Mugging @ Q13


The new logo is displayed on coffee mugs at the station. Clothing is next, along with the FOX 13 bug down in the corner of your tv screen.

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Author: Jason Remington

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4 thoughts on “Mugging @ Q13

  1. Anchors and reporters have fumbled the new station moniker, falling back to Q13 rather than FOX 13. Hana Kim referred to the CHESHIRE Zoo (UK) as the Chester Zoo. Maybe it’s nervousness on their part, but those types of flubs by news readers annoy me.

  2. I just watched a sloppy ass 2 minute video posted by this station about car parts shortage and the sloppiness was incredible!

    Does TV or radio have enough skilled people or is that day over?

    1. A lot of people have left KCPQ recently. I’m sure FOX is making cuts and others are leaving due to dissatisfaction. That would include producers.

  3. I’ve heard that KCPQ has a staff of 100 normally and has 26 open positions today. Everyone is stretched thin…give ’em a break.

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