M. J. McDermott, Q13 Meteorologist Retires

Adam Gehrke, MJ McDermott, Bill Wixey, Liz Dueweke
FACEBOOK: M.J. McDermott
Well, the time has come to say good-bye. I am retiring! After almost 19 years at Q13 (18 years on the morning show!), it’s time to move on and get more sleep! I think my last day will be October 1st. BUT, I may be on air a little on October 4-6 as I train our new morning meteorologist, Brian MacMillan. He is currently working at FOX 12 in Portland, but he and his wife are both natives of Western Washington and their families are here. With 2 young children, he’s thrilled to be closer to his kids’ grandparents.
Meanwhile, I will spend my last 2 weeks here reminiscing about my time at Q13. Here are a couple of photos of our morning anchor team! I consider these colleagues my friends and, over the years, we have shared some amazing times!

Meteorologist, Brian MacMillan, joins the Q13 morning news team.

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Author: Jason Remington

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88 thoughts on “M. J. McDermott, Q13 Meteorologist Retires

  1. I have been watching you since I can remember. You are definitely going to be missed. But I do wish you the best. Thank you for doing an awesome job. Oh ya, GO HAWKS💙💚💙💚❤❤

  2. Yes, like everyone here, my husband and I will miss you. I just found out today that you’re retiring. Initially, I thought Adam was the one leaving! You are the best; second to none. Retirement is great. Yes, “sleep in”, but that’s easier said than done. Good luck, and hope to see you around the greater neighborhood.

  3. Just watched the end of the morning news with it’s touching and beautifully done goodbye to MJ. That speaks well of FOX13.

    1. Yes, not all stations have allowed their outgoing newscasters a well deserved farewell, King 5, for example :(. One day they’re just gone.

  4. I enjoyed watching MJ almost daily, she was such a breath of fresh air, always bubbly and interesting to watch as she did the weather report; as well as posting pictures of animals and our beautiful PNW. I will miss her…….and wish her the best in her retirement……enjoy your life!

  5. MJ – you will be very much missed. I have watched your weather broadcasts for so many years that you have become part of my life. I wish you all the very best in your retirement. 🌺🌻❤️

  6. Congratulations, MJ! I missed your goodbye tribute, but will miss your forecasts more! Always encouraged by your bright outlook on life during these difficult times.

  7. I have been pouring through MJs CV and had no idea how blessed we were to have her doing our weather. What a cool history of accomplishments. Actress, writer, math tutor, meteorologist and a sensible shoe gal. Now I know why I enjoyed her so much. She was extraordinary. We are going to miss you, MJ. I wish Q13 weather had reruns so I could watch you forever!

  8. MJ you will be missed first thing I do is turn the tv to chanel 13 and there is your smiling face and your happy joking around you made weather fun. You will very much be missed. I wish you the very best on your next part of your adventure in life. Whatever that might be. Good luck

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