More Religion: KBKW Aberdeen & 1590 Seattle

FCC application filed this afternoon… BILL WOLFENBARGER states “I’m divesting my only AM station, selling KBKW and its associated FM translator to Sacred Heart Radio.”

Also, with KLFE-AM moving to 1300 AM, Salem Media has flipped 1590 AM to Relevant Radio’s Catholic teachings…

Author: Jason Remington

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5 thoughts on “More Religion: KBKW Aberdeen & 1590 Seattle

  1. I’m still stuck wondering how radio has any listeners anymore. I’ve listened to industry insiders (people everyone here would know, BIG names) who joke about how one panel member with a “meter” can change ratings for entire markets. Los Angeles adjusted ratings for ONE meter a few years ago! INSANITY!

    Modern culture is in collapse. Soon jail inmates will be judges and politicians will have to do stripper routines to get voters. Or already have for that matter.

  2. That is to be expected with the snake oil salesmen, and that includes crypto which I think is the biggest scam out there. Stick with real estate and terrestrial radio. How do they quantify numbers for podcasting when not everyone is a Joe Rogan or Ben Shapiro. Quite a few of the Top 10 podcasts are basic NPR programs and roundtables with comedians or celebs. Crime stories are huge. Anything that sounds like an infomercial is suspect.

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