2 thoughts on “KAYO, KVI, KJR, KOL Switch Jocks, KRKO Becomes Radio Free Everett, Nick Anthony Leaves For Ohio

  1. Nick Anthony will be replaced by Bobby Simon. Simon will be back on middays on KOL for about three weeks. I remember listening to Robert O, Smith and he mentioned on the air that Victor Stredicke has a picture of an old friend of his that he has not seen since tuesday. Tuesday was Simon’s last KOL shift. The next day, KJR started promoting him as their new midday jock. Remember those adds Bilcream ran during that time period “i came back to Bilcream?” Simon would say “my name is Bobby Simon, i came back”

    1. That is when I became familiar with Bobby Simon’s work (KJR middays). I had been a Nick Anthony fan, sounded great in middays.

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