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28 thoughts on “GUEST BOOK – READER BIOS

  1. Boy, all those fantastic airchecks from the radio I grew up on! Even KGY, my hometown station. Thanks for the trip back; I’ve sent links to several friends from the day. One comment: on the KJR audio page you suggest that CFUN became something else in 1967. I listened to “a” CFUN when I was at WWU in Bellingham in the 80s. But then, calls often get swapped around…

    Anyway, thanks for this site, from a lifelong radio nerd. That whole world fascinated me when I was a kid, and still does today. I still sit up in bed ‘way too late at night with the lights off, surfing the waves. Today they come through the FM app on my Android phone, whereas when I was 9, it was the Panasonic portable transistor AM-only radio I got for Christmas. But it’s still the same addiction.

  2. I’m a former GM/DJ from the San Francisco Bay Area who ran KMPX-FM there in the 1970s. I moved to the Northwest in 1995 and have been enjoying listening to the local stations here since then. Your website is a goldmine of great airchecks and jingles of the past. It’s nice to delve into the history of broadcasting and I now teach extended education courses on the topic both at UW and Bellevue Colleges along with two different quarterly series on the Roots of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Thanks for assembling such a compendium of material.

  3. Well, Patty Brooks returned to Bellingham’s KGMI today as a guest host on “Saturday Morning Live”. Now, it’s time that Audra Rosen(nee Schroeder)guest hosted SML. I even called in to suggest that those two do a podcast.

  4. Hello – Gary Crow and I are producing a documentary-style video about the History of Northwest Rock n Roll, 1957-1967. We are looking for any airchecks about bands and dances in the area (WA, OR, ID and AK) – especially ‘the Bards’ in Spokane.

    Thank you …………….ck

    Craig Kelly
    Tacoma, WA

    1. Craig,
      There are several airchecks on the Puget Sound Media website that feature audio concerning bands and dances. KOL and KJR specifically. We look forward to the documentary. Let us know when and where it can be viewed when completed.

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