KHQ Anchor Speaks After Being Fired


Matt Rogers, news anchor at KHQ/Spokane, has been fired.

***********************Matt Rogers has removed the video from public view.***************************************
for his update, COMING SOON, going in-depth on why he was fired.
SPOILER ALERT: He was surprised by the fact that they wanted to fire him and he thinks it was unwarranted.

Matt Rogers joined the KHQ news team in 1997. Matt is a 1996 graduate of Central Washington University with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications. Matt’s first TV job was at a CBS affiliate in Boise, Idaho, where Matt was a news photojournalist.

He became a news photojournalist with KHQ in the Fall of 1997. In 1998, Matt became the KHQ Local News Today “Action Cam”. In February of 2009, Matt’s position at KHQ evolved once again, when he was offered the opportunity to cover Sports.
Most recently, Matt Rogers anchored the news at KHQ.

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Jason Remington

Author: Jason Remington

Creator, Admin, & Editor of PugetSound.Media, former broadcaster at KAMT/Tacoma, KRPM FM/Tacoma, KJUN/Puyallup, KASY/Auburn, KTAC AM/Tacoma, KBRD FM/Tacoma, KMTT FM/Tacoma, and KOOL FM/Phoenix.

72 thoughts on “KHQ Anchor Speaks After Being Fired

  1. We kept wondering, “Where is Matt?” Shocking that the fools at KHQ fired him! He was the only bright star on that program.

  2. This news is really disgusting. For years Matt has worked his ass off, he really opened his heart to viewers and made each and everyone a part of his life. He was so refreshing on and off the air. He seemed to be one of those journalists who would likely be there forever because of who he was as a human.

    But in today’s world of reporting opinions and not news, someone probably got offended and a really decent father, husband and pillar of the community has to pay with his head…

    Man, this is sad!

  3. What happened? Did he call KHQ out for being another spoke in the Nazi Democrats propaganda machine. Did he have the audacity to exercise his first amendment right to free speech. Did he make the mistake of being male in this toxic estrogen Godless environment of the lunatics. ?

  4. Kjerstin Bell was the lovely and lively morning anchor who like Matt disappeared without notice from her or a single word from the station. For a few days they carried on a charade, saying that she was taking the day off, lying to our faces. Eventually they just stopped saying anything. Matt and Kjerstin had real chemistry, they were fun to watch. Now they did the same thing to Matt, pretending that he was just taking a few days off, but after a while not saying anything at all. KHQ eviscerated their morning show- the remaining personalities have no chemistry, the humor is forced, their news delivery wooden. KHQ has lost my trust.

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