Charlie Brown at KJR (1977)
Charlie Brown KUBE FM (1986)
Burl Barer KOL (1969)
Jerry Kay (WCFL/Chicago)
KISN Thanksgiving with Tom Murphy (1967)
KKMI SIGN-ON – Audio of Pat O’Day 5:30 a.m. introduction of 96.5 KKMI
KRKO Station ID (1993)

This is classic MOR [middle-of-the-road] Radio from the 60s. These are airchecks of the best small market radio station in the Pacific Northwest at the time, KASY Auburn. These airchecks showcase the great music, that “KASY Kind of Music”. The commercials and newscast are the only short breaks in the flow of the music. These airchecks from the summer of 1968 – when music still reigned on AM radio, are unscoped. At an MOR station, such as KASY, the delivery was kind of laid back and presented in an adult manner. No morning zoo types here. Sit back and enjoy! [Cue the Bert Kaempfert music]

Part 1 :33 Minutes

Part 2 :33 Minutes

aircheck courtesy of
Rockwell Smith, Radio Engineering Manager, Journal Broadcast Group – Idaho, KJOT, KQXR, KRVB, KTHI, KGEM-AM, KCID-AM.

Don Lane/KAYO; Van Johnson/KYYX; Magic Matt Alan/KRKO; Gary Lockwood/KJR; Pat Garrett/KMPS

Bill O’Mara Dori Monson interview (KIRO FM)

Cecil Solly pioneer NW Gardener KPCB & KIRO AM

Bob Liddle Obit – KIXI
Steven L. Smith sent along this CLASSIC recording dating back to his days at KIXI. It is Wally Nelskog voicing the station ID with typical KIXI music bed.

September 26, 1973 – KIXI Station ID – Wally Nelskog

1250 KKFX-Robert L. Scott/Brandi Walker

Carl Lambert & Ron Crowe/KLAY sports remote

Larry Nelson -KOMO

Salute to Larry Nelson

Brent Stier KNBQ

Crazy Steve Randall – 97.3 KNBQ/with Gary Bryan & Best Phone Calls

KIRO-FM 100.7 The Buzz Seattle – Pat Cashman – 1996

Warm 106.9 Mike Purdy 1996

Norm Gregory aircheck (KJRB & KJR)

Dr. Demento with Duane Smart

I made it through the Doctor Demento request line 30 years ago. I received a letter and a T-Shirt saying my request was going to be used. The show ran on 1590 KJET then. The show was furninshed on 2 vinyl LP’s and the chief engineer, who’s name I cannot recall gave me the two discs, along with the cue sheets. Here is what it sounded like.

Mr. Music Man
Duane Smart

Jim Wilke KING FM (1966)

Tacoma FM remote live from Tacoma’s Antique Sandwich Shop

Tom Read interviews Harry Von Zell


KNBQ Steve also worked at KYNO, Fresno and some nickel and dime Los Angeles radio station

Here is a montage of Steve Randall at KGMQ-KYNO & KROY
Steve Randall – KGMQ-KYNO-KROY

Streaming over the Internet before the station became an over-the-air low-power broadcaster, the newest version of KISN
Steve Randall – KISN Stream 2012

Recorded with an RCA Opal Mp3 player, which receives FM radio and records up to 8 hours of audio. Here are 2 hours and 18 minutes of the KPLU-KNKX switch. This starts during the final 30 minutes of 88.5 as KPLU… 08/31/2016

What’s called Franko Friday – The Mike Franko program on 1180 KLAY, is LOCAL talk with interviews from Tacoma-Lakewood and Pierce County. This was recorded on 9-16-16. The last 30 minutes of the Friday show is usually co-hosted by Bill Ogden, who never saw a microphone he didn’t like. 🙂

KMPS 10th anniversary special (1985) – 1

KMPS 10th anniversary special (1985) – 2

KMPS 10th anniversary special (1985) – 3

KMPS 10th anniversary special (1985) – 4

Phil Harper KMPS aircheck

Early Ichabod Caine Audio

This is Randy Evans at KPUG in 1972. The quality is not great, but it does have historical significance. Randy Evans was Randy Hansen in real life. He went over to KJRB after KPUG, then on to Spokane and he ended up as Ichabod Caine in Seattle. So he is one of the Seattle legends and this may be his earliest gig. It is scoped a bit….cut out some music, an ad and news. About 2.5 minutes. I had no clue I had it, just stumbled on it.
Steven Smith

Kirk Wilde – KPUG

Steven Smith uploaded a video about “KPUG in Bellingham, and probably the most popular ever jock in this town….Kirk Wilde. At KSND, he was Kirk Allison on the air. This has cool collection of 1960’s photos of Wilde and the back ground track is a real KPUG jingle from 1966-1967.”

July 4, 2016 – Broadcasting live from 10 a.m. through most of the day and late into the evening (for a music presentation synchronized with the Freedom Fair fireworks show) was 1180 KLAY. A huge supporter of many Tacoma events, KLAY remains as one of the few family-owned and operated radio stations in a major market, Seattle-Tacoma. (see AM RADIO for more about KLAY)
Here are the first three hours of the KLAY broadcast, with Bill Ogden, Mike Franco and Bob McCluskey.

The Tacoma Freedom Fair Celebrates the 4th of July with fireworks and an airshow – and no entry fee. The fun takes place along Tacoma’s Ruston Way waterfront, Marine Park and Les Davis Pier, from the Harbor Lights restaurant all the way down to the Lobster Shop. [if you are a local you will know that is a huge area along Tacoma’s Commencement Bay]

Freedom Fair attendees enjoy events such as live music shows, hot dog eating contests, pole vaulting exhibitions and browsing the items sold by the many vendors. A brisk walk across this course from start to finish will tire the uninitiated ambulator. Luckily, during the Freedom Fair, you can enjoy a leisurely pace and make stops to enjoy corndogs, pizza and lemonade. No sense dying of starvation or thirst.

(For more about this event read: KLAY covers Freedom Fair for South Sound listeners

Summer of 2014 — We visited Bill Wolfenbarger, owner and chief engineer at the Jodesha Broadcasting complex in Aberdeen. Bill has been a part of the Pacific Northwest broadcast scene for decades. His experience ranges from time in small markets like KMCM McMinnville and big time radio such as KOL Seattle. Now, Wolfenbarger operates a chain of stations in Southwest Washington.

100.7 “BUZZ FM”

A rarity- KXA 770 November 22, 1963 — News bulletins and a subtle music change

Wally Nelskog KIXI station ID

KMPS 10th Anniversary (1985)

Oldies 1590 KUUU jingle

Harrison Woods, 1950 Mutual Broadcasting System newscaster (possibly drunk at the time)

Pat Cashman on SyFy Tv network “We Interrupt This Program”

Pioneer station KGY Olympia jingles

Mike Lonergan & Charlie Burd at KTNT (1983-Tim Shook collection)

Mike Moran & Mike Lonergan at KTNT (1981-Tim Shook collection)

KBSG Reunion Mark Christopher report

Born To Rock & Roll Burl Barer Reminisces

Casey Kasem rant & Ponderous by 2NU

Jimmy Fidler In Hollywood gossip report (1940)

Mad Man Moskowitz (1992) (weird & Wacky)

Mad Man Moskowitz (1994)

ROBERT O. SMITH — AUDIO & VIDEO including WALTER WART THE FREAKY FROG, DJ At THE END OF THE WORLD and a couple animated humor pieces, drawn and voiced by Rubberdough.

Ray Littrell talks about Dick Stokke’s mail & Jerry Holzinger

Wolfman Jack -Today’s radio has got no soul. A discussion of how corporate radio is killing the terrestrial broadcast model we have been used to.

God Made A DJ- Novelty record

Stan Freberg – ‘Who Listens To Radio?’ the original six 1965 radio spots Vocals by Sarah Vaughan, arranged and conducted by Quincy Jones, featuring Byron Kane (1), Naomi Lewis (2), Peter Leeds (3), Paul Frees (4), and Jesse White (5)
Produced by Freberg for the Station Representatives Association, Inc. (SRA) rather than for the sometimes-credited Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) or National Association Of Broadcasters (NAB).

Bill Pierre Motors In Little Old Lake City (commercial jingles)

The Young Sound Revisited

Tony Hatch, English composer, arranger and conductor, wrote a tune called “Music”. The CBS syndicated Young Sound used it every hour to fill to the top of the hour. Petula Clark recorded a vocal version. Tony produced many artists, including Petula Clark and Benny Hill. Here is Tony’s recording of “Music”.

Mr. Music Man

Stan Boreson theme KING 5

The Brakeman Bill Theme Song
I thought it would be nice to accompany the Brakeman Bill McLain story with his theme song. I met Bill at a gathering honoring J.P. Patches at the unveiling of the J.P Patches and Getrude statue in the Fremont district. I had to a chance to meet and visit with Bill and one of the things I asked was what was the name of his theme song. It was a French Movie sountrack.He said he had the album and would like it on CD. I suggested he mail the LP to me and I would do the transfer. He did and I transferred the whole LP. He told me that he and Warren Reed, The Crazy Donkey, decided on the theme. It was about 30 seconds into the track. I am attaching the Brakeman Bill Theme. By the way, Bill enjoyed doing water color art and he sent me a Thank You card of a seascape that he personally painted and signed. I have it framed. He was quite a pleasant gentleman. A real pleasure meeting him.

Mr. Music Man
Duane Smart

Do The Puyallup!
Puy FairFrom the mid 70’s here is “Do The Puyallup”. I can’t recall my source, but it ends a bit abruptly. Just a fun jingle and the videos were fun, too.

Mr. Music Man
Duane Smart

Washington Builders commercial

This Washington Builders spot is from a September 5, 1962 Ray Hutchinson aircheck. Ray was more of a newsman than a DJ. Unfortunately, he upcuts the beginning of the spot. But, is still brings back memories.
Mr. Music Man – Duane Smart

I have never heard this King Radio jingle and I do not know when it was used. Perhaps, some of you subscribers may have clue.

Mr. Music Man
Duane Smart

**** Winner winner – chicken dinner!!! I knew right off the bat. This was used during the KING 1100 Music Radio era, China Smith, Jim Martin, Dan Foley…
jason –We have no contest rules here.

KETO Jingles
These KETO-FM jingles were shared from a broadcast friend. I would think they date back to the early mid 70’s, but I really don’t know.

Mr. Music Man
Duane Smart

Hit Parade ’69
hitparade69Here are 3 Hit Parade ’69 jingles, produced by Drake-Chenault, as heard on KIRO-FM. Bill Drake does the voice over and they are in stereo. – Duane Smart

Mystery Announcer
Okay, here’s one… who’s the announcer on this spot for Fleet Tire Center. As a double bonus, what is the probable station and when did the spot probably air ?

— Ron DeHart
That was waaaay too easy. Yes, Ted Bell, on KAYO from ’60 or ’61. Ted was a radio pioneer in Seattle in the ’40s with old KRSC and others before helping KAYO become a big player in its rock and roll days in late ’50s early ’60s.

KGAA Jingles

KGAA Jingles AM 1460 Kirkland. Owned at the time by Wes Monroe, owner of KGA Spokane.

KGY Olympia Jingles
From 40+ years ago, these are some of the first jingles KGY ever used. KGY began at St. Martin’s College in the 1920’s and was purchased by Tom Olsen. It remained in the Olsen family for decades. I believe now the current owner is Sacred Heart Radio.
Running time is about 13 minutes.

Mr. Music Man
Duane Smart


From Wally Nelskog’s KQDE, circa 1960, is this jingle “16 Tunes”. It was shared with me from a friend and I think is a real rarity. It is from an acetate disc.

KQDE “16 Tunes” 1960
*KQDE preceded KIXI, Nelskog’s Beautiful Music station at 910 which later moved to 880. Yeah, Wally got tired of Rock & Roll. – Duane Smart

106 KRPM Jingles co-owned, by Ray & Cheri Courtmanche, with 1450 Puyallup.

KUJ Walla Walla Sign-Off late 60s/early 70s
KUJ Wake-Up Song

Stop the cavalry

I first heard “Stop The Cavalry” by the Cory Band (with the Gwalia Singers) in 1981 on Larry Nelson’s show. He used to play it a lot and sometimes even on a hot summer day. The song really is not a Christmas song, but anti-war. But, in the lyrics a soldier is singing “wish I was at home for Christmas”. The song became very popular in the Pacific NW. I am not sure how Larry got his copy, I think from a friend who heard it in London. I loved the recording and over the years there may have been as many as 20 stations that played the song. Most stations getting a dub from someone at another station.

I really wanted a copy, but it turns out it was as rare as hen’s teeth. I did a bunch of research and found the company that owned the copyright. As a matter of fact, the same company issued the song a year earlier by the actual composer, Jona Lewie (John Lewis). The following year Jona (apparently) wanted the Cory Band to record it. They were an award winning brass band from Wales.

I was able to contact “Stiff Records” the owner of the copyright and asked about licensing the recording in 1997. They agreed. Two days later, I received a phone call from them informing me they could not find the session tape. Ultimately, it had been bulk erased and the tape was used to record a punk band, which Stiff Records was noted for. They told me I would have to find a vinyl copy to transfer and use as a master. I had a Seattle contact who happened to know of someone owning a copy and they graciously agreed to loan me the disc to do a transfer to DAT. The disc was not mint, but still usable. I had some primitive restoration done on it to improve the quality and had 1,000 copies pressed. They sold out in three weeks. Eventually, on Ebay I located two mint copies and chose the best of the two to transfer to cd this time and another company did a superb job of making a digital master. I sold 13,000 copies in the NW until I retired two years ago from having more pressed. Now, for your Christmas enjoyment, here is Stop The Cavalry.

Mr. Music Man
Duane Smart

Several radio station commercials running on TV in the 1980s KVI – KXA – KJET & KZOK

Brand of Music jingle from KAYO

KAYO Jingles 1958-1963

Here are 8:20 worth of KAYO jingles from 1958 to 1963. These are not in any chronological order. At 5:27 is an intro for the Pat O’Day show. It’s a shop worn acetate. The other jingles are from cart tape and acetates. I copied these in the KAYO production room in 1963 not long before KAYO went Kountry.

Sounds of Christmas on KAYO

KAYO Sounds of Christmas 1959
from the Northwest Hall of Radio History, a KAYO promo for their Christmas Day music programming, 1959.KAYO Christmas 1959

KAYO Brand of Music – 1150 KAYO Jingle

Mike Phillips – KAYO 1962

Buck Richey – KAYO

Buck Richey – The Slave -anti-drug use record

Pat O’Day CRUISIN’ 66 album

Moldie Oldie Jingles from acetate
These are worn acetate disc to tape dubs. With an assist from Chuck Bolland, one Sunday night, we transferred these to tape in the then antique production room, 1963 or 1964… It’s some nice radio history. Running time is close to 5.5 minutes.
Duane Smart

THE BIG K – KJR from acetates “BIG RADIO”
{*is that the KJR tones – or the NBC chimes in one of the first of these jingles???}
Duane says: I can only take a wild guess. Late 50’s or early 60’s. Another guess is they probably were not from Pams. Also, since they were on acetates it might suggest KJR didn’t have cart machines.The disc to tape transfers probably used the wrong stylus size. Many acetates used a 3 mil sylus and I would guess now these were played back with a 1 mil stylus, and I know in the early 60’s KJR had RCA cart machines. KAYO used ATC cart machines (with vacuum tubes!) KOMO and KIRO used RCA and the FM station I worked at in 1964 had tube type ATC’s. Strangely, I think all the RCA machines used transistors.
KOMO and KJR once upon a time were NBC Red and NBC blue, but that goes way, way back.

I agree with Bill Taylor that the “KJR Concerto” was one of their best. From PAMS Series 18.
I am attaching the KJR

and CFUN Concerto.

I believe CFUN changed formats and call letters in 1967. The sound quality is quite good.
Duane Smart

Mark Jeffries at KJR (1979)
KJR jingles early 1970s (Tim Shook collection)
Rhodes Department Store audition recording from KJR/KOMO (1945)

Don Courtenay (Grimmer)
Don Courtenay Grimmer was in the sales department at KJR, at least in the 60’s. He had a great voice and did radio commercials and some TV commercials. I recall him doing Safeway commercials on television. The tag line was “Shop Safeway, You’ll see.” The audio I am sending is Don doing some KJR IDs and News intros. They were recorded directly from tape cartridges at KJR. Running time is about 1:10.

Duane Smart

KJR/Courtenay & Roberts – January 1964
Duane Smart’s post of those Don Courtenay voice intros jogged my memory about this aircheck…
Here’s an on-air sample of KJR’s big voice guy Don Courtenay doing a news intro for a KJR newscast by Lan Roberts in January, 1964.

This provides a full taste of that somewhat eerie news background sounder KJR was using in late ’63 and ’64. This aircheck was from early afternoon with jock Mike Phillips, who you’ll hear at the end. KJR was a real powerhouse at this time, ruling the market and without competitive challenge until KOL cranked it up 16 months later. The KJR on-air lineup at the time: Lan Roberts 6-9, Lee Perkins 9-noon, Mike Phillips noon-3, Pat O’Day 3-6, Dick Curtis 6-9, Jerry Kay 9-midnight, J J Valley overnight. That also was the year Larry Lujack and Chuck Bolland arrived. Running time about 1:06.
— Ron DeHart
(Did anyone else pick up the irony of the first item in Lan Robert’s newscast?)

Ric Hansen @ KJR (1976)

Remembering KJR – Gas & Groz interview Pat O’Day
Gas & Groz interview Pat O’Day, the Godfather of Seattle Top 40 radio…

1968 aircheck / 2010 interview

Go_Go jingles used at Contest Time
Digging deep into the archieves is this “Let’s Play Go Go” contest open and close. The closing jingle does not sound like a PAMS creation. To me, it sounds like it’s from the company that produced the KAYO jingle packages.

Mr. Music Man
Duane Smart

And Now, It’s…News Time!!
From the mid 60’s here is a news open that KJR used, voiced by Pat O’Day.

Mr. Music Man
Duane Smart

KJR Police Report program (1950)
Ichabod Caine at KJR (1977)

Jazzy KJR jingle
Here is a KJR jingle, from 1965, done in the style of Ramsey Lewis. It’s a dub from a tape cart at KJR. I don’t know if this was a PAMS creation or if Ramsey Lewis was commissioned to record this jingle.

Mr. Music Man
Duane Smart

KJR Series 29 PAMS Jingles

KJR Jingles “Thanks For The Memories”

KJR Reunion featuring Kevin O’Brien, Burl Barer, Gary Shannon

John Stone – KJR November 1960

Pat O’Day – KKMI

KJR Cash Call with Lan Roberts

Gary Shannon – KJR

Mike Phillips – KJR

95 KJR Jingle Montage

Norm Gregory – KPUG 1967

Norm Gregory montage KJR 1969-1971

Norm Gregory – KJR 1971

Norm Gregory – KZOK 1980

Charlie Brown – KJR early-1980s

Ichabod Caine – KJR (1976)

Excerpt of final Pat Cashman show on KJR 3-18-2005

Roy Otis aircheck [John Maynard]

Tom Murphy GoodGuyRadio first day/KISN/Portland tribute station

KNEW - Philco Bill

KNEW picture from Philco Bill’s website SPOKANE RADIO HISTORY
KJRB Golden Weekend 1969 and KJR 60th Celebration 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s

Who knew???

Radio London, on the air from December ’64 to August ’67 was a pirate radio station was the brain child of a Texan. He originally thought of using KLIF radio, in Dallas as his model and was going to play tapes of KLIF on Radio London. But, realized programming need to be done live to suit the British audiences. RCA outfitted the the studio and probably the transmitter in the United States. They even used some PAMS jingles. So, what we called The KJR Concerto, was know there as the Sono Waltz, obviously named after the Sonovox and the unique sound it made. The Sonovox goes back to the 40’s. Most of us will remember many KJR PAMS jingles used the Sonovox.

Mr. Music Man
Duane Smart

O’Day stations

Here are about 11 minutes of Old Gold 77 KXA Jingles, including the KXA “Concerto”. I don’t ever recall KXA playing it. Enjoy this nice blast from the past.

Mr. Music Man
Duane Smart

96 KYYX Jingles

Tommy Morgan 770 KXA


kjr A vignette that aired daily on KJR and Top 40 stations across the nation – STORY LADY. The stories were a twist on how we may have originally been told the tale.

Story Lady presents “Princess Edna And The Knight”
Now you can do your own story lady or man stories with the theme. It’s from an Audio Fidelity Sound effects LP.

Mr. Music Man
Duane Smart

KOL Christmas Day ski report
Robert O. Smith, in various voices, with the ski report, Terry McManus intro, a Rainier Beer commercial, Lan Roberts as Mr. Science & Jimmy, wishes everyone a Merry Christmas… all in (3:47).

(recorded by Bruce Portzer in Seattle on December 25, 1970)

KOL Snow Bust
Lan Roberts parachutes into the ski area. Hopefully, he doesn’t run into any UFOs on the way down… Robert O.Smith is on the air intro’ing Elvis, as only he can. Robin Mitchell voices the Snow Bust promo. (:52)

(recorded by Bruce Portzer in Seattle on December 25, 1970)

Robin Mitchell KOL 1968

Highlights of final two hours of KOL (1972)

KOL Ray Hutchinson 1962

1300 KOL Jingles

Johnny Forrest – KOL 1962

Johnny Forrest – Newsman at KIRO, KOL, KFKF, KNX, KFI – deceased – John R. Forrest, known as Johnny (born in 1908, died in 1971), was a multi-talented Northwest celebrity. He was an announcer/newscaster, disc jockey and program director of Seattle’s KOL radio for over three decades and a producer of a free-lance newscast on KIRO. Among his many achievements are his Suspense Theater plays, “Mission Completed” (starring James Stewart) and “Daisy Chain.”
A songwriter, he composed “Blue Tears” (sung by Lola Sugia) and “Weathervane” (Lola Sugia), recorded and engineered at Joe Boles Recording Studio in Seattle and released on the Golden Crest Record Label. He composed many popular Northwest radio jingles, including a long airing, catchy tune (with Lola Sugia’s vocals) for “G.O. Guy Drugs,” and a musical, produced by the University of Washington, called, “Johnny Appleseed.”
John was also a writer-performer for Lux Radio Theater and Creeps By Night, in Hollywood (between 1939 and 1945), and was known in Seattle as sportscaster for radio KOL’s broadcast of the Seattle Seafair Hydroplane Races (broadcast from Bob Gilliam’s boat, the “KOLroy”) during late 50’s and early 60’s. Johnny’s final radio gig was as morning news anchor on KFKF / Bellevue, from 1968 to 1970. (Johnny’s daughter Maia Santell)

Bobby Simon – KOL

Bobby Simon came to work at KJR, 950 –, the first time, in 1964. His full name Robert Theodore Simon was sometimes used, even with a “Chipmunks” background. This first KJR stint was only three months long. (His previous air experience at KAYE, Puyallup, KORD, Pasco, and KXLY, Spokane, was not enough to keep up with high powered KJR jocks including the already legendary Larry Lujack.)
Bobby got shifts at KEED, Eugene, then KISN, Portland, and WIFE, Indianapolis. He came back to Seattle for KOL and then bounced back to KJR where “B.S. for the Great Northwest” thrived — until he was pushed out “because Lan Roberts came back.” Into the ’70s “Ma and Pa Simon’s little boy” worked at KTAC, 850, then back to KOL, until he was replaced by an automation machine. Then to KTAC again. He finally achieved morning drive at KZOK-FM, and then KYYX, Seattle, in 1978. He did fill-in work at KNBQ, Tacoma, and KISW, Seattle. He also worked briefly for the Braiker Satellite service. In 1980 he was back at KTAC. Bobby Simon died in a car crash November, 2002. Bobby Simon was 65.

Bobby Simon interview Paul Rybock at KNHC FM

Burl Barer – KOL

Burl Barer – TRUE CRIME author, former Seattle radio legend and can still hit the post, in radio terminology.
Who knew Burl Barer was bound for fame and glory in the writing business? His on-air stunts at the feuding rockers KJR and KOL is engrained in Seatle’s audio memory. Barer could be pushed to being a screamer, gasping and panting in anticipation for the next record or recoiling from a news item.
Barer started at KUJ and KTEL in hometown Walla Walla, moved to Seattle for an overnight gig at r&b station KYAC. From there he got afternoons at KJR and bounced between KOL-AM, KOL-FM and KJR again –, with remarkably brief stints at KIRO and KZOK.
1972, Barer got a commission to adapt the Val Kilmer movie “The Saint” into a novel. That led to a franchise of new authorized novels based on Leslie Charteris’ urbane crime- solver Simon Templar. A second movie screenplay was completed and in 2011 still was being “shopped around” (without any control by Barer) as a TV movie, TV special or TV series.)
Barer has also written several “true crime” books and mystery novels. Barer, who once touted himself as a “distance reader” (psychic/mentalist), appears in his own true crime book, “Body Count,” as “the psychic/mentalist/true crime author Jeff Reynolds.”

Listening to KOL was hip! KOL was IN with the IN Crowd!!

Battle of the Bands/All-City Dance

Lan Roberts – Mr Science & Jimmy – Astrology – Lan takes phone call on-air about earthquake

KTAC Summer Fun jingle

85 KTAC Jingles

Robert O. voices

Robert O. Smith KTAC Thanksgiving 1972

Bill Ogden/Marc Taylor

KBRD FM November 11 1989

KBRD FM September 2 1989

KOMO 1000 News July 2001

KOMO News- KIRO 710 and KING TV 5 Traffic Reports

KOMO Traffic Reports

KXXO August 30 1997

Bill Ogden/Marc Taylor KXXO FM Memorial Day 1989

KXXO October 11 1997

KXXO October 12 1997

Mix 92.5 and KVI Traffic Reports 2003 as Marc Taylor

Bruce Cannon

Bruce Cannon – KASY

Bruce Cannon memorial

Bob Robertson-KTAC Sports Report 1990 (2:06)

Jason Remington/Lou Robbins

Lou Robbins-Bill Ogden KTAC Tacoma May 1990

Lou Robbins-Bill Ogden KTAC Tacoma September 1990

Lou Robbins-Bill Ogden KTAC Tacoma 1990

Lou Robbins – KMTT Seattle 1991

Lou Robbins – KOOL Phoenix 1995 – 1997

Gary Franklin at KTAC (August 1980-Tim Shook collection)

Peter B. 1st week @ KVI (1973)
One day @ KVI (1978)

570 KVI

Peter B. at KVI (1973)

1972 IMPRESSIONS (TM) jingles for KVI

Greg Aust Meltdown

I met Greg in 1973 when he was a new hire at KVI and I was new at the KIXI newsroom. We met in the elevator at the Towers Bldg, KIXI studio on 9th floor. A young guy introduced himself in the elevator, seeing that I was going to the upper KIXI floor. He said I had a deep KIXI voice and he was Greg Aust….new at KVI and he was in the elevator because he lived in that same building.
I started listening to his mid-day show and loved it. Later, when I was with SRO, I spoke with the former KVI GM, Jack Bankson. Jack said Aust was unpredictable, one day he announced he was doing his show naked and a quick peak proved that to be true. One year he got a great book and demanded a raise. Greg got the raise but, next time his numbers were down and he came in the manager’s office and resigned.

I do not know of any Aust KVI airchecks, but his voice is available as Austin in Boston and Chuck McKay at CKLW. A search online will turn those up. The McKay tape is infamous as weird, so if you have not heard it, then check it out.

Bill Taylor with KVI News – 1978

Other broadcasters I knew, on air at KIXI at that time, included Bob Liddle, Ken Stuart, Rudy Perez and Steve Schilling. Wally Nelskog, the owner of KIXI, came by often as well.

Mike Webb

Jack Morton – KIXI

KVI ‘Sound of the City’ KJR ‘Sound Citizen’-Jet City Song

Hi guys,
Here’s a short KVI newscast from 1973. It’s not much, but you’re welcome to it.
Sam (Lawson)

*ROALL ERICKSEN Newscast 1973