KOMO News: Dead Body In Porta Potty. What Does It Take To Get The Message Out About Drugs?

KOMO Photo-journalist, Jonathan Choe, provides this pic on social media of a dead homeless man slumped over a Honey Bucket toilet with drug paraphernalia nearby. This at Gilman Playfield in Seattle, where parents were attempting to shield their children from the activity. Seattle is such a toilet. This playfield, downtown, along the freeway. Seattle is a huge crapper.
This should be shown on the news, uncensored. TV news will have to show lifeless, decaying bodies to get the point across. There is a problem with drugs and the homeless in Seattle and those in city/county government need to step up and resolve the issue. They have let the city come to this and need to be taken to task for it.

Author: Jason Remington

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1 thought on “KOMO News: Dead Body In Porta Potty. What Does It Take To Get The Message Out About Drugs?

  1. The Mayor and Council have failed Seattle. Governments first responsibility is to keep the citizens safe. The courts have a revolving door. There is no real plan for homelessness other than injection sites, needle exchanges, and giving away parks to homeless camps. The city doubles down by wanting to decriminalize drugs. Deaths in the Honey Bucket will only increase.

    Seattle isn’t quite dead but it is on life support.

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