Radio Conference Call: Randy Roadz Interviews Tracy Mitchell

Tracy Mitchell [photo courtesy of Mark Jeffries]
Randy Roadz – KOHO 101.1
Tracy Mitchell, KUBA/KOBO Yuba City, Ca., KGAL Lebanon, Or., KJRB Spokane, KLIF Dallas, KJR Seattle.

Author: Randy Roadz

Randy Roadz started Radio at age 16 doing Saturdays at KAPA in Raymond, WA. Hometown Radio. KAPA Raymond, KITI Centralia, KGHO Hoquiam, KEDO/KLYK Longview. KDUX Aberdeen, KBRC Mt. Vernon, KQEU Olympia, KXRO Aberdeen, KKRV Wenatchee, KRXY Olympia, KGY/KGY-FM Olympia KMNT Centralia, KMAS Shelton / Olympia, Program Director / Afternoons, KOHO 101 Wenatchee / Leavenworth - Icicle Broadcasting - Randy is back on Afternoon Drive on KZAL Z Country 94.7 Wenatchee/ Manson. Reach Randy via email

4 thoughts on “Radio Conference Call: Randy Roadz Interviews Tracy Mitchell

  1. Randy said he made $500 a month in 1977 at small market stations. I made more as an air force recruit that year, plus free housing and food!

    1. Only the rare few made the big money in radio. Most jocks didn’t get into the business to get rich.

    2. 1977 Enlisted Basic Military Pay Chart

      Enlisted pay for less than 2 years of service.

      Pay Grade

      Under 2 years

      E-1 $374.40

      1. Are we measuring dicks here?
        $374.40 wouldn’t cut it, even in 1977.
        I was at KBAM/Longview and took home more than that.
        $500 sounds about average for small market radio in 1977.
        And life was good.
        You make your decisions and keep climbing.
        And today, life is a dream here in paradise, sh-boom, sh-boom.

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