KIRO 7 News adds Frankie Katafias

Katafias appeared on KIRO this weekend as part of the weather team.

Author: Jason Remington

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6 thoughts on “KIRO 7 News adds Frankie Katafias

  1. Oh wonderful wonderful…another long hair,blonde,with the apparently big required, well you know….comes to our screens…just how many weather forecast people do all these stations here need??? This one apparently is the replacement for the other “looker” Claire Anderson.I remember when stations had ONE person who did the weather forecast and yes I realize at those times years ago there wasn’t the 24 hour news format and not local stations that had to have a dozen news casts in a day.While Frankie is attractive, she’s just the new “required” eye-candy to attract more viewers to watch.

    1. And, that’s the way it is… Frankly, it’s all for eye candy. The boobs and ass, the goofy antics between anchors. I am not a regular viewer of the daily local news broadcasts. I don’t subscribe to a tv provider and will view local news on the web. I can’t blame the tv station management for the fact that Americans have a short attention span, except for hours spent going down the YouTube and TikTok rabbit holes. Glamour and shiny objects get the eyes. In Los Angeles, viewers love the KCAL coverage of car chases. Seattle local stations should assign a reporter to police ride-alongs or car chases, as a regular feature. It will only get worse.

  2. If someone promised a bimbo-free newscast, I might actually tune in. I’m sure Harry Wappler forgot more about the weather than Frankie will ever know.

  3. Frankie does a great job. She’s alert & efficiently delivers a lot of information, in a short amount of time. I wish Frankie all the best, and she should be our Vice President!!

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