Radio Conference Call: Paul Thompson Interviews Gary (Shannon) Burleigh

Originally posted on MARCH 6, 2021

Paul Thompson interviews Gary “Shannon” Burleigh about his background at KPUG, KJRB, KJR. References are made to Larry Lujack, Tom Murphy, Charlie Brown, Gary Taylor, Norm Gregory, Kirk Wilde, Kevin Metheny, Eric Chase, Scott Shannon, Steve West, Danny Holiday, Jerry Kay, John Maynard, the 1969 Seafair Trophy Race, Bwana Johnny, Les Parsons & Big Jim Martin. But wait, there’s more!



Author: Paul Thompson

Paul Thompson started Radio at age 16, requestline, gopher, board op at KJR, Seattle. KGRG Green River, KMEL Wenatchee, KGHO Aberdeen/Hoquiam, KXRO Aberdeen/Hoquiam, KPAM Portland, KTAC Tacoma, KVI Seattle, KOMO Seattle, KPLZ Seattle currently. Total of 49 years of radio experience.

3 thoughts on “Radio Conference Call: Paul Thompson Interviews Gary (Shannon) Burleigh

  1. Enjoyed this first segment. Always liked Gary on the air. Where did you and Norm get those homework questions and answers? Were they real questions from listeners?
    Also, a small connection. I bought your parents Granada condo to be a rental. Nice people. Bad investment. Stucco problem.

  2. Gary mentioned Bill Haley and the Comets playing at a drag race in 1973. I was there that night and they were great, much to my surprise.

  3. Very interesting interview. I now know so much more. I cannot wait to hear part 2. It will be” riveting” I did hear an aircheck regarding Kevin,s cash call. I may even have it somewhere. It was on the 1995 reunion.

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