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Seattle Times=(Times); Tacoma News Tribune=(TNT)

Sea-Tac 1990 TV Guide issue station listings
South-west BC edition from 1988
KVOS scan [late 50s?]

courtesy of Mike [Cherry]

Phil Roger looks back at Sea-Tac TV channel line-ups:
The Puget Sound has enjoyed relative TV network stability over the years. But when you roll back the clock to the 50s, history tells another story as you’re aware.
First snapshot: Nov ’57 (1 of 5 – Pre-KIRO, CBS on KTNT. KOMO-NBC, KING-ABC.)

Move ahead to Feb ’59. KIRO on for one year with CBS.
Also note KTNT lists a Seattle address. This confused me for years because I knew 11 was in Tacoma. Perhaps a branch business/sales office?
(2 of 5)

Moving on to Nov ’59. NBC goes over to 5, ABC heads to KOMO.
Do you think some of the original staff at 13 smiled when KOMO didn’t get to hold onto NBC?

A new year, a new decade: Jan ’60.
No changes..yet.
Fast forward to mid-year, June ’60. What’s this?! CBS returns to 11!
Of course, it wouldn’t be the last time

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