770 KTTH: Brandi Kruse Fills For Jason Rantz Today and Tuesday


3pm – 6 pm — Good friend of Jason Rantz, former FOX 13 news reporter, Brandi Kruse, subs.

Brandi Kruse

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Author: Jason Remington

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4 thoughts on “770 KTTH: Brandi Kruse Fills For Jason Rantz Today and Tuesday

  1. We are super jazzed to read Brandi Kruse will be sitting in for Jason Rantz, and we’ll be tuning in today. We were bummed with Brandi’s departure from Q13, though to be honest we weren’t that surprised because of all the changes happening to TV stations around Seattle. Many of the “top-shelf” reporters and contributors have been let go, leaving us with a group of lower quality, inexperienced replacements. We have watched Brandi grow into the polished and professional news reporter she has become. Her self-created program, “The Divide,” provided her the platform to demonstrate her seasoned skills and well researched stories. Ironically, we have often commented we would be losing Brandi in the next couple of years, however we thought it would be because she would get a “promotional tap” to move into one of the chairs at Fox’s national level of programing. Boy, someone sure missed the boat on that one! Keep it up Brandi – your day is coming and then we can all say, “we knew you when . . .” Maybe you’ll follow Marni Hughes and head over to NewsNation – one of our new favorite stations.

  2. You mean to tell me TV is now stacked with lesser quality, green things that might be more prone to saying anything, following orders and promoting lies and not being smart or seasoned enough to know otherwise? Imagine that!

  3. Yup….her “true colors” will be on full display…appropriate for Jason’s show….maybe she will eventually work her way into the KIRO “Right side” of the “divide”she talks about.

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