Review: Your Opinion on KSTW Seattle Now News @ 10 Tonight

Geez! What an annoying name for a news program. The title doesn’t flow, and the newscast is not ready for prime time. Anne Makovec, news anchor, seems like a newbie, fresh from Boise or Bozeman. Just awful, considering she works for the CBS-owned KPIX in San Francisco. Though I have heard positive comments about the news program, I can’t see this catching on. Certainly not a threat to the other stations in Seattle. The news and sports segments don’t cover all the stories of interest to locals. Seattle Now News just doesn’t connect with me. What are your thoughts?

Author: Jason Remington

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6 thoughts on “Review: Your Opinion on KSTW Seattle Now News @ 10 Tonight

  1. A newscast with nothing to attract viewers. The entire show…cobbled together with individual clips/segments…has no energy or enthusiasm from talent, no local feel and comes off as a cheap, choppy, generic, uninviting program already up against KING on KONG at 10 and Fox 13, both solid and established. CBS should be able to do better, but it does create political inventory for a non-news station since 2005. Now it gets a piece of the ad pie for mid-terms and beyond. That’s all they care about.

  2. Just watched again tonight….one week later…’s marginally better with a few bumper gfx that have local flavor, though all faux background shots, but the work of male anchor Tom Hanson is being pumped into insomnia wards everywhere….just DOA. No energy, no inflection, no interpretation of copy. Macovec remains stiff and the sports was done by a former Seattle weekend aports anchor, Andrea Nakano, now out of SFO. Not much to offer here. Again, it is just for political inventory. Will get no traction, but ad buyers won’t overlook whatever audience it may draw.

  3. Well, the new KSTW CW Seattle News at 10 embarrassed itself Thursday to anyone seeking full coverage of the major truck fire/explosions on I-5 that shut down the interstate and the city, for that matter, for some seven hours. KSTW gave it 15 seconds. Oh and the big ferry-dock crash earlier in the day got a whole 20 seconds. Both just anchor voiceovers; no reporter, no interviews, no nothing. Kill your sampling, why don’t you? I gave the mess 1:00 and quit. Unwatchable.

    1. I guess the folks at KPIX figured those news stories had been covered extensively on Twitter already, so why bother?

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