3 thoughts on “KURB Bikini Patrol, KVI Studio Parted Out & Cable Ownership Regulations

  1. A lot of Stredickie articles that I missed. I remember when Sherwood mysteriously returned to KOL-FM. It was great to have him back. He always was one of my favorite jocks. But then I found myself missing Chambless. Life is not perfect, that’s for sure. I understand Chambless was fired because of ratings and Sherwood was fired in February, 69, then mysteriously returned to the AM station as the all night dj in August, 69. Puzzle puzzle wonder why? Three weeks later, the progressive format dragged Sherwood under. Another mystery. I heard what turned out to be his last show. He said he would be back tomorrow. The next night, Patrick Mcdonald took over and Bruce Buls became Sunday night jock. Two and a half years later, Sherwood came back to KOL-AM during a snowstorm and did the all nighter for Gary Crow. Played some good music. He was now back on a part time basis. He worked full time at KQIN, Burien.

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