Cross Discusses KBES Changes; Coup d’état at KOL


(1973) Dick Cross was smiling, a walking antithesis to his surname. His wife was taking her real-estate license test. He was taking Saturday off, planning to slow down on Sunday so he would wake Monday bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.
Cross clicks on the KBES microphone at 5:30 tomorrow morning, marking his return to the air after one year pounding the streets at the unemployment office and/or pacing the dimensions of a parcel of real estate.
Cross will be morning personality and program director. A. Stuart Ballinger, general manager, also named a new afternoon disc jockey, Rich Osborne, and a new music director, Chuck Mahaffey.
“I’m going to start slow. But this station is going to be one that everybody on the Eastside is going to know about, that’s for sure,” Cross said. He expects more awareness of community events on the air and a uniform musical sound. He will introduce a playlist–specific selections that must be aired by each disc jockey.
Cross was a program director, at KUGN, Eugene, Oregon, before coming to KVI as afternoon disc jockey.
The 12-month KVI experience left some bitterness with Cross, “mostly because I got used to a big city radio salary and then found myself out of work-at my age-looking at a career change.” He had worked in Oregon radio for 17 years.
“The old bug has got me again,” Cross said. “I’ve learned a lot about Seattle and Bellevue people. I’m very excited about the possibilities.”

Changes at KOL

In the past two years there’ve been two coup d’état at KOL. Something is happening there again but it looks like whoever is stirring up the mud on Harbour Island isn’t leaving clear tracks.
Don Wade, morning personality, Bobby Simon, afternoon disc jockey, and Ken Mattler, news director, were fired within eight hours of each other.
Ostensibly the reason given was “economic cutback.”
“Baloney,” Wade reacted. “They could have offered me half the money I was making and I’d have stayed. I want to stay in Seattle.”
Wade was too stunned to make the offer himself. Mattler said he had: “I told the manager that if money was the problem I would take a cut in pay.” Mattler said the three persons fired were the only ones who offered constructive criticism.
Jack Bolton, program director, said “more exciting changes,” which he would announce in October, were coming at KOL.
Automation equipment has been ordered.

Twisting the dial

Frank Taylor, music director and afternoon disc jockey, left KBES Friday… The three new disc jockeys at KING-AM are Stu Collins, new morning man from Ft. Wayne Indiana, by way of Atlanta, Georgia, and Joe Kelly, midmorning disc jockey, who has worked in Milwaukee, San Francisco and Atlanta… Joe Cain has replaced Richard Valiance as moderator of KRAB’s Saturday-night talk show… Jim Bach is back at KOL.

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Author: Victor Stredicke

Former radio columnist for the Seattle Times.

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