ], and Irwin Jennings; June 30, 1967 Purchased by Harte-Hanks Radio; December 4, 1984 Purchased by Edens Broadcasting; August 8, 1993 Purchased by Sundance Broadcasting; May 1996 Purchased by Colfax Broadcasting; August 1996 Purchased by AMFM Inc. [formerly Chancellor] Broadcasting; Switched frequency from 550 to 1230 April 23, 1999
Other stations at AM 1230: KPHO [1940-1949]; KRIZ Top 40, battled 1360 KRUX in the 60s/70s. Some of the KRIZ DJs were Dave Biondi, Bobby Christian, Morton ‘Doc’ Downey Jr., Ron Edwards, Carol Field, Jack Frost, Barnie Groven, Shotgun Tom Kelly, Joe Light, Pat McMahon, Bumper Morgan, Don Pietro – The Purple Pizza Eater, John Sebastian, Bob Shannon, Lee Smith, Gary Stevens, Jonny Wallace, Guy Williams, Johnny Williams, Long John Ball, Jay Stone, Tony Evans, Captain Curt Powers, Jack Elliot, Chuck Dean, Dave Trout, Dave Anthony, Shotgun Tom Kelly, Charlie Fox, Bruce Miles, Dennis King, Rick Diamond, Steve Casey, Dave Willmont, and Jeff Young; KRIZ was sold by Doubleday to Family Life Radio in 1978, call letters were changed to KFLR; KAMJ [Boston Globe]; KMYL; KAMJ [Sports/Talk]; KPMX [Sports/Talk]; KISP in 1992 before becoming KISO. KISO [R&B;, later Country Oldies] KISO was eliminated when KOY moved to 1230 April 23, 1999
We are aware that STEVE ALLEN started his career at KOY in Phoenix. But, DID YOU KNOW: the late MARTY ROBBINS was also a local media “star”. Marty Robbins, singer and songwriter, was born on Sept. 26, 1925 near Glendale, AZ. In 1947, he was hired to play and sing at radio station KTYL in Mesa. Later, he got a job at a bigger station, KPHO in Phoenix, where he was given an early morning half hour long show called, “Chuck Wagon Time”. When KPHO-TV was created, they asked Marty to do some live performances for them. Marty, who was extremely shy, agreed to host their show only after he was told he would lose his radio show if he refused. His fifteen minute show, “Country Caravan,” was shown four days a week and was a big hit. Another country music star bought a Phoenix radio station and later many more, plus a baseball team. Gene Autry bought radio station KPHO in Phoenix near the end of World War II. Later, he acquired a television station in Phoenix, KOOL. His radio and TV empire began to grow. He purchased radio station KMPC in Los Angeles for $800,000 in 1952 and tv station KTLA for $12 million in 1964. He sold KMPC in 1984 for a reported $18 million and KTLA in 1982 for $245 million. His Golden West Broadcasters also included radio stations in San Francisco and Seattle.

1280 KTKP
Christian Communications
Christian formats since sign on in 1956; Was KHEP until May 31, 1999, when it became KTKP (Talk) added morning and afternoon AP Network news blocks in January 2001, replacing most syndicated talk shows. KTKP swapped frequencies with KXEG 1010 (complete July 11, 2001) moving the AP News format to 1010 AM with new call letters KXEM. The KXEG Christian programming moved to 1280, using the slogan “The Spirit of 1280”.

1310 KXAM
OL 1310 Mesa was originally KTYL (see: FM listing for 104.7) Call letters later switched to KBUZ (Kay Buzz) with a loud buzzer when IDing.

1360 KPXQ
“Eternal Talk” Christian Talk & Christian programming
Old call letters: KRUX, which moved from AM 1340 around 1957 [Top 40] The DJ line-up over the years at KRUX included Lucky Lawrence (Larry Wright) ruling the mornings for years doing the “Lucky Lawrence Mess”. “Your boy, Al McCoy” from 9 til noon.(today’s Suns’ announcer) Dick Gray 12 til 3 PM [there were several afternoon drive and evening people] Diamond Jim (Clawson), Rob (The Vandal) Randall, Mike Mitchell & graveyard shift was Wilkerson ((D. L.) Dennis) former KRUX newsman. Kit Carson started doing weekends and later did nights. With the KRUX of continuous news @:55 were the legendary Dean Murray and Rod Peterson. Later in the 60’s Rhett Hamilton Walker the first(R.H.W.1), William Edward Compton afternoon drive – Compton later to start KCAC 1010 underground / KDKB 1510 & 93.3 FM. KRUX nights in the late 60’s was Bobby “Pooh” Shannon the Pimply Faced Anemic. Mighty Ed Mitchell, B. Mason Dean. Other KRUX alumni were Chuck Browning, Sonny Knight, Jack Dillon, Christopher Haze, Rich ‘Mother’ Robbin, Harry Scarborough, John Sebastian; KLFF [Big Band] DJs Jim Spero, John McKinney, Frank Pollack; The rock format was changed to the NBC NIS service on KNNS 1360; News-Talk switched to Sports-Talk KGME in August 1993; 1360 KGME moved to SPORTSRADIO 550 APRIL 23, 1999. 1360 call letters changed to KFDJ and New Century Arizona “tri-mulcasted” 1360 with KDDJ 100.3 and KEDJ 106.3 FM until 1360 sale to Salem and Big City purchase of FM properties. 1360 frequency sold to Salem Broadcasting. Ownership then transfers to Common Ground Broadcasting in July 1999. Common Ground Broadcasting is a subsidiary of Salem. 1360 stopped simulcasting KEDJ and began simulcasting Salem’s 960 KPXQ July 23, 1999. Changed call letters to KCTK July 1999. KCTK call letters and new conservative talk format moved down dial to 960 September 7, 1999.
from LARADIO.COM: LARP – Is there a mentor or someone who helped you at a critical juncture in your career? Bob Pond: My interest in radio began at birth in the shadows of the WBBM-Chicago towers, where my dad was an engineer from 1932 to 1958, for the CBS o&o; (remember that term)! He taught me about the electrons so I could get my 1st class license ticket. It was my ticket to becoming a dj because, in those days, AM stations had to have a holder of a “1st ticket” on duty anytime they were directional. While in high school in Phoenix, the two jocks that let me “hang with them” made first string in 1956, when Bartell changed KRUX 1340 to 1360, upped the power from 250 to 5,000 watts, and took over the market. Before his big break, Johnny McKinney not only showed me how to do the mechanics of DJing in a professional way, at KONI (1400AM), but taught me to speak from the diaphragm and practice pronunciation and enunciation. (Those were the days!) The other mentor chosen by the legendary Bartell group was (the late) Jack Carney. Having learned the basics from Johnny, I produced, and participated in parodies on Jack’s nightly “fence-sitters” show on KPHO (910AM). The talented Mr. Carney was doing several voices between records, resulting in a one-man “zoo.” When he was chosen to go to KRUX, he dropped the shtick and did about the smoothest presentation of music I have heard. He was a master of “talk-up” – without a stopwatch. I became a dj from 7 – 9 p.m. at KPHO (for $1.25/hr) while attending ASU, got a full time break at Shel Engle’s KRIZ (1230), and moved on to KRUX when Johnny and Jack went on to KBOX (Dallas) and KYA (voice of the Bay), respectively. When Shel took over 1400, (then KXIV), he brought me over and hired Al Taylor from Bartell’s WOKY in Milwaukee. Al taught me to “present” the musical artists as if we were MCs at a live concert, rather than just guys sitting around playing their records. He taught me to get the time and frequency in after each record so listeners would remember where they tuned. At that time, stations only gave their call letters, assuming everyone knew their dial position and didn’t need to know the time except on the hour!

1400 KSUN
Old call letters: KONI; KXIV at one time, owned by Dick Van Dyke, MOR in the 70s with George Scott, Jack Dey, Jim Hutton, Jeff Munt, and Jim Spero. Frank Pollack was PD; Went to Spanish format in 1987
Related info: “You noted KONI, which I also started in downtown Phoenix in July 1953. They had a sister station, KELE, but that fx escapes me right now. Also simulcasted. Their tower atop the old Arizona Savings & Loan building (where KTAR had been for many years) blew down during a bad storm one Saturday afternoon. I was to go on in about an hour and was standing in the alley to escape the high winds when the first large piece of debris landed about 30 yards away. The RF breakers kicked out before there was any damage to the xmtr. We received permission from the FCC to use feed a wire antenna stretched across Central Avenue to the Adams Hotel. Had an archer shoot a lanyard across the street. The FCC was quite helpful too. When advised of our poor coverage from the long-wire antenna, they authorized an increase in power. KELE was dark for several months, however.” Bob Dreste

1440 KAZG
The AM sister station of KSLX
Old call letters: 1440 Scottsdale was originally KPOK (Cow Poke) going along with the cowboy image of that city. Later, KDOT [MOR]; KOPA switched from Oldies to “Stardust” format January 1988; KXAM [R&B;]; KSGR [Oldies]; KOPA [CNN News] and in 1996 KSLX AM; Switched call letters to KAZG and went to Oldies format April 2001.

1480 KPHX
“Galaxia X” Latin Rock – Hip-Hop – Raggae; Diamondbacks Baseball in Spanish
Old call letters: KHAT [Country in the ’60s] Phoenix

1510 KFNN
Old call letters: KALF; KMND; KDJQ; KDKB [simulcasted the FM in the ’70s]; KJAA [Country, late ’80s] Mesa

1540 KASA
KASA Radio Hogar Inc.

1580 KMIK
ABC-Radio Disney
Top 40/Children’s programming
Old call letters: 1580 KYND was 50,000 watts but reduced power drastically at first @ nightime. Kitt Carson was on KYND for a time when they began broadcasting. They played an adult rock mixture. KYND became KTUF which was country music; KNIX; KCWW [Country] Tempe
Phoenix FM Channels

Nat’l Farm Workers/Family Stations Incorporated
SPANISH/CHRISTIAN; Shared frequency

89.5 KBAQ
Maricopa community Colleges

90.3 KFLR
Family Life Broadcasting

90.5 KUAT
University of Arizona

90.9 KGCB
Grand Canyon Broadcasters

91.5 KJZZ
Maricopa Community Colleges
Old call letters: Originally KFCA; then KMCR; Switched to Jazz/Talk format August 1995

92.3 KKFR
“Power 92 Today’s Hottest Music” HIP HOP
Old call letters: KXTC. 92.3 KXTC was a commercial Jazz station in the early and mid-70’s until succumbing to the disco craze round about 1978 or 79. [Disco, later Urban] and then Country. “It actually started country while still KXTC and was KC-92. They brought me to town in August 1980 to be their morning guy. Dennis McBroom was mid-day and programmer Erik Foxx was the afternoon guy. Mike Morgan did nights followed by Charlie Martinez midnight to six.” [John Gibson, KOOL 94.5 FM] Calls were changed to KJJJ “KJ-92” until 1984. It remained Country but changed to KEZC “EZ Country” from 1984, and this lasted until 1985. In 1985, it debuted as “The Fire Station” with a CHR/Oldies hybrid format. At some point between 1985 and 1988, they dumped the “Fire Station” name and just called themselves “92.3 KKFR.” The Oldies were also phased out. In 1988, they started calling themselves “Power 92.” The format had also become Rhythmic CHR. July 4th at 4pm Steve Goddard opened the mic and was the first to utter the words “Power 92” according to Valley radio folklore. On December 16, 1993, under PD Rick Stacy, they dumped Rhythmic CHR and tried a truly awful Alternative-intensive Mainstream CHR format. It bombed. They began to move back towards their roots, and by April of 1995, they were a Rhythmic CHR again. The slogan was the tried-and-true “Today’s Hottest Music.” In July of 1997, they adopted the hip-hop/R&B; format with the “Where Hip-Hop Lives” slogan. In August of 1998, they brought back the “Today’s Hottest Music” slogan, but the format is still hip-hop and R&B.; Station to be sold off due to Clear Channel purchase of Chancellor (AMFM) stations.

93.3 KDKB
Old call letters: KMND [Country] Mesa

94.5 KOOL
Bill Gardner with
Purchased by Colfax Broadcasting May 1996, sold to AMFM Inc. [formerly Chancellor] January 1997 Station to be sold off due to Clear Channel purchase of Chancellor (AMFM) stations.

95.5 KYOT
Clear Channel [formerly Chancellor] SMOOTH JAZZ/SOFT ROCK “The Coyote”
KRFM (beautiful music in the 60’s/70’s); KQYT [Beautiful Music in the mid ’80s] Later, Contemporary KOY FM. Switching to Adult Top 40, the moniker “Y-95” and the Adult Top 40 format were adopted on July 10, 1987. Eventually, they evolved from Adult Top 40 to straight ahead Top 40. They were some form of Top 40 right up until September 2, 1993, at 12 Noon. That’s the day that Y-95 died, and for the next 24 hours or so, the station stunted with what it called “The American Radio Museum”. On September 3, that ill-fated “Rhythm and Rock” format debuted. “The Coyote” Smooth Jazz in March 1994. Purchased by Colfax Broadcasting May 1996, sold to AMFM Inc. [formerly Chancellor] January 1997. Station to be sold off due to Clear Channel purchase of Chancellor (AMFM) stations.

96.9 KMXP
Clear Channel
ROCK AC “MIX 96.9”
Old call letters: KMEO [Beautiful Music]; KPSN [Oldies]; KCHT later KHTC [Classic Hits]; KGLQ [Classic Hits] Nationwide Communications sold to Jacor (Clear Channel) 1998 call letters changed to KMXP

97.3 KRXS
Linda Potyka

97.9 KUPD

98.7 KKLT
Old call letters: KTAR FM; KBBC [Top 40 early ’70s]; March 1999 Hearst-Argyle took ownership from Pulitzer; Emmis 2001

99.9 KESZ
Clear Channel
Beth & Bill
99.9 KEZ began as KNNN Spanish in 1979 or early 1980. It didn’t last too long before becoming “Classy 100” KLZI. Became KESZ January 15, 1988. Jerry Ryan, General Manager under KLZI & KESZ fired by Owens Broadcasting 1998. Ryan GM of Heftel KHOT 105.9 April 1999. KESZ Sold by Owens/MAC to Jacor (Clear Channel) March 1999.

100.3 KMRR
Spanish love songs
Old call letters: KIKO; KEYX; KGRX; KZRX [Album Rock]; KHOT [Talkradio]; Changed to KDDJ AAA with Howard Stern in the morning in 2001; Sold to HBC in 2002

100.7 KSLX
KDOT [Classical]; KOPA; The station dumped KOPA (Top 40) in very early 1986 in favor of KSLX and the Classic Rock format

101.1 KNRJ
On the air: December 1998; KESP “LOOP 101” 60s/70s OLDIES became KNRJ in 2002

101.5 KZON
Old call letters: KHEP [Classical in the late ’60s]; KONC [Classical] KAMJ [Magic 101 late ’80s]; KMXX; 1992 Sundance Broadcasting changed KMXX AC format to KZON Alternative; Purchased by Colfax Broadcasting May 1996, sold to AMFM Inc. [formerly Chancellor] January 1997 Station to be sold off due to Clear Channel purchase of Chancellor (AMFM) stations.

102.1 KAHM
Southwest FM Broadcasting

102.5 KNIX
Clear Channel
Sold by Buck Owens to Jacor (Clear Channel) March 1999.

103.5 KLNZ
Originally, KCWB and then KTWC, “Twice 103.5” an eclectic mix of pop/MOR, format switched to Smooth Jazz KOAZ 1995 and to an unsuccessful “Wild Country 103.5” KWCY with Tim & Willie on Labor Day Weekend 1997. Purchased by Z Spanish March 1999.

103.9 KEDJ
New Planet
Old call letters: KQEZ [Country]; KAZR [Satellite delivered Classic Rock]; KBZR “The Blaze” Modern Rock/Top 40 hybrid; “The Blaze” was dumped from 103.9 in either March or April 1996. This is when they first began preparing for the “Party Station” format. They stunted from March/April up through October 30, 1996 with an all “old school” format (“old school” referring to Latino-oriented gold selections from the hip-hop, R&B;, disco, and freestyle genres), and a stunt about “S-T-E-V-E” which can be best described as a radio version of “Where’s Waldo?” They debuted on October 30, 1996 (3:30 pm) as “The New 103.9, Arizona’s Party Station” with a Latino-oriented Rhythmic CHR format. The calls changed to KPTY in the Spring of 1997 to match the moniker. On June 4, 1998, shortly after 12 Noon, they changed to a hip-hop/modern rock hybrid, calling themselves “Party Radio @ 103.9.” April 1999, dumped the Hip-Hop for a CHR/Alternative format. January 2000, changed to TOP 40 after stunting with sounds of broken CD machine playing “We Like To Party” (VengaBoys) non-stop for 48 hours. Switched to the EDGE when Big City Radio sold it’s stations to HBC.

104.3 KAJM
Don Crawford (mornings), Tanya Grant (middays), Kinkaid (afternoons), and Karilyn Frazier (nights).
Old call letters: KRIM [Country] KBZG “B-Best” Oldies, call letters changed to KAJM January 2000.

104.7 KZZP
Clear Channel
KISS 104.7
Old call letters: KTYL [1950, first FM in Arizona] owned by the Harkins family. They also founded Channel 12; KBUZ [Beautiful Music]; KIOG; KZZP; Station became Mainstream Top 40 in March 1980, and it stayed that away until late April 1991. The KVRY Hot AC format lasted from April 1991 through March 8, 1996. On March 8, 1996, at 3:00 pm, KZZP returned with a Modern AC format. On April 2, 1999, the format shifted to Mainstream Top 40, following about 6 weeks of “evolving.” Sold by Nationwide Communications to Jacor in 1998. Jacor acquired by Clear Channel in 1999. Bruce Kelly resigned June 30, 1999 when new PD Marc Summers and Clear Channel took over. New morning team, Ron & Don from San Francisco, along with Jackie West debuted September 10, 1999. Later, Ric Dees syndicated morning show. That died too.

105.3 KHOV
Old call letters: KTIM [Country]; KRDS Contemporary Christian; KMYL “Music of Your Life” syndicated format from Los Angeles. Station owned by Interstate Broadcasting of Arizona. was purchased by Big City Radio of Los Angeles in July 1999. Format change pending with anticipated simulcasting of 105.5 FM with FCC approval of that frequency’s purchase from Educational Media Foundation. Call letters switched to KSSL January 2000. Wickenburg

105.5/89.1 KLVA
Educational Media Foundation
Contemporary Christian format will move to 100.3 soon; Big City will roll out a new format at 105.5 which will be simulcasted on 105.3.
Casa Grande

105.9 KHOT
Old call letters: 1996 KXLL [Country]; KBUQ [Young Buck Country] July 1996; “Hot 105.9” debuted shortly after 6:00 pm on October 10, 1997. The format change to Spanish occured on April 5 at 6:00 pm. Heftel had purchased the station. Heftel becomes Hispanic Broadcasting Company April 1999.
Paradise Valley

106.3 KOMR
Spanish love songs
Old call letters: KWAO [MOR]; KMZK [Rock/Oldies, Country] PD Jon Town; KONC [Classical, picking up the format and calls when abandoned by 101.5 in 1987]; Became “The Edge” Alternative in 1993
Sun City

106.5 KKRM
Spanish love songs
Arizona City

106.9 KDVA
Majic 107 R&B; KMJK previous to Z Spanish purchase

107.1 KVVA
KSTM “Storm” format ended June 1987 as Spanish format took over.
Apache Junction

107.9 KMLE
Changed from Religion to Country 1988. June 1996, Tim & Willy leave KMLE for a gig in Chicago. A year later, Chicago station changes format, Tim & Willy return to Phoenix at new Wild Country 103.5 [now defunct] and later KNIX Station sold due to Clear Channel purchase of Chancellor (AMFM) stations.

Historical Sources: Bud Wilkinson, longtime AZ Republic Radio columnist; Bob Dreste, and Media Watchers John Adkins, John Davis, Keith Elster, Mike Femyer, Tanim [former Radio MessageBoard moderator], Rick Lewis, Doug Nick, Burt Schneider, Eric Stein, Stanley Vorce, the files of the Arizona Republic & Gazette. I apologize for forgetting anyone. Email me if you have been overlooked.

March 29, 2005– Bohemia Visual Music, LLC – 3/21/05 announced KPHE 44 officially on the air in the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan covering 3.9 million homes. … “not” a cable channel and …not your typical television station.
The KPHE 44 play list consents of Hard Rock, Punk Rock, Hip-Hop / R&B;, Traditional Country, Classic Rock, Eletronica, Pop Music, Other. “this has been our tradition” said Jeff Crawford Co-Owner and Program Director of Bohemia Visual Music. Crawford’s also said that “Bohemia Afterdark and our other show which is Hip Hop & R&B; “The Leddge” were cutting edge music videos show on local broadcast station very late at night and our ratings we were pulling in have never been before on local broadcast television on the “over nights” .

March 24, 2005– NBC 1190 KMYL sale pending to Spanish language broadcast group.

March 21, 2005– HEIDI FOGELSONG will join TED SIMONS to co-anchor the afternoon news on 620 KTAR (Bonneville) from 4 to 6:30 p.m. starting in April.

March 3, 2005 – DON IMUS comes to Phoenix airwaves mornings 4a – 8a on Independent 1310 KXAM.

JIM SHARPE has been removed from his morning assignment at KTAR. The station is focusing on an “all news” and information format.

February 15, 2005 – It has been nearly a month since 3TV KTVK introduced the latest additions to their “news” line-up. Will there be more? The new shows, not to be confused with the “News Show”, are “The Newsroom” @8pm anchored by MIKE CHAMBERLAIN, and at 9 PM, “Nine Time News,” with BEVERLY KIDD. The “News Show” news at 10 has been cut back to 30 minutes.

Further changes in Phoenix TV newsrooms this first quarter of 2005 — MARK CURTIS moved up to weekday early and late evening news anchor at 12 NEWS KPNX from weeknight sports anchor.

3TV KTVK entertainment newsperson CLAUDIA DIFOLCO joins former 12 NEWS KPNX weather guy SEAN MCLAUGHLIN at MSNBC. CLAUDIA will co-host an entertainment “news” show at the cable network.

ILONA CARSON left FOX 10 KSAZ for KTRK-TV in Houston as a weeknight anchor-reporter.

JAYME KING joins FOX 10 KSAZ as weekend weathercaster. King comes from WSAV-TV in Savannah, GA.

MIKE WARREN left ABC 15 KNXV for KTBC in Austin, Texas, to anchor the main newscasts and also report for the station.

MEKAHLO MEDINA, ABC 15 KNXV reporter, moved to KSTP-TV in Minneapolis as a reporter.

DAPHNE MUNRO joins ABC 15 KNXV as a consumer reporter.

TRAM MAI, 12 NEWS KPNX weekend evening anchor, has been promoted to weekday morning anchor the station.

JAVIER SOTO reports for 3TV KTVK from the Flagstaff bureau. He was the morning anchor-reporter at KPVI in Boise, Idaho.

JANUARY 12, 2005– KDKB VP/GM CHUCK ARTIGUE says TIM SCOTT, half of the station’s morning duo “TIM & MARK,” has elected to retire from radio to pursue other interests.
“I didn’t feel I could be the Christian I wanted to be and needed to be, doing a rock-and-roll radio show,” Scott said. “I grew more and more uncomfortable with some of the edgier material that I think is necessary for a rock-and-roll morning show to survive. “It’s a great company – it’s just time for me to move on.”
They signed off 1/11 for the final time. Sister station KUPD PM Drive dj PETE CUMMINGS is set to replace TIM & MARK.

TV personality-producer Dick Clark will probably spend Christmas, and maybe New Year’s Eve, in the hospital. He recovering from a mild stroke. His spokesman, publicist Paul Shefrin, said that Clark is out of the intensive care unit and “doing some rehab” -CNN December 22, 2004

NEW “ZONE” PD–Chris Patyk exits PD/MD role at KYSR (Star 98.7)/Los Angeles after 5 1/2 years to become PD of Infinity Alternative KZON (The Zone)/Phoenix. Patyk’s experience includes a stint as PD of crosstown Alternative KEDJ (The Edge)/Phoenix–Radio & Records December 22, 2004

KFI(AM) TOWER COLLAPSES – STRUCK BY AN AIRCRAFT, TWO DEAD — Los Angeles — Sunday, December 19, 2004 –
“I just got a call and saw it on TV: KFI’s 750′ tower was hit by a private plane. The tower came down in folded pieces missing buildings and falling completely within the parking lot. KFI is back on the air on their aux tower but only running 5 kW. The two people in the plane, a man and women, were killed. It’s amazing how the tower missed the buildings and apparently all vehicles in the parking lot.” – L.A. broadcast engineer Burt Weiner

(PHOENIX) – Christmas music, broadcasting from the Valley of the Sun will reach all corners of the earth this Christmas Eve.

Andy Olson’s “Rock ‘n’ Roll Christmas” a 20 year staple of Phoenix radio, will debut before a global audience on the Valley’s newest radio station, ( ) The internet radio station, which plays a free-form, underground, rock format, has loyal listeners throughout the world.

“We have this one pocket of incredibly devout, techno-geek listeners on the Asian Continent; they’re going crazy for our station” says RadioFreePhoenix on-air personality, Liz Boyle. “It’s beautiful to hear some of the accents, clamoring for Christmas music by the Ramones or T-Rex on the ListenerLine.”

Andy Olson, host of “Rock ‘n’ Roll Christmas” made the decision to widen his audience in much the same manner as Howard Stern, “This is something that would have been impossible on conventional radio” says Olson, “We’ll have 24 hours of free-form Christmas Rock ‘n’ Roll, totally commercial-free.”

Although his audience will expand, internationally, Olson has no intentions of abandoning his solid core of loyal, Valley listeners. “We’ll still be playing local favorites from Arizona, including Ladmo’s Little Drummer Boy and Mike Condello’s Christmas Time. We’ll always consider the Valley our target audience, and if listeners in Wales pick up on our local vibe, and enjoy it, all the better.”

Andy Olson’s “Rock ‘n’ Roll Christmas” will broadcast from 6pm Christmas Eve through Christmas evening at 6pm on the free internet radio station

DECEMBER 8, 2004-(AP) – “American Bandstand” icon Dick Clark was hospitalized this week after suffering a mild stroke. Clark, who turned 75 on Nov. 30, suffered the stroke this week, publicist Paul Shefrin said Wednesday, declining to give any details. He would only say Clark had been hospitalized in the Los Angeles area.

The entertainer, who went from hosting “American Bandstand” to game shows and producing awards ceremonies, is scheduled to host ABC’s “Dick Clark’s Primetime New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2005” and “Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2005” on Dec. 31. It will be his 33rd year welcoming in the new year.

NOVEMBER 2004–LIZ BOYLE exits KOOL FM weekends to join RADIOFREEPHOENIX.COM. Also on the staff at the Internet radio station is DAVE COOPER, JEANNE SEDELLO, LEE POWELL and ANDY OLSON. The station plays free form album rock.
Rumor is: KOOL morning man BILL GARDNER will head to KVIL Dallas in January.

More from KOOL: W. STEVEN MARTIN, after his loss in the race to become Maricopa County Sheriff, joins KOOL for a Saturday mid-day shift.

The Acoustic Storm has a new radio home in Phoenix on 98.7 The Peak.
The Storm hits The Peak every Sunday morning from 7-10, bringing Phoenix-area listeners the best variety of acoustic rock.

The Acoustic Storm is a nationally syndicated radio program, featuring the best variety of acoustic-based rock. With an emphasis on acoustic guitar-driven songs, Jeff Parets presents the full spectrum of acoustic rock, including rarely heard “unplugged” versions of classic tunes in their purest form.

Parets, formerly of Phoenix radio station KSTM (The Storm).

November 2004–CHARLES GOYETTE joins the whining at 1010 Liberal-talk “Air America” in December. Goyette, formerly with KFYI, is the first of the local hosts to hire on at KXXT.

Spanish AC simulcast KDVA & KVVA (Radio Romantica) changes to Entravision’s signature CHR format, SUPER ESTRELLA, which targets an 18-34 demo. The network features music by such artists as Paulina Rubio, Mana, Shakira, Ricky Martin and Alejandra Guzmán. Super Estrella Network is programmed by Verónica Medina from Entravision Los Angeles.

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Episode 5: Lennie & Archie continue playing OCEANS OF BEAUTIFUL MUSIC from the LATE NIGHT LOUNGE
–Musical selections for this (1) one hour program include: The Sensations; Betty Harris; Tex Ritter; Groucho Marx & Jimmy Durante; Comedy from Bob & Ray; and MORE!
Archie & Lennie in the Late Night Lounge, the beautiful music format is abandoned for one hour!–Musical selections for this (1) one hour program include: A barnyard version of Glenn Miller’s “In The Mood”; “When I’m Cleanin’ Windows”; Teen idol Frankie Avalon; Mr. Magoo; Peter Sellers “sings” a classic Beatles tune; a Bossa Nova melody from the Austin Powers movie; “Night & Day” with correct punctuation; and guest DJs Bob Hope & Jack Benny

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Episode #2
Weird Al – Eat It
David Seville & The Chipmunks – Witch Doctor
Ray Stevens – Funny Man/Ahab The Arab
Dave Dudley – Six Days On The Road
CW McCall – Wolfcreek Pass
Spike Jones – Man On The Flying Trapeze
Connie Stevens & Ed Byrnes – Kookie, Lend Me Your Comb
Jim Stafford – Spiders & Snakes
Tom T. Hall – Sneaky Snake
Jimmy Dean – I Won’t Go Huntin’ With You Jake
Clarence Frgman Henry – Ain’t Got No Home
Rodney Dangerfield – My Car
Tiny Tim – Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Wizard of Oz Theme Original Soundtrack
Allen Sherman – Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah
Laurel & Hardy – Furniture Payment
McHale’s Navy Theme – Love Boat Theme
Bob & Doug McKenzie – Take Off

Episode #3
Frank Sinatra – Love & Marriage
Tammy Wynette – DIVORCE
Lonnie Donegan – Does Your Chewing Gum Lose It’s flavor
Lily Tomlin – Chewing Gum
Russ Conway – Got A Match?
Billy Ward & The Dominoes – Sixty Minute Man
Hank Williams – Kaw-Liga
Slim Whitman – Indian Love Call
Doris Day – A Bushel & A Peck
Captain & Tennille – Muskrat Love
Rosemary Clooney – Come On-A My House
William Shatner – I Want You To Be You
Leonard Nimoy – Where Is Love
Ella Fitzgerald – Steam Heat
Jonathan Winters – Maude Frickert’s Nursery
Spike Jones – Chloe
Les Paul – Whispering
Stan Freberg – John & Marsha

Episode #4
San Sebastian Strings – My Friend The Sea
John Fogerty – Sea Cruise
Ray Stevens (chickens) – In The Mood
George Formby – When I’m Cleanin’ Windows
Frankie Avalon – Why
George Johnson – Laughing Song
Bob Rivers – Mr. Magoo
Four Lads – Istanbul
Peter Sellers – A Hard Day’s Night
Quincy Jones Orch. – Soul Bossa Nova
Allen Sherman – Night & Day
Bob Hope & Jack Benny DeeJays
Tommy Roe – Now A Winter’s Day
Freddy Martin Orch. – Bubbles In The Wine
Hudson & Landry – Ajax Mortuary

Episode #5
B. Bumble & The Stingers – Scales
Desi Arnaz – I Love Lucy
Bob Hope – Valentine’s Day
The Sensations – Let Me In
Martin Denney – Quiet Village
Debbie Reynolds & Donald O’Connor – Aba Daba Honeymoon
Hall Negro Quartet – Laughing Song
Spike Jones – Laura
Diamonds – Strollin’
Arthur Godfrey – Slap ‘Er Down Agin Pa
Phil Ochs – Small Circle of Friends
Bob & Ray – Just Fancy Bill
Betty Harris – Cry To Me
Tex Ritter – High Noon
Laurel & Hardy – Victims of The Depression
Groucho Marx & Jimmy Durante – Black Strap Molasses
Steel Guitar Rag – Spade Cooley

Episode #6
Harry James – Sleepy Lagoon
Jimmy Cliff – Wonderful World, Beautiful People
Leroy Anderson – Typewriter Song
Jesse Belvin – Guess Who
Julie London – Cry Me A River
Paul Revere & The Raiders – Action
Steve Allen & Bill Dana – Submarine Captain
Jimmie Rodgers – Blue Yodel
Robert O. Smith – Walter Wart
King Curtis – So Rare
Statler Bros. – Flowers On The Wall
Sam Cooke – A Change Is Gonna Come
Laurel & Hardy – What Flavours Have You?
Richard Burton – Camelot
Spike Jones – Carmen Murdered
B. Bumble & The Stingers – The Moon & The Sea

Episode #7
Andy Griffith – A Poem For The Lovely Juanita Beasley
Brian Hyland – The Joker Went Wild
The Three Stooges – Play A Simple Melody
Frank Gallop – Ballad Of Irving
The Drifters – Saturday Night At THe Movies
77 Sunset Strip Theme
Jimmy Durante – Inka Dinka Doo
Lesley Gore – California Nights
George Burns – Vincent Price’s Party
The Pied Pipers -Mairzy Doats
Woody Herman – Lost Weekend
Bob & Ray interview an audience regular
‘A’ You’re Adorable – Jo Stafford & Gordon McRae
Box Tops – Neon Rainbow
Mel Blanc & The Sportsmen – Woody Woodpecker
Sammy Davis Jr. – Something’s Gotta Give
Phil Harris – The Thing
Clay Cole – Queen of the Movies
Wolfman Jack – When A Man Loves A Woman
Mike Clifford – Close To Cathy
Shirley Temple – When I’m With You
Puffin’ Billy – Melodi Light Orchestra
Groucho Marx – I Must Be Going

Episode #8
Spike Jones – Dance Of The Hours (show theme)
Louis Armstrong – Bess, Oh Where Is My Bess
Billy Stewart – Summertime
George Burns & Gracie Allen show clip
Connie Francis – Lipstick On Your Collar
B. Bumble – Nighttime Madness
James Darren – Her Royal Majesty
Harpers Bizaare – Anything Goes
Earl Grant – Not One Minute More
Lawrence Welk – Hoop De Doo
Hudson & Landry – Ajax Travel Bureau
Perry Como – What Did Delaware
Jackie Wilson – Higher & Higher
Sons of the Pioneers – Cool Water
Frank Sinatra – All Or Nothing At All
Jay & The Americans – Cara Mia
Don Ameche & Frances Langford – The Bickersons
Jimmy Gilmer & The Fireballs – Bottle Of Wine
Frankie Avalon – Swingin’ On A Rainbow
Les Paul & Mary Ford – Sav-A-Penny Super Store
Paul Peterson – She Can’t Find Her Keys
Bob Hope Theme – Thanks For The Memories
Jackie Gleason Orchestra – (show close theme)

Episode #9
Little Orphan Archie Theme (Dance of the Hours – Spike Jones)
Mike Douglas – The Men In My Little Girl’s Life
Janis Ian – Society’s Child
Link Wray – Rumble
Gene Krupa – Joltin’ Joe Dimaggio
Opening Theme of Don McNeil’s Breakfast Club
Frank Ifield – I Remember You
Neil Sedaka – Oh Carol
Goodbye – Mary Hopkins
Spike Jones – My Old Flame
Lorne Greene – Ringo
Dixie Cups – Iko Iko
Allen Sherman – Harvey & Sheila
Walter Wanderly – Summer Samba
Darlene Love – He’s A Rebel
Laurel & Hardy – Sons of the Desert Convention
Sue Thompson – Norman
Spade Cooley – Troubled Over You
Stan Freberg – Heartbreak Hotel
Jimmy Durante – Smile
Three Stooges Theme
Duane Eddy – Rebel Rouser
Leave It To Beaver Theme
Little Orphan Archie Closing Theme -Jackie Gleason

Episode #10
Little Orphan Archie Theme (Dance of the Hours – Spike Jones)
Don Ho – Beautiful Kahua’i
Bob Hope/Bing Crosby – Hoot Mon
Desi Arnaz – Babalu
Cilla Black – You’re My World
Johnny Cash – My Grandfather’s Clock
Leroy Anderson – Syncopated Clock
John Gary – Cockles & Mussels
Hudson & Landry – Ajax Liquor Store
Sonny & Cher – Little Man
Bing Crosby – Too Ral Loo Ral Loo Ral
Bob & Ray – TV Glow
Dusty Springfield – I Only Want To Be With You
Spike Jone – Holiday For Strings
Bob Hope Breaks His Leg
Theme from Father Knows Best
Frankie Yankovic – Ta Ra Ra Boom De Ay
Walter Huston – September Song
Raymond Lefevre – Soul Coaxing
Theme from Car 54 Where Are You?
Little Orphan Archie Closing Theme (Jackie Gleason

Episode #11
Little Orphan Archie Theme (Thomas Edison – Mary Had A Little Lamb/Spike Jones-Dance of the Hours)
Andy Williams – Music From Across The Way
Robin Ward – Wonderful Summer
Folgers Coffee commercial from early 1960s
Billy Murray & His Merry Melody Men – Kansas City Kitty
Academy Awards clip
Brook Benton – It’s Just A Matter Of Time
Four Seasons – Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright
Lennie The Cabbie – The Beer Tap
Kay Kyser – The Old Lamplighter
Bob Hope – St Patrick’s Day
Ann Margret – What Am I Supposed To Do?
Bob Crosby Orchestra – Little Rock Getaway
Lesley Gore – Sunshine, Lollipops & Rainbows
Lennie The Cabbie – Nude Bike Race
Chris Connor – Where Are You?
Benny Goodman Orchestra – Sing, Sing, Sing
The Bickersons (Don Ameche & Frances Langford) – The Honeymoon Is Over
Coasters – Smokey Joe’s Cafe
Your Hit Parade clip
Jack Scott – What In The World’s Come Over You?
Lennie The Cabbie – Frivolous Lawsuit
Judy Garland & Freddie Martin Orchestra – Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart
Ray Conniff – Park Avenue Beat
Del-Vikings – Whispering Bells
Little Orphan Archie Closing Theme (Jackie Gleason Orchestra

Episode #12
Little Orphan Archie Theme (Thomas Edison – Mary Had A Little Lamb/Spike Jones-Dance of the Hours)
Eddie Fisher – Oh My Pa Pa
Brenda Lee – Sweet Nothins
Gene Autry – Home On The Range
Mattel Chatty Cathy Commercial
Dorsey Brothers Orchestra – Add A Little Wiggle
Lennie The Cabble – Ashes
Hillside Singers – I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing
Smothers Brothers – Same As My Old Man
Lesley Gore – You Don’t Own Me
Andrew Sisters – Bei Mir Bist Du Schon
Louis Armstrong – Listen To The Mocking Bird
Harptones – On A Sunday Afternoon
Lennie The Cabbie – Inflatable Doll
David Rose Orchestra – The Stripper
Connie Francis – Where The Boys Are
News Featurette – Dr. Barney Clark
Harry Belafonte – Star – O
Frankie Laine – Moonlite Gambler
Ozzie & Harriet – No News For Harriet
Jimmy Durante – Make Someone Happy
Ketty Lester – Love Letters
Lennie The Cabbie – Disney’s Talking Trash Cans
Mary Hopkins – Those Were The Days
Sheb Wooley – Flying Purple People Eater
Roy Rogers – Happy Trails
Little Orphan Archie Closing Theme (Jackie Gleason Orchestra

Episode #13
Ozzy Osbourne – Crazy Train (fades out)
Little Orphan Archie Theme (Thomas Edison – Mary Had A Little Lamb/Spike Jones-Dance of the Hours)
Art Garfunkel – Disney Girls
Burt Bacharach – Something Big
Arthur Godfrey – Lipton Tea
Freddie Martin Orch. – Bubbles In The Wine
Sam Cooke – Meet Me At Mary’s Place
Neil Sedaka – You Mean Everything To Me
Lennie The Cabbie – Driver Fakes Death
Roger Williams – Yellow Bird
Jo Stafford – The Things We Did Last Summer
Ozzy Osbourne on Pat Boone
Pat Boone – I Almost Lost My Mind
Don Ameche/Frances Langford in the Bickersons “House Cleaning”
Dean Martin – Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime
Charlie Barnet Orch. – Commanche War Dance
Lennie The Cabbie – Moron On Auto Pilot
James Darren – Goodbye Cruel World
Exxon Valdez – News clip
Earl Towner – Flight of the Bumble Bee
Bob & Ray – Reporter Rendevouz
Lee Young Orch. – Seeing Double
Neil Diamond – The Grass Won’t Pay No Mind
Lennie The Cabbie – Rearview Photocopies
Patti Page – Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte
Paul Anka – Time To Cry
Vaughn Monroe – Racing With The Moon
Little Orphan Archie Closing Theme (Jackie Gleason Orchestra

Episode #14
(AM Radio tuning & static – Spike Jones – “Dance of the Hours”) Little Orphan Archie Theme
Jim Backus & Friend – Delicious
Clyde McPhatter – A Lover’s Question
Glenn Miller – Pennsylvania 6-5000
Jimmy Rogers – Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
Lennie The Cabbie – The Cost of Raising Kids
Carole King – It Might As Well Rain Until September
Chordettes – Mr. Sandman
Bob Hope – Swan’s Eye View of the News
Charles Penrose – The Laughing Policeman
Shelly Fabares – Johnny Angel
Lennie The Cabbie – Crook’s Mental Anguish
Lou Christie – Rhapsody in the Rain
William Shatner – Commodore Computer Commercial
Artie Shaw – Jungle Drums
News Vignette – President Reagan Shooting – Sam Donaldson, ABC News
Gene Pitney – Town Without Pity
Ray Charles – Hit The Road Jack
Hudson & Landry – Obscene Phone Call Bust
Mickey & Sylvia – Love Is Strange
Gale Storm – I Hear You Knockin’
Lennie The Cabbie – Swinging Sexy 70s
Gary Lewis & The Playboys – Sure Gonna Miss Her
Bobby Darin – Beyond The Sea
David Rose Orchestra – Holiday For Strings
(Jackie Gleason – radio tunes and fades out)

Episode #15
(AM Radio tuning & static – Spike Jones – “Dance of the Hours”) Little Orphan Archie Theme
Stan Freberg – John & Marsha
Bob & Ray – Just Fancy Bill, Barbershop
Jack Benny & Bob Hope – Make Believe Washroom DeeJays
David Seville – Witch Doctor
Lennie The Cabbie – Husband Porno Addict
Laurel & Hardy – Furniture Payment
Arthur Godfrey – Slap ‘Er Down Again Pa
(end of segment 1)
Hudson & Landry – Ajax Liquor Store
Allen Sherman – Day & Night with Punctuation Marks
(end of segment 2)
Lennie The Cabbie – Selling Mother-in-Law on eBay
Ray Stevens – Chickens In The Mood
Jonathan Winters – Maude’s Nursery
Peter Sellers – A Hard Day’s Night
Bob & Ray – The TV Glow
(end of segment 3)
Allen Sherman – Harvey & Sheila
Lennie The Cabbie – Digital Gravestones
Laurel & Hardy – What Flavours Have You?
Bob Rivers – Mr. Magoo
Bill Dana & Steve Allen – Submarine Captain
Spike Jones with Doodles Weaver – Man On The Flying Trapeze
(Jackie Gleason –

Episode #16
Program running time: 59:30
(AM Radio tuning & static – Spike Jones – “Dance of the Hours”) Little Orphan Archie Theme
Harpo Marx – Stardust
Sandy Shaw – Puppet On A String
Bobby Sherman – Little Woman
Lennie The Cabbie – Prostitutes Union
Al Jolson – Tootsie
(end of segment 1)
News Vignette – Douglas MacArthur
Andrews Sisters – Hold Tight
George Burns & Gracie Allen – Women’s Club
Hamilton Camp – Here’s To You
Scott McKenzie – San Francisco (Flowers In Your Hair)
Hudson & Landry – The Hippie & The Redneck
Statler Brothers – Do You Remember These
(end of segment 2)
Archie Lee – The Bootlegger’s Joint
Lennie The Cabbie – Married, Fat & Happy
Dorsey Brothers Orch. – St. Louis Blues
Mrs. Miller – Strangers In The Night
(end of segment 3)
Lennie The Cabbie – Potty Breaks
Bob & Ray – Bulgarian Cream Pie
Rayve Cream Shampoo Commercial
Lee Hazelwood & Nancy Sinatra – Some Velvet Morning
Burt Bacharach – Alfie
(Jackie Gleason –

Episode #17
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(AM Radio tuning & static – Spike Jones – “Dance of the Hours”) Little Orphan Archie Theme
Billy Vaughn Orch. – I’d Give A Million Tomorrows
Bobby Rydell – Volare
Lennie The Cabbie – Nitwit Sues Easter Bunny
Dusty Springfield – Son of a Preacher Man
Woody Allen – Down South
** end of segment 1**
NBC Monitor News & Commercial – Eisenhower Funeral
James Brown – It’s A Man’s World
Rudy Vallee – Brother, Can You Spare A Dime
Peggy Lee – Is That All There Is
Lennie The Cabbie – Mouse In Burrito
Eydie Gorme – Blame It On The Bossa Nova
**end of segment 2**
T-Bones – No Matter What Shape
Napolean XIV – They’re Coming To Take Me Away
Apollo 100 – Joy
Lennie The Cabbie – National Hairball Awareness Day
Stan Freberg – Wunnerful, Wunnerful
Bill Cosby – Little Old Man
**end of segment 3**
Carl Perkins – Blue Suede Shoes
Vincent Price Movie Trailer
Cab Calloway – You Gotta Hi-De-Ho
English Congregation – Softly Whispering I Love You
Bob Luman – Let’s Think About Living
(Jackie Gleason –

Episode #18
(AM Radio tuning & static – Spike Jones – “Dance of the Hours”) Little Orphan Archie Theme
Liz Damon’s Orient Express – 1900 Yesterday
Critters – Younger Girl
Hamm’s Beer commercial
Marx Brothers – Everyone Says I Love You
Lennie The Cabbie – Driver Safety Certificate
Les Paul & Mary Ford – Wonderful Rain
Fugitive Theme
** end of segment 1 **
The Fortunes – Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again
Laurie London – He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands
Norma Tenega – Walkin’ My Cat Named Dog
Mel Blanc – K-K-K Katy
1939 World’s Fair – NBC Network News Vignette
Lennie The Cabbie – Milk Through The Nose
** end of segment 2 **

George Burns – Becoming A Straight Man
Spike Jones – Powerhouse
Sonny & Cher – Bang Bang
Fats Waller – Dem Dry Bones
Dodie Stevens – Tan Shoes & Pink Shoe Laces
Brian Hyland – Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
**end of segment 3**

Lennie The Cabbie – Anger Management
Baja Marimba Band – Comin’ In The Back Door
Buck Owens – Tall Dark Stranger
Dionne Warwick – Message To Michael
(Jackie Gleason –

Episode #19
(AM Radio tuning & static – Spike Jones – “Dance of the Hours”) Little Orphan Archie Theme
Mantovani – Charmaine
Spike Jones – You Always Hurt The One You Love
Dean Friedman – Ariel
Lennie The Cabbie – Thong Thief
Conway Twitty – Hello Darlin’
** end of segment 1 **
Desi Arnaz, Lucille Ball & Bob Hope – Nobody Loves The Ump
Dorsey Brothers Orch/Boswell Sisters – Stop The Sun, Stop The Moon
Glenn Miller – Bugle Call Rag
Paul Harvey On The Retirement of Walter Cronkite
Buzz Clifford – Baby Sittin’ Boogie
The Crests – Step By Step
Lennie The Cabbie – Dummy On Police Force
Marlboro Cigarette Theme Song
** end of segment 2 **

Al Hirt – Trumpeter’s Lullaby
Bob & Ray – Guess My Secret
The Newbeats – Bread & Butter
The Four Preps – Down By The Station
Lennie The Cabbie – Porno King on Schoolboard
Capris – Morse Code of Love
** end of segment 3**

Archie Campbell – That’s Good, That’s Bad
Mills Brothers – Suddenly There’s A Valley
Jimmy Gilmer – Sugar Shack
Patty Duke – Don’t Just Stand There
Gene McDaniels – Chip Chip
(Jackie Gleason –

Episode #20
(AM Radio tuning & static – Spike Jones – “Dance of the Hours”) Little Orphan Archie Theme
Richard Clayderman – Sleepy Shores
Lenny Welch – Since I Fell For You
The Foundations – Build Me Up Buttercup
Fred Astaire – Cheek To Cheek
Lennie The Cabbie – My Wife The Goat
** end of segment 1 **
Connie Francis – V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N
Alka-Seltzer Commercial
Homer & Jethro – B-A-C-O-N ‘N E-G-G-S
Diane Renay – Blue Navy Blue
Electric Indian – Keem-O-Sabe
Glenn Miller – Serenade In Blue
Rodney Dangerfield – My Wife & I, Singing
** end of segment 2 **

Lennie The Cabbie – Listener Mail
Eddy Arnold – Cattle Call
Robin Clark – Daddy, Gotta Get A Phone In My Room
Ray Stevens – Mr. Businessman
Jerry Seinfeld – Late Night TV
Kinks – Lazin’ On A Sunny Afternoon
** end of segment 3**

Dinah Shore/Chevrolet Commercial
Neon Philharmonic – Good Morning Girl
Frank Sinatra – Summer Wind
Lennie The Cabbie – Labeling Bad Drivers
Liberace – I’ll Be Seeing You
Jimmy Ruffin – What Becomes Of The Broken Hearted
(Jackie Gleason –

Episode #21
(AM Radio tuning & static – Spike Jones – “Dance of the Hours”) Little Orphan Archie Theme
Peggy Lee – Senza Fina
Tommy James & The Shondells – Crimson & Clover
Errol Garner – I Met A Million Dollar Baby
Lennie The Cabbie – Asleep In The Coffin
Chaquita Banana Commercial
Glenn Miller – String of Pearls
** end of segment 1 **
Bob & Ray – Paper Clip Factory
Michael Parks – Long Lonesome Highway
Frank Sinatra – It Was A Very Good Year
Frankenstein Movie Trailer
Mel Blanc – I Tawt I Taw A Puddy Tat
** end of segment 2 **

Lennie The Cabbie – Fiance As Collateral
Alan O’Day – Undercover Angel
Faron Young – Pick Me Up On Your Way Down
Patty Duke Show Theme
Teddy Bears – To Know Him Is To Love Him
Stan Freberg – C’est Si Bon
**end of segment 3**

Lennie The Cabbie – Internet Dating
Bert Parks – Miss America Theme
Tony Bennet – Once Upon A Time
Smothers Brothers – Mom Always Liked You Best
Hurricane Smith – Oh, Babe, What Would You Say
(Jackie Gleason

Episode #22
Little Orphan Archie Theme (Spike Jones – “Yakka Hula Hickey Dula”)
String-A-Longs – Wheels
Turtles – She’d Rather Be With Me
Hudson & Landry – I Couldn’t Live Like That
Ted Lewis – We’re In The Money
Lennie The Cabbie – Bank Robber Reader
** end of segment 1 **
Ajax Cleanser Commercial
Critters – Mr. Dieingly Sad
Bob Newhart – Trains
Jimmy Davis – Bearcat Mama From Horner’s Corners
Ray Noble – Harlem Nocturne
Bobby Rydell – Forget Him
Lennie The Cabbie – Embalmed Pizzas
** end of segment 2 **

Mahalia Jackson – Swing Low Sweet Chariot
Friends of Distinction – Love Or Let Me Be Lonely
Bob & Ray – Musical Chairs
Benny Goodman – Let’s Dance
Chiffons – Sweet Talkin’ Guy
Guy Mitchell – Heartaches By The Number
**end of segment 3**

Bachelors – My Diane
Lennie The Cabbie – Hungry Robbers
Debby Boone – You Light Up My Life
Bobby Vee – Venus In Blue Jeans
Little Peggy March – I Will Follow Him
(Jackie Gleason –

Episode #23
Outer Limits Theme
Little Orphan Archie Theme (Spike Jones – “Yakka Hula Hickey Dula”)
Percy Faith – Theme from a Summer Place
Del Shannon – Runaway
Three Stooges – Alphabet Song
Jackie Wilson – Lonely Teardrops
Lennie The Cabbie – Wheelchair Lawsuit Scheme
Sue Thompson – James, Hold The Ladder Steady
** end of segment 1 **
Colgate Shaving Cream commercial
Bob Crewe Generation – Music To Watch Girls By
Dean Martin – Come Running Back
Hollywood Argyles – Alley Oop
George Carlin – Hippy Dippy Weatherman
Frankie Laine – Rawhide
Les Elgart – Bandstand Boogie
** end of segment 2 **

Lennie The Cabbie – Church Cashes In Chips
Johnny Carson & Jack Webb – Dragnet spoof
Peggy Lee – Fever
Gene Chandler – Duke of Earl
Alaska Earthquake News Vignette
Marcie Blaine – Bobby’s Girl
Beach Boys – God Only Knows
**end of segment 3**

Lennie The Cabbie – Hospital Regulations
Donovan – Mellow Yellow
Nancy Sinatra – These Boots Are Made For Walking
The Beatles – A Day In The Life

Episode #24
Little Orphan Archie Theme (Spike Jones – “Yakka Hula Hickey Dula”)
Les Paul – After You’ve Gone
Dionne Warwick – Don’t Make Me Over
Brylcreem Commercial
Paul Whiteman – It’s Only A Paper Moon
Classics Four – Spooky
Lennie The Cabbie – Baby Names
** end of segment 1 **
Cowboy Copas – Won’t You Ride In My Little Red Wagon
George Burns – Name Changes
Nat King Cole – Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer
Shirley Temple – Oh, My Goodness
Red Skelton – Pledge of Allegiance
** end of segment 2 **

Jerry Lee Lewis – Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On
Artie Shaw – My Blue Heaven
Lennie The Cabbie – Beer & The Prostate
Danny Williams – White On White
Bob & Ray – Crime Drama
Kate Smith – God Bless America
Nelson Riddle – Lisbon Antigua
**end of segment 3**

Eddie Holman – Hey There, Lonely Girl
Robert Kennedy – Martin Luther King Speech
Dion – Abraham, Martin & John
Little Orphan Archie Closing Theme (Jackie Gleason

Episode #25
Dobie Gillis Theme – Max Shulman & Lionel Newman Little Orphan Archie Theme (Spike Jones – “Yakka Hula Hickey Dula”)
The Youngbloods – Sunlight
Ames Brothers – You You You
Bugs Bunny/Elmer Fudd (Mel Blanc) – What’s Opera, Doc
** end of segment 1 **
Lennie The Cabbie – Friend Shoots Dying Friend
Henry Mancini – Days of Wine & Roses
Hudson & Landry – Ajax Lost & Found
John Phillips – Mississippi
Edd Byrnes & Connie Stevens – Kookie, Lend Me Your Comb
Peter Sellers – Money Can’t Buy Me Love
Lennie The Cabbie – The Guy’s Rules
Admiral Radio Commercial
** end of segment 2 **

Thunderclap Newman – Something In The Air
Perry Como – Temptation
Rosemary Clooney – Come On-A My House
Artie Shaw – Begin The Beguine
Bob & Ray – Parade Coverage
**end of segment 3**

Lennie The Cabbie – Goats Get Job Done
Van Morrison – I’m In Heaven When You Smile
Outsiders – Time Won’t Let Me
Don Imus – Brother Billy Sol, Bless Us All
Little Orphan Archie Closing Theme (Jackie Gleason

Episode #26
Late Night Lounge Theme (Spike Jones – “Yakka Hula Hickey Dula”)
Sam Cooke – A Change Is Gonna Come
Chambers Brothers – Time Has Come Today
Lennie The Cabbie – Driving Dog
Mills Brothers – Up A Lazy River
Bar-Kays – Soul Finger
** end of segment 1 **
Larry Finnegan – Knock On Wood
Theme from the Soupy Sales Show
Smothers Brothers – Crabs Walk Sideways
Lennie The Cabbie – Six Years in the Repair Shop
Michel Legrand – Windmills of Your Mind
Ed Townsend – For Your Love
** end of segment 2 **
Andy Griffith – Romeo & Juliet
Dusty Springfield – What The World Needs Now
Lennie The Cabbie – Leap of Faith
Dave Brubeck – Bossa Nova
Mr. Clean Commercial
**end of segment 3**
Patti Page – Steam Heat
John Gary – Cockels & Muscles
Spike Jones – Clink Clink Another Drink
Nina Simone – I Put A Spell On You
Late Night Lounge Closing Theme (Jackie Gleason

Episode #27
Episode #27 Airing Sunday, July 9 through Saturday, July 15:

CBS Color Intro
Little Orphan Archie Theme (Spike Jones – “Yakka Hula Hickey Dula”)
Ray Stevens – Turn Your Radio On
Frankie Avalon – Why
Stan Freberg – John & Marsha
B. Bumble & The Stingers – Nut Rocker
Jimmy Durante & Bing Crosby – Start Off Each Day With A Song
Lennie The Cabbie – Pot Smoking KFC Customers
ABC Wide World of Sports Theme
** end of segment 1 **

Ozzie & Harriet – No News For Harriet
Burt Bacharach – Something Big
Tom Jones – Never Gonna Fall In Love
Claude King – Wolverton Mountain
Fritos Corn Chips Commercial
Lennie The Cabbie – Marriage Counseling
** end of segment 2 **

George Carlin – Wonderful WINO
Charlie Barnett – Commanche War Dance
Gene McDaniel – Point of No Return
Carole King – It Might As Well Rain Until September
Lennie The Cabbie – Taxi In The Drink
**end of segment 3**
Benny Goodman – Puttin’ On The Ritz
Ross Bagdasarian (David Seville) – Bird On My Head
Etta James – At Last
Sly & The Family Stone – Hot Fun In The Summertime
Little Orphan Archie Closing Theme (Jackie Gleason

Episode #32 – Airing Sunday, August 13 through Saturday, August 19:

Lone Ranger TV Theme
Little Orphan Archie Theme (Spike Jones – “Yakka Hula Hickey Dula”)
Muzzy Marcellino – Secrets of The Silent Hills/Lassie Tv Theme
Shangri Las -Remember, Walking In The Sand
E.L.O. – Mr. Blue Sky
Ted Heath Orch. – Hot Toddy
Lennie The Cabbie – Britney Spears Baby Safety
Wolfman Jack – Baby Chicks Commercial
** end of segment 1 **

Percy Faith – Theme for Young Lovers
Bob Hope & Bing Crosby
Drifters – Saturday Night At The Movies
Gene & Debbie – Playboy
** end of segment 2 **

Dean Martin – Return To Sorrento
Al Jarreau – Moonlighting
Lennie The Cabbie – The Happiest Place In The World
Chris Farley Interviews Paul McCartney
Beatles – I Am The Walrus
S&H; Green Stamps Commercial
**end of segment 3**

Lennie The Cabbie – Teddy Bear
Fugitive Tv Theme
Sammy Davis Jr. – Theme from Barretta
Sensations – Please Mr. Disc Jockey
Theme from WKRP In Cinncinnatti

Episode #33 – Airing Sunday, August 20 through Saturday, August 26:

Clint Eastwood as “Dirty Harry”
Little Orphan Archie Theme (Spike Jones – “Yakka Hula Hickey Dula”)
Donna Summer/Lennie The Cabbie – Theme from “The Deep”
Doodles Weaver/Spike Jones – Ragtime Cowboy Joe
Baja Marimba Band – Comin’ In The Back Door
George Burns – Making Jack Benny Laugh
Old Spice Commercial
** end of segment 1 **

Lennie The Cabbie – Overweight People
Clyde McPhatter – Lover Please
Kingston Trio – Tom Dooley
Arthur Godfrey – Slap ‘Er Down Again Pa
Laurel & Hardy – Furniture Payment
Lennie The Cabbie – Pop Culture
** end of segment 2 **

Connie Francis – Where The Boys Are
Bobby Rydell – Volare
Bob Crosby Orchestra – Little Rock Getaway
Link Wray – Rumble
Nestle’s Commercial
**end of segment 3**

Paul Harvey 9/11 News
President Bush 9/11 Speech Excerpt
Enya – Only Time * 9/11 Version
Jewel – Hands * 9/11 Version
Amy Grant – I Will Remember You * 9/11 Tribute
Mannehiem Steamroller—–/Bob Holiday of KFSH/KKLA/KRLA – (I Was There) Meet Me In The Stairwell
Radio Tuning Fade Out

Episode #34 – Airing Sunday, August 27 through Saturday, September 2:

20th Century Fox Intro
Little Orphan Archie Theme (Spike Jones – “Yakka Hula Hickey Dula”)
Louis Armstrong – Where’s My Bess
Petula Clark – Sailor
Judy Garland, Bob Hope & Bing Crosby – Goodnight Irene
Sonny & Cher – Bang Bang
Jimmy Rodgers – Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
** end of segment 1 **

Jim Backus & Friend – Delicious!
Bob & Ray – Just Fancy Bill
James Last – Music From Across The Way
Lesley Gore – California Nights
Coasters – Smokey Joe’s Cafe
** end of segment 2 **

Robin Ward – Wonderful Summer
English Congregation – Softly Whispering, I Love You
Cilla Black – You’re My World
Critters – Mr. Dieingly Sad
Billy Eckstein – Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
**end of segment 3**

Anacin Commercial
Four Seasons – C’mon Marianne
Mac Davis – Whoever Finds This, I Love You

Episode #39 – Airing Sunday, October 1 through Saturday, October 7:

Late Night Lounge Theme (B. Bumble & The Stingers – Nola)
Anita Ward – Ring My Bell
Joey Powers – Midnight Mary
Mashmakhan – As The Years Go By
Benny Bell – Shaving Cream
Reunion – Life Is A Rock (But The Radio Rolled Me)
** end of segment 1 **
Laurel & Hardy – Sons of The Desert Convention
Barry & The Tamerlanes – I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonight
Dorsey Burnette – Hey, Little One
Les Crane – The Desiderata
Curtis Lee – Pretty Little Angel Eyes
** end of segment 2 **
Cyndi Grecco – Making All Our Dreams Come True
Samantha Sang – Emotion
Bob & Ray – Interview Childrens Book Author
Joe Henderson – Snap Your Finger
Lennie Dee – Plantation Boogie
**end of segment 3**
Joey Heatherton – Gone
Blue Swede – Hooked On A Feeling
Bobby Bloom – Montego Bay
Jigsaw – Sky High
Late Night Lounge Closing Theme (B. Bumble & The Stingers – Nola)

Episode #45 – Airing Sunday, November 19 through November 25:

Stan Freberg – James Bond Spoof
Late Night Lounge TM Theme (B. Bumble & The Stingers – Nola)
Tommy Dorsey – Fascinating Rhythm
Booker T. & The MGs – Hip Hug Her
JFK – Race to the Moon Speech excerpt
Simon & Garfunkel – Hazy Shade of Winter
Association – Everything That Touches You
** end of segment 1 **
Buddy Holly/Richie Valens/Big Bopper – Plane Crash News Report
Acker Bilk – Limelight
Bob Newhart – Marketing Baseball
Searchers – Sweets For My Sweet
Ruth Brown – Lucky Lips
Dr. John – Such A Night
Bromo-Seltzer commercial
** end of segment 2 **
NBC Report – Pearl Harbor Attack
Jackie Gleason – Honeymooners Theme
Georgie Fame – Ballad of Bonnie & Clyde
Bob & Ray – Reporters Rendesvouz
Brenda Lee – Comin’ On Strong
Michael Buble – Home
CBS Report – Japanese Attack Pearl Harbor
Doublemint Gum commercial
**end of segment 3**
Anne Margret – Let Me Entertain You
Martin Denny – Jungle Drums
Sandy Nelson – Teen Beat
Late Night Lounge Closing Theme (B. Bumble & The Stingers – Nola)

Episode #50
AVAILABLE NOW for download!!
Episode #50 – Airing Sunday, December 24 through Saturday, December 30:

Upstairs At Larry’s – Bubbles In The Wine
Andrew Sisters – Oh Ma Ma
Fever Tree – San Francisco Girls
Patti Labelle – Stir It Up
** end of segment 1 **
Groucho Marx – Excerpt “You Bet Your Life
Jackie Wilson – The Sweetest Feelin’
1910 Fruitgum Company – 123 Red Light
Larry Gatlin – I’ve Done Enough Dyin’ Today
Billy Dean – Somewhere In My Broken Heart
Bob & Ray – Mr. Science/Fire
** end of segment 2 **
Al Hirt – Sugar Lips
Roger Miller – England Swings
Ian Whitcomb – You Turn Me On
Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin – Je T’Aime
Eddie Duchin – Brazil
**end of segment 3**
Eric Carmen – Never Gonna Fall In Love Again
Four Seasons – Bye Bye, Baby (Baby, Bye Bye)
Christopher Cross – Sailin’
Joni Mitchell – Night Ride Home

VOICE TALENT: Lou Robbins – KOOL/Phoenix | Lennie The Cabbie | Elisabeth Hart/CKQM | Frank James/WKKI | Glen Alan- KOOL/Phoenix

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Jason Remington

Author: Jason Remington

Creator, Admin, & Editor of PugetSound.Media, former broadcaster at KAMT/Tacoma, KRPM FM/Tacoma, KJUN/Puyallup, KASY/Auburn, KTAC AM/Tacoma, KBRD FM/Tacoma, KMTT FM/Tacoma, and KOOL FM/Phoenix.

9 thoughts on “It All Started At A Little Blog In Phoenix, Arizona

  1. I don’t know how my name got on here. Did you find one of my KLFF rubber paychecks that bounced into the gutter out at 75th & Camelback?

    I did middays at KLFF. One payday afternoon I stopped at the bank on my way home to cash my check and there was no money in the account. This had happened more than once and the manager would always say to try tomorrow, the money will be there. So I went back to the station, taped the check to a letterhead, wrote with a Magic Marker “Rubber Paycheck” in big red letters and taped it to the wall in the receptionist area for visitors to see. Two days later I found it back in my cubbyhole so I stopped at the bank on my way home and cashed it. Nothing was ever said.

    1. As for your name, It came up in my research, back then. I’m sure you recognize some of the other names.

      1. Sure. I worked at KLFF with Johnny McKinney, Jim Spero (touted the back-to-school specials at The Liquor Barn) and Frank Pollack.
        Others there were Tom Coulson “The Jazz Mechanic”, Stu Shelley, Karl Leuba, Bill Baker, Dave Hixson, Jim Murdock, Dave Teller.

        I was on the air one Saturday on the Real Country Network and Karl phoned me from somewhere in the midwest. He was driving a produce truck. He said, “I’m a vegetable hauling vegetables.”

        At KCWW I worked with Bobby Sherman, Mark Bateman, Terry Jones, Richard Lee, Kris Wilson, Bob Jackson, Marvin Matchett, Ron Richardson, Roger Heinrich who was Roger Wayne on KOY News.

  2. Of course, nothing was said. If management confronted you, they might have to take responsibility. Rubber paychecks. Only at KDFL/Sumner, did I experience this. “We will cut you a check now, don’t try to cash it until Tuesday.” Oh, gee, thanks!

  3. I saw my name on your site as working at KMEO. The am was KUEQ when it went on the air in 1958. It had 2 Wurlitzer modified jukeboxes that played 45 rpm records. It was put on the air in 1958 by Gene Boos. He sold it to Bill Freeman 2 or 3 years later. He was an engineer at KOOL TV when I started there in 1966. Starting wage $1.25 HR. I worked there a little over a year then quit. I started studying for my 1st Class Licence. With some help from Tom Kleckner, Chief of KUPD, I passed in in January of 1968. I was back at work the next month making $5.25 HR. We were sold about 3 months later to a New York Company. We got a new transmitter and went full power. The modified RCA TV audio console was replaced, and for the first time we had real processing gear, the CBS Max twins. For a short time Barry Mishkin was there with me. I stayed until late June of 1969 and moved to Flagstaff to attend NAU. I worked at KAFF for the rest of that summer then went to KCLS. The following February, I moved to KEOS. They had just moved from 1290 to 690, the old KVNA frequency. I stayed there until June of 1972. I moved to Dallas, Tx and worked for Texas Instruments for a year. I was bored and applied for the Chief Engineer job at KNUS.
    It was interesting to read Bob Ponds letter. In 1981 I went to work at WBBM TV in Chicago. I met Bob a couple of times at KMEO when he filled in for someone that was sick. He was older than me and we didn’t talk that much, so I had no idea about his father and WBBM. Some the engineers at the TV transmitter had come from the AM site when it was remote controlled. They probably knew his dad.
    I stayed in TV after WBBM. I worked as an engineer for McCurdy Radio until they started to shop the company around. The US office was closing and that’s when I went to WBBM. I moved back to Dallas and worked for Continental Electronics for a few years. I got the bug again and went to work at KERA and KDFI. When Fox took over KDFW in 1994, KDFI was lma’ed and automated. The whole staff was furloughed except for 4 folks. I went to Boise for 6 years, then Portland at KOIN. We were sold 3 times in the six years I was there. The third buyer wanted 40 odd folks laid off. I was in that bunch. I took an Engineer position at Sencore Inc. in Sioux Falls, SD.
    I am grateful for some good mentors in Phoenix. Don Bradley, who spent a lot of time teaching me. Tom Kleckner who was always willing to answer the phone if I ran into trouble. Red Harkins who came to KMEO a couple of times and showed how to run a proof on the old audio board. In college I worked with and was a room mate with Joe Adam’s of KOY fame. A great friend.
    I think there were only about 6 stations in Phoenix that made money. KOY, KTAR, KPHO, KOOL, KRFM, and KRUX. There may have been more, but their facilities didn’t show it. The great thing was the remaining stations on a shoestring were willing to give a kid a chance. Bill Freeman drove me to South Mountain more than once so I could repair the FM transmitter. It was a lot of learn on the job training. It was good times

    1. KRFM was Easy Listening, I believe. Even in the mid-1990s there were a couple Phoenix stations trying to maintain the Standards. KOY of course. There was also a short-lived attempt by KTWC 103.5 which I really enjoyed listening to. They brought back a couple of the old-timers for that station. That was eventually phased out. I guess there wasn’t the audience for good music anymore.

  4. Okay, I’m officially old. I got 29 out of 30 questions correct on the Baby Boomer Quiz. I also remember many of the novelty tunes on your playlist for the Little Orphan Archie show. Since “Big Bad John” by Jimmy Dean was the first record I owned, I actually remember playing the flipside “I Won’t Go Huntin’ With You Jake” many times on my home-brew 1/10 watt radio station.

  5. We had the perfect childhood. It will never be that good again. The trivia brings back memories. But there are so many stories to tell. The quotes from Yogi and Stengel never get old.

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