Al Cummings Does The Hustle, KJR Fires Norm Gregory, SRO Picks Up Another Station

Victor Stredicke – August 11, 1974 – In a sense, Al Cummings is earning a week’s salary in one day. The day begins at 10 AM Sunday on KBES, Bellevue, and ends at midnight on KRKO, Everett.
“I need the money,” Cummings explained between shows. He is enrolled at graduate school at the University of Washington and expects to spend weekdays with the books.
The new program on KBES is titled “The Sunday Show.” Four of the shows eight hours will permit Cummings to use the station’s mobile unit, to visit and broadcast from a variety of summer events.
“The objective of the show is to make people welcome at Pacific Northwest activities,” Cummings said. He hopes that people who listen may even stop listening and become participants in the events he is describing.
As part of a public service package, Cummings will publicize almost any kind of East Side event, meeting or activity.
The program will include music and sports reports, with voices of Tom Kelly and Don Carlisle when Cummings is on the move.
At 6 PM, Cummings has an hour to drive to Everett, where he regularly moderates another public affairs talk program.
When Everett listeners don’t respond with phone-in and talk, Cummings reaches into his bag of tricks. He offers reminisces, recorded lectures and oddball recordings.

Cummings is the only personality in radio who plays Wayne and Shuster. Nobody has heard from them since Ed Sullivan gave up on Sunday night television.

Household Word…

The most probable reason KJR dumped Norm Gregory is that he did not become a “household word” in his term as afternoon disc jockey. The 6 foot, 7 inch tall disc jockey had no cut-out cardboard merchandise displays of himself, like Tom Murphy used to, and did not offer the promise of appearing before high school assemblies that Kevin O’Brien, new afternoon disc jockey, has.

Twisting the dial…

Fudgsicles, fish and ice cream bars are topics on the short Mike Roy program, Cooking Thing, at 12:15 PM weekdays on KIXI AM. Tomorrow it’s zucchini pimento casserole; Tuesday its ice cream bars and fudgsicles; Thursday its pan-fried trout, Friday its strawberry foam. Wednesday, Roy discusses a restaurant visit.
Steve Reeder does mornings on KUOW; Randy McCarthy does mornings on KRAB.
The monthly FM and fine arts guide, Soundings Northwest, is celebrating its ninth year of publication this month.
KING FM’s monthly drama offering, at 9 PM this Thursday, will be “The School for Scandal,” starring Ralph Richardson and Sir John Gielgud.

Ownership stuff…

Sterling Recreation Organization, licensee of KTW and KZOK, has added another property to its broadcast division. The new station is Longview’s FM station, KLYK. Ted Taylor, general manager of Sterling’s AM station, KEDO, will manage both stations.
John Mowbray and Chris Wedes, majority owners of KQIN, Have sold KEED, Eugene, to Margaret J Powell and others.
A reorganization of ownership for KENE, Toppenish, sees John DiMeo out and Donald Nelson in. DiMeo owns KPUG and KERI, Bellingham, and manages KAYO, Seattle. Nelson is a partner with DiMeo and others in KBKW, Aberdeen, and manages KXLE AM and FM, Ellensburg.

Author: Victor Stredicke

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  1. Did not know that J.P. was part owner of KQIN. I used to listen to Robin Sherwood and Burl Barer on KQIN in 74. They also did weekends at KOL-AM. Sherwood used his real name at KQIN. Jim Hewett.

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