ESPN Devalues Kenny Mayne


Former Seattle (KSTW 11) sports anchor, Kenny Mayne, leaves ESPN after 27 years. Apparently Mayne’s contract was not renewed, money was an issue (he makes too much!). ESPN shoots themselves in the foot, again. ESPN asked Mayne to take a 61% pay cut. Mayne is officially out at the end of May. (His final broadcast was May 24th)

61% pay cut. If your reaction to that was “You’ve got to be shitting me!”, rate this post 5 thumbs up.

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Author: Jason Remington

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6 thoughts on “ESPN Devalues Kenny Mayne

  1. ESPN seems to be as much about politics as sports these days. No wonder they are shedding staff and have lower ratings.

  2. Kenny Mayne’s departure from ESPN shouldn’t be surprising. They have been letting go of anchors, reporters and analysts who were making major coin. This has nothing to do with politics. Maybe some people should be asking why Fox Sports has become so political with that sports radio clown Clay Travis? He never misses an opportunity to kiss Donald Trumps backside and pander to the far right. He hasn’t cared about sports in five years.

  3. This story was not about Fox Sports that said……..
    There has been hundreds of articles from news outlets across the political spectrum about ESPN’s ratings woes being tied tied to it’s injection of politics into sports broadcasts.

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