Spike O’Neill Replaces Jack Stine on KIRO Nights


Just wanted to let you know – announced on air today on the Gee & Ursula show, with Spike O’Neill in for Gee Scott – Seattle radio veteran Spike O’Neill (formerly with the Bob Rivers Show) will be the new, full time host of KIRO Nights from 7 to 10 PM replacing the outgoing Jack Stine (background: Jack chose to leave, he wasn’t cancelled.)

Spike’s first show is Monday, August 1st.

Author: Jason Remington

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24 thoughts on “Spike O’Neill Replaces Jack Stine on KIRO Nights

  1. Jack, Funny and very entertaining. G and Ursala..Not so much. Love g and U but Jack..Way better. Sharp kid! So sad…All the hosts I like seem to disappear, say like R and D. Get rid of Dory and your station is done.

    1. He was very sharp, and very entertaining…I hope that someone on this website can find out if Jack Stine shows up anywhere around here…but I think he loves his town of Santa Cruz, and might just head back to that area. His wife has a good job as a counselor here in Seattle; I wonder if that will keep him around here for awhile.

    1. I’ve missed Pat Cashman and Lisa Foster ever since they left!
      I vote for them too. I Was disappointed to find that Jack is now gone.
      Is Pat on anywhere?

  2. Jack was great. I will miss his show. KIRO has become too much of an annoyance to listen to. Colleen in the morning is painful (poor Dave). G&U is wasted air time. Hannah is horrible with her sloppy poorly engineered “interviews”. Dori and his intolerable “accent” is a no go, as well as the incessant commercial drops he does. Rachel Bell and her valley girl speak, no thanks. Curley is ok when he is there. 4 hours of George Noory is nauseating. I have been looking for other talk radio options in the Seattle market and sadly this area is pathetic.

    1. I have listened to Tim Conway Jr (KFI Los Abgeles) to switch things up, but then they get into local items and it becomes boring, and I will switch over to podcasts. KIRO has got to do something else 9-Noon and late night. George Noory can’t possibly believe the nonsense his guests spew… Heck, I’d rather listen to old episodes of Phil Hendrie.

    2. I totally agree with your comments on KIRO….I believe that Curley will not be there much longer, as he is quite wealthy now, and may have other interests…Dave Ross the only sane, even tempered sort of radio host…but he must be getting close to retirement. Seattle talk now sucks, unless KTTH is your proclivity. KING was talk, back in the 80s, and was a good counterbalance to the area talk show format…remember when hosts would actually take calls from their listeners?…It seems that when listener call-ins were dropped, talk radio slowly went rancid in this area.

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