4 thoughts on “January 1977: The FM KVI Debuts

  1. I remember when we visited Seattle in the 70s. It called itself “The New KVI FM”. Eventually changed it’s name to KPLZ, for K-Plus.

  2. Very interesting that this ad acknowledged any relationship between the AM and FM. On air, KVI-FM NEVER EVER in any way mentioned the AM side. And I assume it was the same the other way as well. They were treated on air like two completely separate stations — and their studios were even located far apart from each other. The AM was downtown, and the FM was in the University District. As I recall it was on the lower floor of what used to be the Sheraton on 45th Street. I thought it a bit strange… I was editor of the campus newspaper at Seattle Pacific University at the time, and we constantly had KVI-FM on in our office. But it also NEVER was called “KVI-FM” on air, but instead “the FM KVI – at 101 Plus!”

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