Carly Kennelly Leaves KOIN, Jubal Lands Another Affiliate


KOIN 6 traffic reporter Carly Kennelly signed off today after 14 years at the station.

After relaunching last month as HITS 95.7, iHEARTMEDIA Top 40 KPTT/Denver has relaunched as Hits 95.7 and welcomes The Jubal Show to mornings. That makes 28 stations carrying the program which is based in Seattle at Hits 106.1/KBKS.

Lisa Keil has been names Events Manager at Christian Music Broadcasters/Little Rock, AR. Keil previously worked at Crista Media’s KFMK Spirit 105.9/Houston and KCMS Spirit 105.3/Seattle.

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Author: Jason Remington

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14 thoughts on “Carly Kennelly Leaves KOIN, Jubal Lands Another Affiliate

    1. People from all of the local Portland affiliates (CBS, ABC, NBC & FOX) have “quietly left” their held positions. Methinks it was because of their personal right of choice regarding against the vaccinations. Acquaintances at two of these stations have insinuated, but not confirmed such. A shame, really… She was the best person on that newscast!

    1. If it is because of the shot, it’s silly. Give up a Cush job that is obsolete. Your phone does this same job. I venture to say she has other vaccines. Only reporting traffic will probably not last as an occupation much longer.

  1. I will miss Carly’s confident demeanor, warmth and extreme professionalism.
    Another light has gone out in KOIN’s mornings.

  2. I’m not sure why the big shake up, but I don’t think you should have gotten rid of your traffic reporter. I for one do use those reports for my commute. I’m watching other stations for that information now 😕

  3. KOIN tv must be under new management. First moving Jenny Hansson to a short midday position, Then disappearing Carly Kennally. By the way, where is Ken Boddie? Sounds like new management to me. Oh well, I like KATU morning news also if they could just ditch the blonde traffic person KATU. Oh, so by the way in the world would Koin think that Emily Burris ( with her whining, ready-to-cry voice ) is ready to anchor the morning news. It sounds like they’re at a funeral when I hear her. So long KOIN.

  4. I really miss Carley Kennelly; she was confident, warm and just a pleasure. KOIN has really screwed up their mornings. I’ll no longer use it as my go-to news station. Frankly, all your changes SUCK!

  5. Where’s Ken Boddie, he is (was) our only African American representation on our local television news, please you need to do something to cultivate bringing more African Americans to television and behind the scenes don’t just hire one and think “ it’s all good “
    continue to delve into the writing and broadcast team.

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