JP PATCHES, Patches Pals Will Never Forget

Audio and text of Feliks Banel’s story of what JP Patches has meant to the Patches Pals over the years. READ @ MYNORTHWEST.COM

Author: Jason Remington

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2 thoughts on “JP PATCHES, Patches Pals Will Never Forget

  1. I as many of us who read and post here grew up watching the JP Patches program.I remember when it was all done at the building atop Queen Anne hill and one of those times I was in the audience of kids in 1959.It was so much fun to watch then and if I still watch it now via YouTube it’s still fun.I still laugh at the antics that were done by Chris & Bob and at the same time it makes me sad at what has happen now with no links to the past in television here.I was sad when I heard the news of Chris dying, and also when Bob died…it was all so sad at least to myself.It’s to bad that kids of today cannot enjoy what we had here in local tv kids programs.

    1. JP was hired for birthday parties for grown Patches Pals. There was such love for Chris and Bob, that is indescribable, almost as if they were family. Such a loss when then show ended and when the duo passed on.

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