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KAYO Singalong jingles from 1963, Kountry KAYO's first package of custom
jingles. Other jingles came and went, but these always stayed in the mix.

Mostly Countrywide package plus a few strays. These never fell out of favor.
Dick Ellingson

KAYO Brand of Music - 1150 KAYO Jingle

KAYO Jingles 1958-1963

Here are 8:20 worth of KAYO jingles from 1958 to 1963. These are not in any chronological order. At 5:27 is an intro for the Pat O'Day show. It's a shop worn acetate. The other jingles are from cart tape and acetates. I copied these in the KAYO production room in 1963 not long before KAYO went Kountry. (Duane Smart)

Sounds of Christmas on KAYO

KAYO Sounds of Christmas 1959
from the Northwest Hall of Radio History, a KAYO promo for their Christmas Day music programming, 1959.KAYO Christmas 1959

Mike Phillips - KAYO 1962

Buck Richey - KAYO

Buck Richey - The Slave -anti-drug use record

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