UPDATE: Ali Bradley Quits Q13


Expect Q13 to have at least one segment focusing on #MentalHealthMatters

Where am I?!

I have been away for a couple weeks, and will be for a couple more. I felt you guys deserved to know what was going on 💕 Thank you got the continued love and support!

➡️ I need to add to this — I didn’t talk about @jennyblue63 role in my journey because it makes me cry (yes, even more) but my mom has been my rock through this entire thing *tearing up* From the day I temporarily moved in with her last year, until today (I just dropped her off at her house) she has called or texted every single day. She comes over and stays the night with me weekly… We meet up after my counseling, we go see my grandpa (those moments are gold), we go on long walks together, we sit and binge Dexter…
She stays with my dogs when I need to go turn everything off (all responsibility)… She calls me when she doesn’t hear back from me… Sometimes I worry her.
Since last year, she has soaked up every tear and listened to every story… I’m so beyond grateful for my mother. I thank God for *this part of the journey— I have so many new memories with my mom.


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20 thoughts on “UPDATE: Ali Bradley Quits Q13

  1. Her Instagram video speaks about divorce, anxiety and depression. The stories she has reported during the end of the Trump admin and the Covid have gotten to her. She also says she has been seeing a counselor for 8 years.

  2. I look forward on weekend news for Ali Bradley to deliver the news so when I didn’t see her for couple of weekend I was not sure if she left or went on vacation. Ali please take care and please come back. Missed Omar Lewis also

    1. We love Ali! ❤️We wish her all the best. I hope she returns as she brings so much joy to our day.

  3. We love you and miss you Ali. Wishing you all the Best. Your Ballard friend, Sherman Conover

  4. Ali –I know all to well the struggles and the impact family and close friends can have on our mental health. It always made me smile to see your upbeat outlook while doing the news. I hope with the treatment and support of your Mom you come back stronger then ever. Best thoughts and wishes, Pat Crone

  5. You are sooo strong….sharing your journey, what must be a very, very difficult and challenging journey. We miss you and want you back to your strong, confident and most important, your happy and peaceful self. You rock. You inspire. You just helped a lot of folks who may be having a difficult time to cope with all that is challenging about this very strange and exciting time in our history. Reaching out for help is very inspiring! So glad to see you back! You make our day every day!!

  6. You’re a peach…Love your natural exuberance on the news channel…Blessings my dear gal, blessings from on high. ! (In light; rain…all towards spiritual growth…even when we’re havin’ a bit o’ fun in life. -Cheers.)

  7. Ali, your mental health and well-being are so important. Thanks for sharing this trial with us. I’m glad to know your mom has been with you . Thank the Lord for moms. Miss you on my morning news, but you have to put yourself first. Take care. You are loved.

  8. I just loved Ali. She seemed so upbeat and fun. I am an will continue to miss what she added to Q13. I was hoping she was on vacation but so sad she is gone. Amazing how well she hid her own struggles.

  9. Stay strong! Really miss you on the weekend news. You always brought a smile to my face. All the best to you Ali.

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