Talent Comes & Goes. Fitz Quits Bull.

Tyrah Majors – New KOMO Traffic Reporter
Tyrah Majors joins KOMO 4 as morning news traffic anchor. Majors comes to Seattle from Bakersfield, Ca.

Fitz leaves the KNUC morning show this month to devote more time to…the weekly (Bob Kingsley) Country Top 40.

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Author: Jason Remington

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11 thoughts on “Talent Comes & Goes. Fitz Quits Bull.

  1. That “deer in the headlights” look must have clinched it for her. No sign on bonus, but she has access to Steve Pool’s former factotum whenever her left pocket needs to be tugged into place.

  2. All the co-hosts of the Fitz in the Morning will lose their jobs when the show ends. Claire Beverly, Drew Brownfield, Bryant ‘Ryder’ Konold and Shade Giles all exit KNUC. Must be tough being a professional side-kick and chuckler in the radio biz these days.

  3. Tired of side-kicking? Time for some butt-kicking!

    Spice up those curricula vitae by adding guffawing and tittering.

    For those “morning zoo keepers” with an in-studio camera, a smirk will really up your game face.

    Your I (short for “I worship me”) phone is always in your back pocket anyway, so how about a live stream of comments from Methane Mike?

  4. Traffic reports 7-9 A.M. and 4-6 P.M. from spotters in gas stations all over town. News live at :55.

    And it’s almost time for the annual New Years Eve public service program with a Washington State Patrolman counting Dick Curtis’s drinks as he gets plastered on the radio. “Boy-o-boy sharge, we sure taught ’em a leshon, di’nt I? Now letsh head over to the Blew Eagle an’ wrap it up right! And ‘member you said I could work the red light and siren!?”


  5. Thank you KOMO–that is one fine piece of meat!

    Uhhh…that *is* the reaction you want, right?

    ….and to think I once respected the TV news business.

    However, all is not trash–be sure to watch Eric Johnson’s latest: “The Fight for the Soul of Seattle” on KOMO tonite [Saturday]–

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