Sam Lawson’s Audio Vault: KJR Christmas contest with Tom Murphy, December, 1970


Remember the contest where parents would call in and force their kids to talk to a tape of Pat O’Day (as Santa)? This cut is very short but sweet as Tom Murphy speaks with a very young contestant. There’s also a live spot for Valu-Mart, and a “KJR, Seattle, Leave it on 95” jingle.

Runtime: 1:17

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Author: Sam Lawson

Student engineer at pioneer Nathan Hale High radio station KNH 1210 in 1970, (prior to KNHC ), also attended LH Bates radio broadcast technician program where he obtained his First Class FCC License; Sam's career includes time as a KRKO radio personality and engineer in the mid-1970s, also KRLC in Idaho, In 1976 Sam worked overnights at KTAC (as Cory Landon), and then moved to weekends at KING. In Spokane, Sam was Program Director of Solid Gold Hits KJRB (1986). Lawson also worked as a voiceover artist and announcer at KISC FM and TV station KAYU-Spokane. He moved to LA in 1989 as an engineer and announcer at KZLA/KLAC. Also engineered for KFI, KOST, KBIG, Premiere Radio Networks, and the CBS radio cluster (now Entercom), Currently retired and living back in the northwest. View other articles by Sam Lawson

2 thoughts on “Sam Lawson’s Audio Vault: KJR Christmas contest with Tom Murphy, December, 1970

  1. Some of the clothing styles, flared pants, scarves, and frilly shirts, should not have been worn by men. These items, like the platform shoes John Travolta wore in Saturday Night Fever, were the fashion of pimps. Excuse me, I don’t want to go off on a tangent.

    Now, let us all open our Bibles to Leviticus 18 and 20…

    On another subject, televisions have always been over-priced. I think $219 was a bit much for a portable tv (1970 price).

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