Quitting Social Media For A Season

Tom Layson, Managing Editor at KBTC public television, has posted this memo: “For about a half-dozen distinct reasons, I am taking a break from Facebook and Twitter for the summer. I’m logging out, deleting the apps from my phone, and deleting the bookmarks on my desktop. This fall, I’ll be back – but I’ll continue to evaluate how I manage my social media. Have a great summer.”

Considering the negative news online, most people would benefit by taking a vacation from the Internet. Social media is repetitive, compounding the gloom and doom in layers of argument and opinion. The same can be said for TV & radio. The truth is out there, but it is often redacted to cover up corruption and incompetence.

Author: Jason Remington

Creator, Admin, & Editor of PugetSound.Media, former broadcaster at KAMT/Tacoma, KRPM FM/Tacoma, KJUN/Puyallup, KASY/Auburn, KTAC AM/Tacoma, KBRD FM/Tacoma, KMTT FM/Tacoma, and KOOL FM/Phoenix. - Jason Remington Airchecks

3 thoughts on “Quitting Social Media For A Season

  1. So he’s bragging about that? Do yourselves a favor, folks, get off social media for the rest of your lives. While you’re at it, get rid of your TV.

  2. Simpler times, before Internet and cell phones. Those were the days! Newspapers thrived, we didn’t hear much about media folks freaking out over life as a “journalist”, AM & FM brought us our audio entertainment – and we were happy with that.
    Our neighbors were not bothering us with their photo albums, we rarely had our picture taken, no one would have thought of wasting film on a picture of their lunch.
    We have adapted to this way of life, convenience and the benefit/curse of constant contact.

  3. Can we summarize society today in Dickens terms as, “the best of times and the worst of times”?

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