Dori Monson Suspended For Tweet


NorthwestBroadcasters — Dori Monson has been suspended indefinitely by Bonneville Seattle from hosting the Seahawks’ pregame and postgame radio shows after a tweet he sent Wednesday mocking the transgender community. Monson’s radio show was hosted today by Jason Rantz.

Monson sent the tweet Wednesday night during the Washington gubernatorial debate between Gov. Jay Inslee and Republican challenger Loren Culp.

Monson, who also hosts a daily show on KIRO Radio 97.3 FM from noon to 3 p.m., tweeted: “Inslee: we follow science in WA. The state where I could go to Olympia tomorrow and change my birth cert to say I was a girl on 10/2/61 HAHAHAHAHA.” SEATTLETIMES

Will some of the other KIRO hosts stand up against this? Seems there needs to be a new radio station for the voice of Christians and Patriots. It isn’t KIRO FM. We live in a cancel culture and the wrong people have the power to destroy good people. It seems America needs a cleansing. Read into that what you want. -Jason Remington

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Author: Jason Remington

Creator, Admin, & Editor of PugetSound.Media, former broadcaster at KAMT/Tacoma, KRPM FM/Tacoma, KJUN/Puyallup, KASY/Auburn, KTAC AM/Tacoma, KBRD FM/Tacoma, KMTT FM/Tacoma, and KOOL FM/Phoenix. - Jason Remington Airchecks

54 thoughts on “Dori Monson Suspended For Tweet

    1. Gee, remember when we didn’t have social media, personal computers or cell phones. We were more relaxed, less stimulation, having no dependence on devices for expression of our beliefs or validation of those beliefs.

  1. I strongly disagree with Doris post, but if he does not agree with Inslee, that IS his business. However , it does bother me that he has to attack gays. Sex change is one of the few things that I cannot see, but I have friends, family members and loved ones who are gay that they cannot do anything about it. So why does the right have to attack them? Because they are bullies. Also, not everybody believes in Christ and should not be forced too. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, right or wrong. I usually do not like Doris confrontational style, so I do not listen. But he should get his job back. I could be in danger of losing my job because of what I post on fakebook. THIS IS A FREE COUNTRY!
    On another note. When uncle Ricky ran reelradio, he was informed by the IRS that the site could lose it,s tax exempt status if he and others continue to post political comments. I am not trying to hush anyone,s opinion, but would just hate to see the site lose it,s tax breaks.

    1. This site does not get tax breaks, is not a charity, and is in no danger of being canceled by the Left – or Right. (We get our support from our readers). We are not subject to censorship from any government entity, corporation, policymakers, or committee. There is no algorithm in our database that controls the opinions expressed here, to favor some and hide others from view.

    2. As for sex change, you see it as unavoidable. I am old school and see the need as something mentally wrong with that person. But, your are a Liberal and I am not. We will always have our differing opinions, Ed.
      Used to be, a man dealt with his issues or got help from a professional. If a person’s insurance will pay for a sex change, try a few years of psychiatric counseling first.

  2. Bad spelling and grammar is decreasing brain power, as more and more folks accept it!…As the late Vincent Bugliosi, a hero of mine, said “I worry about the future of our country, as what I call “creeping incompetence” is making serious inroads in all walks of life!”…..and I really dislike the overuse of the dreaded “emojis”, that are slowly eradicating the very need for spelling!

      1. So and uh I mean you like hear it too, right?, on uh cable news. Like, right, uh, so, I mean . . . #@*&

        The old-time long-time professional broadcasters such as Andrea Mitchell, Wolf Blitzer, Lawrence O’Donnell, Brian Williams, John Dickerson, Bob Schieffer, Sam Donaldson, Margaret Brennan, Ted Koppel, Roger Mudd, Katy Tur, Dan Rather, Walter Cronkite, Huntley-Brinkley, Mike Wallace, Harry Reasoner, Howard K. Smith and other pros are innocent of this.

        Don’t the bad ones ever listen to the good ones? Why do networks tolerate such slipshod delivery? What happened to taking pride in your product? This can’t be their best.

        1. I have a friend…not a kid…60ish. Nothing to do with broadcasting but a member of the public. One day he was complaining about the announcer reading the news on a local station. The announcer was a contemporary of mine and in my view far and away the best guy working for the local SAGA group. Deep, friendly voice, clear articulation and a pro who had won press awards. I asked my friend what he did not like…his answer was along the lines of “he sounds so much like an old fashioned radio announcer, a dinosaur.’ He wanted to hear someone with a style more like the kid running the check out in the grocery store….natural as he says. Me….I hate that style and feel like the valley girl dialect caught on. To me, in Seattle, it really got a foothold when Rob Tepper, the T Man, was a big deal at KUBE. Other than gross sexual content as a shock factor and being overtly rude he had little going for him and his articulation was like the guy in the grocery imitating Moon Zappa…..Gag me with a spoon. But I think that is what the public today wants….broadcasters who sound untrained.

          1. Steve,

            Your buddy will love Chris Hayes of MSNBC, whose prepubescent vocal tones rise two octaves whenever he says something “important”, like, right, uh, so, I m-mean cuz ya know, right…..right?

  3. It’s not ok to have an opinion if it’s counter the cancel culture. How has it come to this? By the way, there were storm like the Columbus day storm and forest fire’s many centuries ago. Why now is it man made global warming. The earth goes through cycles. God help us if Yellowstone goes off or an astroid hits the earth again.

  4. Science. We are bombarded with that word by the left concerning climate change every day. Yet the only “scientists” that are listened to are the ones with a political affiliation, those receiving government research grants, of have a book to plug. There are plenty of scientists, through facts and data, refute the “Climate Crisis” that we are bombarded with constantly through the media but hey don’t make for sensational headlines.

    Dori’s tweet was simple. Jay Inslee is ALWAYS claiming the virtues of science yet ignores it when it comes to the human species and biology. It was NOT a Gay v Strait issue at all. It had It had nothing to do with sexual preference. The State of Washington allowing people to change their sex on legal ID’s based on how they feel and not on the science of biology was his point. Bonneville (owned by the LDS church) should support Dori and not cancel him. But we all know it is about advertising dollars in the media business.

    A sad day for free speech.

    1. This whole thing is disgusting. The tweet was reality. Dori is not transphobic and has never said a disparaging statement about the group. If anything…this was just showing the hypocrisy of our idiot Governor Insleez in that his science he follows is a joke when you can literally go to Vital Statistics office and change your sex at birth! What is wrong with KIRO that they won’t support Dori? Adding KIRO to my list. NFL has lost all my support long ago.

    1. That is what it boils down to, but the airwaves are not regulated by the Constitution, but by corporations, which are influenced by the cancel culture. So, who has the power?

      1. “So, who has the power?” We do! “We do? You mean us?” Damn right!!!

        I’ve been drinking some good, mind-clearing beer and prowling the web for a definition or an explanation of cancel culture.

        If I read this right, cancel culture is a phenomenon of social media in which someone who feels offended for any reason, personal or otherwise, justifiably or not, by something some other person/company/political entity/or ? did or said, purposely or not, goes on social media and insults, spreads rumors, makes blanket accusations, engages in name calling and/or generally or specifically tries to disparage and destroy the perceived offender’s character in ways that may be related or unrelated to the perceived offense . . . and then brags about it . . . on social media. Someone even likened cancel culture to a baby’s tantrum.

        Dori Monson could have simply tweeted, “Governor Inslee, I’d like to have a phone conversation with you this week so that I and my listeners can better understand the argument you advanced in this evening’s debate. Please call any time. Thanks very much. Dori.”

        Monson, with his “smart” tweet, practiced cancel culture, instead of having the courage to talk to someone with a different point of view.

        Stay on social media and pout about being picked on or get off social media and return to a more normal life.

        “Garçon, un de plus Jack’s 90, sil vous plaît.”

      2. We the People have the power to either support them by continuing to tune in…or do what I am doing which is boycotting KIRO and the NFL until they come to their senses!

        1. Not listening to KIRO, as a matter of course these days. Seahawks lost my attention a couple years ago when they started getting political.

  5. “KMAG-FM Fort Smith, Arkansas host Darren Miner, known as Maverick on the air, has been fired after he posted a tweet . . .”

    I’m not commenting on the appropriateness of the tweet, nor of what prompted the tweet.

    Every thoughtful comment and every thoughtless comment posted to the internet lives forever. Remember that guy who called those female athletes a bunch of nappy-headed hos? He made a lot of money for his employers, but he still got fired.

    If you are older than the internet, you might remember being advised by your mother, teacher, boss, or the neighbor kid who bloodied your nose for making a comment about his sister,

    “Before you speak, THINK”
    “Before you say anything, COUNT TO TEN”
    “Before engaging mouth, BE SURE BRAIN IS IN GEAR”

    1. Imus called them nappy-headed hoes. Management has no sense of humor, afraid they may lose advertisers. No one has any balls these days.
      Hoes was a bit strong.

    1. Call KIRO- Ask to speak with the program director. Better yet, write to the KIRO program director. Check their website for contact info.

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