Ryan Yamamoto Getting Cold Reception In Bay Area & It’s Not The Weather

If what Rich Lieberman says is true, former KOMO 4 anchor Ryan Yamamoto is not long for KPIX 5, in his hometown of San Francisco.
Lieberman dishes a daily dose of venom in his 415Media blog, the TMZ of media blogs, whereas Scott Jones’ FTVLive would be the Drudge Report of the bunch.

“In PC-engrossed Bay Area, a huge fallout could take place if they canned him.” -Lieberman

Rich Lieberman
Lieberman calls Yamamoto’s performance ‘underwhelming’ and says Ryan is emotionless, mild-mannered, doesn’t seem to possess a strong image, his speech is sort of drab and pale, and that KPIX hired him for reasons other than talent.
Rich Lieberman is not a fan, but also says these feelings are echoed by Yamamoto’s co-workers at KPIX.
We will check back with Lieberman next semester and see if Yamamoto’s grade improves.

Author: Jason Remington

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1 thought on “Ryan Yamamoto Getting Cold Reception In Bay Area & It’s Not The Weather

  1. Time for a 6-month update on Ryan Yamamoto’s performance at KPIX, according to Rich Lieberman at 415 Media:

    *OVER at KPIX, I don’t care if Ryan Yamamoto is strutting out his chin and attempting to be taken more seriously, Ryan is a TOTAL FAILURE. KPIX knows it and CBS too. Of course PIX is stuck with him because the new GM doesn’t have a choice and Yamamoto knows it.

    Is that a hiring based on ethnicity? That seems to be happening in all markets.

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