Now Hear This! Cousin Brucie @ WNBC


Bruce Morrow recently left Sirius XM and returned to terrestrial radio at WABC 770 New York.
This recording is from WNBC in 1975.

Morrow began his career at Top 40 WINS (AM) in 1959. In 1960, he relocated to Miami, Florida for a stint at WINZ (AM) before returning to New York the next year for the major station WABC (AM 770), another Top 40 station. Morrow worked for WABC for 13 years until August 1974, when he transferred to rival radio station WNBC

Cousin Brucie @ 66 WNBC – April 29, 1975 (8:13)

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Author: Jason Remington

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4 thoughts on “Now Hear This! Cousin Brucie @ WNBC

    1. What is the worst comment a jock could get from a listener? “I have been listening to you for a couple years. But in my mind, I pictured you as a good looking fellow.”

  1. This comment wasn’t personal and it made me laugh because it was true.

    At KLFF, a listener came to the station for some reason and was standing there looking into the control room. There was a big window from the office. I waved at her to come on in. We chatted for a minute or two and she said, “This is nothing like I imagined. This place is a dump.”

    1. Imagine if the listener had visited some of the transmitter site studios, back in the day. Then they can say the place looked like a dump.

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