It’s All About Race: KING 5 Moves To Fill Racial Quotas


FTVLive reported:

“I think most newsrooms around the county, and I think KING 5 would likely fall into this category as well, are very white-centered in terms of their approach (to the news),” said KING 5 President and General Manager Jim Rose.
Anchor Mimi Jung said if the story isn’t specifically about race, KING does a poor job of representing those other than white people.
“We’re not doing enough. We’re not pushing hard enough,” she said.
The Poynter Institute will conduct a more scientific, data driven review on KING’s content in the coming months and provide KING 5 with feedback on how to serve the community with more inclusive journalism.

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Author: Jason Remington

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5 thoughts on “It’s All About Race: KING 5 Moves To Fill Racial Quotas

  1. Can we really trust our news channels if the reports aren’t given by Blacks and Asians? I think we need more Yiddish speaking, Orthodox Jews and full-blooded Native Americans (we called them Indians, back in the day) on Seattle TV news.

  2. I’d like to have more full-blooded non-English speaking Chinese women delivering the news. To Hell with any language barrier. C’mon KING 5. You aren’t trying hard enough!!

  3. Deck chairs on the Titanic. No one really watches linear news these days. My hunch is they deliver more audience on-line than on-air. Still, I applaud Rose for his candor.

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