4 thoughts on “KING 5 Pres. & GM Resigns

  1. At some point there will be a few politicians in Seattle that will finally come to the realization Seattle, is in fact, dying. It may well be too late. Downtown Seattle is a wasteland with the fault lying directly at the feet of the Mayor and Council. There is a reason so many of the people I know who live in Seattle are looking to move. Yes people are taking their place but native Seattle residents have had enough. Seattle will be a city of transplants and a growing number of renters who have no long term ties to a once beautiful city. (I was born and raised in Seattle but will never go back)

    Happy trails Mr Rose.

  2. I think the harsher reality is…our entire country is going down the drain…the “tail is wagging the dog”, so many people espouse a “victim mentality”….this situation seems to repeat itself throughout history…sad to see this happening here in the USA.

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