Dori Monson Targeted By Cancel Culture Again

KIRO FM talk show host, Dori Monson, has lost a high school coaching position, due to social media comments. Monson made remarks on Twitter about Shorewood High School changing the name of the sports mascot. Read the story at Seattle Times.

Author: Jason Remington

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5 thoughts on “Dori Monson Targeted By Cancel Culture Again

  1. Dori knows the “risks”…and does not care…I would guess though, that his losing that pre/post game radio show gig does bother him…but, as he occasionally tells us, he is well-set financially, and close to retirement. No worries for him!

  2. I remember him voicing liberal or middle of the road opinions 20 years ago. That’s not where the big money is, obviously.

    1. Yeah….It is clear, that he took his cue from Rush Limbaugh, and has done regionally, that which Rush did nationally…a good career move for him…his former “liberal” talk was not doing so well, in Schizoid Pacific NW media….Remember when Radio KING 1090 was a liberal format?…Jim Althoff and the others are long gone–Dori is still here. As for KIRO–they have not had a true liberal host since the demise of Mike Webb….Tom and Curley are a radio “act”, and now they have some younger super-conservative guy on in the evening, who somehow credits his former status as a drug addict as qualifying him for being a “born again” conservative!…Crazy times we live in.

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