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Peter B. 1st week @ KVI (1973) |Peter B at KVI (1973) | One day @ KVI (1978)

570 KVI

1972 IMPRESSIONS (TM) jingles for KVI

Greg Aust Meltdown

I met Greg in 1973 when he was a new hire at KVI and I was new at the KIXI newsroom. We met in the elevator at the Towers Bldg, KIXI studio on 9th floor. A young guy introduced himself in the elevator, seeing that I was going to the upper KIXI floor. He said I had a deep KIXI voice and he was Greg Aust….new at KVI and he was in the elevator because he lived in that same building.
I started listening to his mid-day show and loved it. Later, when I was with SRO, I spoke with the former KVI GM, Jack Bankson. Jack said Aust was unpredictable, one day he announced he was doing his show naked and a quick peak proved that to be true. One year he got a great book and demanded a raise. Greg got the raise but, next time his numbers were down and he came in the manager’s office and resigned.

I do not know of any Aust KVI airchecks, but his voice is available as Austin in Boston and Chuck McKay at CKLW. A search online will turn those up. The McKay tape is infamous as weird, so if you have not heard it, then check it out.

Bill Taylor with KVI News - 1978

STEVEN SMITH: Other broadcasters I knew, on air at KIXI at that time, included Bob Liddle, Ken Stuart, Rudy Perez and Steve Schilling. Wally Nelskog, the owner of KIXI, came by often as well.

Mike Webb

Jack Morton - KIXI

KVI 'Sound of the City' & the KJR 'Sound Citizen'-Jet City Song

Hi guys,
Here's a short KVI newscast from 1973. It's not much, but you're welcome to it.
Sam (Lawson)

*ROALL ERICKSEN Newscast 1973

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