Sam Lawson’s Audio Vault: Sam Lawson & Pam Larsen, KKER Country, Spokane, 1984


To be honest, things have not improved since the last Sam & Pam tape. This one features a couple editions of “Low Budget News.”

Pictured is the KKER tower atop the Delaney Building in downtown Spokane. It was originally the historic KSPO, and is now “Money Talk 1230 KSBN.”

Runtime: 8:31

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Author: Sam Lawson

Student engineer at pioneer Nathan Hale High radio station KNH 1210 in 1970, (prior to KNHC ), also attended LH Bates radio broadcast technician program where he obtained his First Class FCC License; Sam's career includes time as a KRKO radio personality and engineer in the mid-1970s, also KRLC in Idaho, In 1976 Sam worked overnights at KTAC (as Cory Landon), and then moved to weekends at KING. In Spokane, Sam was Program Director of Solid Gold Hits KJRB (1986). Lawson also worked as a voiceover artist and announcer at KISC FM and TV station KAYU-Spokane. He moved to LA in 1989 as an engineer and announcer at KZLA/KLAC. Also engineered for KFI, KOST, KBIG, Premiere Radio Networks, and the CBS radio cluster (now Entercom), Currently retired and living back in the northwest. View other articles by Sam Lawson

9 thoughts on “Sam Lawson’s Audio Vault: Sam Lawson & Pam Larsen, KKER Country, Spokane, 1984

  1. You had a fun show, Sam. Pam’s laugh is infectious. I would have been a regular listener.

    I’d like to know more about the station, a little Class IV among several regional powerhouses.

    Also, how did Sam and Pam get together, and where did she go when this on-air partnership ended?

    1. I agree. Take it from a regular subscriber of the Electric Weenie, clean, silly, humor in the morning was the way to go. The Sam & Pam program has our seal of approval here at PSM.

  2. First, to lonergan, here is how the Sam & Pam show came about.

    For many years KSPO 1230 had been the well respected live local news station in Spokane. In fact, in the days and weeks following the Mt. St. Helens eruption in 1980 when Spokane was covered in volcanic ash, their ratings went through the roof. A few years later they were running into financial trouble, so the owner switched to the lower overhead country music format in a last ditch effort to save the station.

    I had been working weekends and engineering for country KGA/KDRK when the KKER opportunity came up. Even though I new it would be tough competing with only 1000 watts (250 at night), it sounded like fun…and it was!

    When I first started at KKER, Pam Larsen had already been hired by the station as the Sales Manager. The morning newsman was Neal Gladner, one of the previous KSPO newspeople. Neal soon left for a sales job at KDRK, and Pam was moved into the morning news slot. She had previous on-air experience at KOWL, Lake Tahoe, and she and I already knew each other from working at the Ron Bailie School of Broadcast, so we were off and running.

    Unfortunately, even the lower cost music format couldn’t save KKER, and within a year they went dark. I wound up back at KGA/KDRK, and Pam moved to Anchorage. After a couple of years I lost track of her. KKER eventually reemerged as a Contemporary Christian station with a new set of call letters.

    Also, Jason, thanks for the PSM seal of approval! It’s funny that you would mention the Electric Weenie joke service, I still have a box of those, Phantastic Phunnies, Contemporary Comedy, and anything else I could get my hands on.

  3. Excellent! Don’t know who your fav Jock were, but I hear just a little Charlie Brown and Lockjock in your delivery. Really good, same with your KJRB air check. Could do this show in almost any market and succeed today!

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