1960-1965 Salt Lake City, Ut. (Tribune) Radio Logs







Author: Jason Remington

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3 thoughts on “1960-1965 Salt Lake City, Ut. (Tribune) Radio Logs

  1. I did see some names on here. I wonder if Bob Warns on KLUB is the same person who would later work at KTW and KBRD? Herb Smiles of KAYE in Puyallup grew up in Salt Lake and once worked at KMUR along with Dick Roth (KAYE, KTAC, KING). Ryan and Ryan also worked at KMUR when they were country. Who could ever forget Herb Jebco and the nighty nitecap show? (were the nitecaps. happy nitecaps)

    1. My memory of the Nitecaps, which was kind of like a big party-line of friends throughout the West making small talk. Herb Jepko kept a card file with info on the regular callers.
      Jepko: Now we go to the first-time-caller line…Hello.
      Caller: Hi Herb, it’s Betty in Tucson.
      Jepko: Now Betty, as a long-time listener, you shouldn’t have used the new caller line. You know I’ll have to hang up on you.
      Caller: I’m sorry Herb, I didn’t know what else to do. I couldn’t get through on the Arizona-New Mexico line, and I just wanted everyone to know that Martha passed away today.
      Jepko: Oh, Betty, I’m sure I speak for all our listeners when I say you did the right thing, breaking our rule to tell us the sad news about our dear friend Martha.

      1. Night people were the perfect audience for such shows as Herb Jepko. They just like to talk. Any DJ that ever worked Midnight to 6am knows that.

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