1979: Bellingham Radio Activity & Local Politics









Author: Jason Remington

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4 thoughts on “1979: Bellingham Radio Activity & Local Politics

  1. I lived in Anacortes in the late 1970s and early 1980s (was editor of the newspaper there) and was an avid listener of KNWR. Really enjoyed it. I was disappointed when it eventually became KAFE and changed its format.

  2. Lots of memories there. Mike Cole had to be among the most unlikely candidates ever to be manager of a country station. SRO sent him from Eugene …KASH…where he was some sort of assistant manager. That in itself was odd since none of the other stations had assistant GMs. I never figured out his skill set. He knew zero about the air side of radio. And he fully demotivated the sales staff. He seemed to consider himself an organizational expert, but in an ineffective way. He always had piles of his own household bills cluttering his desk. He was replaced by Peter Barnard, who was a good manager. When Peter fell ill, SRO appointed me GM and I became an owner, with a partner, two years later.

  3. One more comment from me on Bellingham radio memories. Some folks likely would think I’m kind of a weirdo, because I have actually preferred to listen to automated formats rather than the yak-yak-yak of live DJs. Yeah, I know… something strange with my brain, huh? So for that reason, I not only really enjoyed the TM Stereo Rock format on KNWR, but I also greatly liked Draper-Blore’s automated “Olde Gold” format that was on KISM for a while in the early 1970s. Of course, that also meant I was a big fan of the “Hit Parade” and “Solid Gold” formats on KIRO-FM and then KFKF-FM in Seattle and Bellevue back then. Sigh… here it is a half-century later and I still miss all those stations I enjoyed wayyyyy back then.

  4. Formats I considered classy, before Klassy became a moniker so many stations adopted. Hit Parade ’69 was a fave of mine.

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