KIRO FM Taps Bill Kaczaraba & Seattle Media Glosses Over Pedophile Parade, Fun For The Whole Family?

President & Chief Creative Officer at production and marketing company Esperance, Bill Kaczaraba, joins KIRO FM as anchor and producer of the early morning newscasts. Kaczaraba, former Executive News Director at NW Cable News, and News Director at KCPQ 13, will be anchoring the early morning news and news gathering for the rest of the morning until the end of summer. “Then, we’ll see!” (Kaczaraba posts on his LinkedIn page.)

LinkedIn is still a thing?

Seattle Pride Parade 2022 – A Family Reunion – Seattle “Refined”
Seattle Pride Parade returned in person for the first time in 3 years Sunday – KING 5
‘Lots of gay stuff!’ Indeed there is. Happy Pride, Seattle – KUOW
Seattle Pride Parade makes colorful in-person return – KIRO 7

None of the outlets showed video of the entirely naked men and women on bicycles and floats that paraded in front of families with children of all ages.

The Pervert Parade was viewed by thousands of Seattleites, including children. What kind of parent would take their children to watch naked people flaunt their genitals, twerking, bending over and spreading their legs and butt cheeks, exposing all to the toddlers and teens? There is a lot of grooming of children going on in the gay-trans-queer-whatever the F community. What happened to decency laws?

Stay classy Seattle!

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Author: Jason Remington

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  1. The reason immorality is rising up is because most of the planet like the people in Hell do not believe Jesus

    Human morality has always been fake and for western society the past many centuries, largely powered by the belief in Hell for wrongdoing which is now largely gone

    So tyranny and crime WILL increase, the future is not going to be pleasant

    1. It will get worse before things are set straight. The Supreme Court just cleaned up one mess. What stupid protestors and legislators do with that is to be seen.

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